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So this is my second series on my OTP Su-san and his wife, Tino!

First of all, biiiig THANK YOU! to my readers that have continually supported me. I hope you guys enjoy this new series. Hopefully, I can stick with this one through the end, so please root me on!

Second of all, this story adapts to the plot of Takashima Kazusa's manga, Wild Rock, which is a really sweet manga that is one of my favorites. The synopsis will be very similar to the manga except for a few tweaks that I will probably make along the way.

Oh, yes, and in this story, Berwald's name is actually changed to Sve. Why? Well...I like the name Sve! And I thought it seemed a bit more fitting to this story. Oh, and, don't gasp or faint in shock, buuuut Sweden does not have glasses in this story. So. Yeah. But unless you guys are opposed to the idea (along with the name Sve), then I'll change it later on.

So, without further ado, here's the first chapter of My Flower of Eternity. (Oh, and uh...sorry for the lame title -.-)

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya

Wild Rock (c) Takashima Kazusa

My Flower of Eternity (c) xPaperWingsx

The forest ground was abundant within the days of spring. Trees were sprouting leaves, scattering the woods with bright sheens of emerald all around. Flowers and other exotic plants were copiously growing, covering every bare-patched land with the gift of nature. Amongst the wide gentle river, a commotion was stirring by the bank where five men were shouting at a slender male with a spear pointed toward a massive black boar.

"Kill it! Hurry up!" A tall blonde shouted, his disarrayed spikes of flaxen hair shining under the beating sun, scorching his skin. The skinny, short male nervously darted his lavender orbs back at his group, fearful of his life. Beady honey eyes glared at him as the boar raked its hoof against the ground as if challenging the young male to attack.

"Tino! You can do this!"

"Yeah! Like, hurry up!"

"Just throw the damn spear and kill it!"

Tino whimpered under the continuous pressure and the frozen fear that continued to assault him every time he met those narrow slits of the boar's eyes and the large hooked tusks. His whole frame trembled, pitiful groans and other soft noises rousing through his lips. He never should have come out on the hunting trip. He should have just stayed back in camp and help the women weave or clean. However much his true desires were more in his comfort zone, Tino had no choice of turning back. It was just him and the beast. If he summoned up his courage and threw the spear, just like during practice, maybe he could hit the giant monster. Then Mathias or anyone else could add the finishing touches and drag the boar back to town for a feast while he curled up inside his tent.

Filled with a sudden rush of vigor and determination, Tino tensed his arm and shot his arm forward, the jagged arrowhead spear aimed toward the black beast. Yes! It would hit it! His mauve eyes sparkled in triumph, a large smile gracing. But suddenly the enormous boar lashed its head and knocked the spear away with its massive tusks. The spear ricocheted off and slipped into the edges of the river, washed into the current by the rippling waves.

His stomach dropped, bile creeping up in the back of his throat and Tino felt absolutely sick. His knees buckled and he dropped to his knees on the dusty earth. No. How could his victory slip away so easily? How could it have been knocked out of his hands like it was nothing? Tears pinpricked the corners of his eyes and Tino desperately wanted to curl like a baby under his covers.

The boar, aggravated by Tino's attempt in attack, lunged forward, charging toward the petite male. The men behind shouted, rushing forward to defend their clan mate. Time blurred by and like lightning another spear struck the neck of the boar and it fell with a deafening thud onto the earth.

Silence fell through the clearing except by the soft rush of the currents. The spear embedded in the beast was long with thick wood and sported a large jagged arrowhead. Rustles echoed in the stillness of shock as a tall, muscular male ambled into the clearing. He was tall with lean bare muscles rippling against his tight clothes as he walkd. Like wheat-colored hair brushed against his sweat-laced forehead while narrowed ocean eyes fixated on the spear. This mysterious male, no doubt, had been the one who saved Tino's life. He jerked it out with swift movement, the tip of the deadly weapon adorned in scarlet blood. Tino watched in awe, his eyes round and carefully studying the man.

"Tch. What are you doing here, Sve?" Mathias snarled pushing forward. The mute man wiped his spear with a cloth, his hardened eyes glancing towards them.

"If h' c'nnot k'll a boar, h' sh'ldn't be all'wed h're," the heavily accented reply came. Tino felt his face burn and he looked away in humiliation. After all, what Sve had said was true; he was just a useless, cowardly guy who couldn't even kill a mouse let alone a boar. Mathias growled and lunged forward, but a smaller male stopped him.

"Leave it, Mathias," Norge replied quietly his dull cobalt eyes showing no emotion. Mathias balled his hands into a fist but spun on his heels and stormed away, muttering curses under his breath. Tino was helped onto his feet by one of his clan mates who asked if he was all right.

"Ah, yes, thank you," he murmured quietly. They began to leave the clearing, heading back to camp after another unsuccessful hunt. The slender male felt heated eyes warm his back and he shyly glanced over his shoulder. Those hardened eyes bore directly into his and Tino felt a chill rush up his spine at the heated gaze.

"Tino!" Snapped out of his reverie, the blonde shared one last look with the taller male before he ran away, disappearing into the woods.

The miserable hunting group was greeted at their camp by the other various members. Mathias, still enraged, stormed into the leader's hut to report yet another uneventful meeting with the Eastern Clan all the while muttering "Damn Sve" under his breath. Tino shuffled to the fire where his friend, Eduard, was sitting.

"Moi, Eduard," he greeted glumly and took a seat. The male acknowledged him with a nod.

"Is something the matter?" Tino sighed, feeling the guilt and shame flooding back and he dropped his head to his knees, arms limply curled around his legs.

"I messed up again," he mumbled. Eduard sighed sympathetically and patted his friend on the back.

"It's all right to make a mistake, Tino. Don't feel so bad about it."

"But I can't help it!" The blonde exclaimed throwing his hands up, tears welling up in his eyes. "I've messed up in every single chance I had." He sighed and stared at the blazing fire. "Let's face it, Eduard. I'm just useless in this clan." Before Eduard could utter another word of condolence, a short brunette with a curl happily skipped towards them.

"Ve! Tino!" The petite male looked up and gave a small smile.

"Hi, Feliciano."

"Ve! Ludwig is looking for you!" The blonde blinked in surprise. Why would the leader of their clan want to meet with Tino? Perhaps he heard of Tino's stupid mistake and wanted him to leave? Or worse be exiled into the woods never to come back? These out-of-proportional questions bounced around in his mind as Tino worriedly slipped into the hut. Ludwig was sitting, drinking from a small clay cup. His cerulean eyes glanced up when the shorter male shuffled in.

"Ah, sit down, Tino." He complied without a word, his large eyes betraying anxiety. The taller male, noting this, cleared his throat in an attempt to soften his voice.

"You must be wondering why you're here…" Tino rubbed the side of his neck, sheepish.

"I-It's about…the hunting trip?" A firm nod in reply.

"I've noticed you've had a lot of blunders the last few times you went out." The petite male cringed, biting his lower lip. Ludwig paused, noticing his discomfort.

"I-I'm sorry, sir. I'm just not cut out for it…" he mumbled softly eyes studying the intricate patterns of the mat he currently sat on.

"Which is why I have a job for you." His head rose in surprise, large eyes widening even further.

"Me?" Ludwig nodded.

"Our clan has a very deep rivalry to the Eastern Clan that is traced since ancient time. However, our clan is suffering right now from the shortage of meat since most of the Eastern Clan takes it all. We weren't made just to live on fruits and grains alone." He leaned in, studying Tino with narrowed eyes and Tino gulped inaudibly, forcing himself not to look away.

"I need you to disguise yourself and persuade Sve to give you prey." Well, that was certainly unexpected.

"D-Disguise? How?" Ludwig sighed deeply, rubbing his temples.

"I need you to dress up as a woman." At first, Tino thought he had heard wrong and that his brain was just messing with him. But as the implied words sunk deeper and deeper into his skull, and Ludwig did not budge a single inch of his face muscle, the male laughed nervously.

"A…a what?"

"…A woman." Okay, so maybe he hadn't heard wrong, but Tino was now really wishing he had. Ludwig exhaled deeply.

"I'm not really partial to the idea either, but it's the best choice that we have…for now." Tino felt sick again, a tight knot forming in his stomach and he covered his face in his hands.

"I-I…why me?"

"Consider it your debt after today's and past times' mistakes." Tino inwardly whimpered, withering under all this stress and apprehension. It was a good opportunity to make up for his previous accidents but…honestly, seducing? As a woman? It was degrading and shriveling his remaining pride as a male!

Dazed and ever weary of the whole situation that was to come, the Finn slowly rose up and began to exit the hut.

"Oh, and one more thing, Tino." He really hoped it wasn't anymore bad news.

"You'll be starting tomorrow." Fate must have really, really hated him.

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