Disclaimer: I do not own the canon, I merely enjoy it.

Starring: Garrett/Kayley

Summary: A swift arrow is a certain threat to the young knight, unless countered by another.

She makes her plea and stands there, watching him.

He stands and watches her back, bow slung casually over his shoulder. He is an old man, a seasoned hunter. King Arthur often recruits him for scouting or small raiding war-parties or to train new archers. The latter is not a task he enjoys for too often the pupils long only for the glory of knighthood and lack the proper humility it takes to master his craft. But over her shoulder he sees her husband, practising close combat with three of older knights and he sees the fear in her eyes. He has seen her in sparring practice and her knife work is decent but the young blind man is much better in hand-to-hand.

An arrow, however, will be a much bigger problem... unless countered by another.

"Come inside lass, we'll get you set up."