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Napoleon's good mood got him through the next few days, where it received another boost in the form of an unmarked packet left on his desk. Part of him knew the stakes he was taking with this, but it would be worth it!

The rest of his team, on the other hand, were almost at their wits' end. Cobra still had made no move and the Joes were reaching dangerous levels of boredom, which caused a situation involving some red item of cloth and a load of Storm Shadow's laundry. Needless to say, the ninja had not been amused and everyone, whether or not they'd been in on it, regretted it at the next few hand to hand sessions.

Still, he had work to do. Currently, it was during his break and he was finishing up some research for their calender. He was waiting on Candy to arrive so he could get the latest pictures from her camera and try out an arrangement he thought would fit best for the calendar. She should be arriving at any minute, as his latest glance at the office clock told him.

Unfortunately, Napoleon wasn't feeling very patient at the moment and worse, the shared office was empty except for him. Normally a preferred setting, right now it just irritated him to no end. He wanted to get things done, not wait around for everyone else to catch up!

Settling it in his mind, the short male began to collect his things in order to track his friend down and get the camera himself. Knowing Candy, she was probably gossiping with friends or distracted with work. It would be simple enough to get what he wanted and return here to continue on his work.

After he secured everything at his desk and had left the office, Napoleon went on the hunt for the mechanic, going first to the motor pool. She wasn't there, which meant that she was probably off gossiping somewhere. With a grumble, he began his trek anew, trying to mentally pinpoint where she would be at this time.

This close to lunch, the kitchen would be too busy for her to be chatting with Squeak. She could be with Mercury, who was just about living in one of the labs due to both work and an attempt to avoid getting caught in the cross-fire of any more pranks. Atlas might know, but Napoleon wasn't too sure where he'd be at the moment.

His search was cut short though, as Candy herself practically walked into him at the next corner, an odd thing for her. He opened his mouth to say something, only to shut it at the sight of her face. Being with the Joes, one saw plenty of various facial expressions, but hers was definitely unique.

An odd mix of interest, disbelief, shock and general 'wth', Candy didn't even seem to notice either Napoleon himself nor the fact she'd just about walked into him. The short male glanced around, trying to see just what made her look like that. As for herself, Candy mumbled something and tried to walk past him, prompting Napoleon to take hold of her arm.

That got her attention, her blue eyes finally focusing in on him. The look in them was no different than that on her face, though there was a spark in there that made him feel unsettled. Before he could say anything, the mechanic asked, "Did you know Deep Six has a girlfriend?"

The information specialist blinked once, then twice, his most likely blank face telling her his answer. Candy went on, "They had a fight, he wants to know if he can't preorder a calender for her."

Napoleon blinked again, but managed to reply, "I don't see an issue with that."

The brunette nodded, handing him her camera with her free hand, "I...I need to go now."

He released her arm, offering, "Psyche-Out has this afternoon free, I think."

Candy nodded at him and began to walk off down the hall in the general direction of the team's psychiatrist. Napoleon followed her, to ensure she got there safely. Once he confirmed that, he began the walk back to his office, his mind buzzing at this new information.

Chiefly among them, besides wonder just how Deep Six (who was well known to spurn human interaction) got a girlfriend, was the seemingly innocent question of how many other Joes would buy a calender for upset girlfriends or just for them in general.

Napoleon began to smile again, the kind that usually got him dragged to Psyche-Out's office. This was a good day.


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