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The day was bright with the afternoon glow of the sun spanning out, its fingers touching upon every landscape. Plumes of soft white clouds glided across the endless blue sky. The breeze, fresh, crisp, lapped against soft cheeks and entangled into golden hair. Today, they decided to stay out by the flower fields just on the outskirts of the forest. The hills rolled with bright emerald blades of grass, painted with wild flowers of every color and hue. Tino smiled softly, feeling so serene by just watching the butterflies dance within the breeze, the sprouting growth gently tossing their head back and forth.

"This is…beautiful…" Sve gave a small nod as they sat down on the fresh dew-covered grass, tickling their legs and hands.

They sat in blissful silence, side by side, gazing at nature's beauty. Tino shyly glanced over at Sve whose gaze drifted about a pristine butterfly nearby. Those cerulean eyes were soft, gentle, and soulful like any other time Tino had seen them. They were enchanting, drawing him in and the petite male felt himself flush when those eyes darted over at him.

Cheeks dusted red, Tino ran his fingers through the wisps of grass, enjoying the sensation. At the corner of his eye he saw something move and the blonde turned only to be greeted with a delicate small flower held between two calloused fingers. Tino blinked in surprise at the gesture and especially the slightly serious look on Sve's face. Nonetheless, he felt the butterflies tickle his stomach and he blushed deeply while accepting it. Their fingers brushed for a heartbeat, causing both blondes to flush slightly.

"Thank you," he murmured quietly; a soft grunt followed suit.

As much as the warm, bubbly feeling welled up inside him, that familiar empty, revolting sense came flooding back and Tino unconsciously let out a wary sigh.

"S'mthing wr'ng?" Sve asked almost immediately.

"O-oh! No, of course not."

"Y' sure?" The petite male gave an assured smile.

"I'm fine. Thank you for bringing me here." He was acknowledged with another nod followed by Sve rubbing his neck; a sign for embarrassment? "How did you find this place?"

"Came h're with m' clan once." Ah, right, he had forgotten Sve was the clan leader.

"And…how is your clan?" Tino asked softly, mauve eyes bright in curiosity. The giant blinked in surprise, not expecting the question.

"Th…They're good."

"Ah…well…that's good." An awkward silence fell between them along with glancing eyes that were hesitant to meet each other.

"Well…" Tino broke the silence first with his shy timbre. "We should…we should get going, shouldn't we?" He knew that he was ending awfully short today but that was because he felt...no, he couldn't think about it now. Stop thinking about it.

"Mm. Guess s'." He seemed almost unsure, and the low, rumbling voice had slightly lowered making it seem somewhat disappointed. Surely, Sve wasn't…upset that they were leaving?

"U-Unless you want to stay longer?" The taller male shrugged.

"Doesn't m'tter." But the slight gleam in those cerulean eyes revealed the hint of joy. Tino softly chuckled. The stillness came too soon as both voices died down. The shorter blonde silently observed the grass while his fingers absentmindedly played with the small meadow flower. His mind wandered to the past few days he had spent with Sve, especially yesterday, and the blonde let out a startled noise, surprising Sve.

"Wh't is it?"

"Oh! I just remembered…" he trailed off, embarrassed for the loud outburst. "Um…thank you. For yesterday." Sve colored slightly.

"I heard from my friend that…that you…w-well you carried me back to camp." His cheeks felt hot just thinking of it. "A-And you gave us food."

"It w's n'thing." Tino smiled.

"Still…thank you." Sve's cheeks were dusted red along with the bridge of his nose and Tino couldn't help but think how…charming he looked.


Charming? He thought Sve was charming? Oh gods, did he really think that?

Sudden rustles disrupted Tino from his temporary internal shock as Sve stood up.

"W' should g't going n'w." Tino nodded and rose to his feet, the ground slick with dew. As they walked down the field, Tino felt his feet suddenly lurch under him and he let out a startled cry as his body jerked backward, eyes suddenly met with the evening sky. Hands shot out like lightning and all too soon he felt something hard yet familiar against himself. Startled lavender eyes instantly shot up to meet with dark cerulean. Hands protectively entwined his thin waist, his own fingers against the bare chest. Heat flared to his cheeks and a surprised squeak died in his throat as the handsome face suddenly drew closer, so close that he could feel the warm breath. Mauve eyes automatically screwed shut, body tense.

Oh god, oh god. This was it. Sve was really going to…

No, this couldn't happen. Absolutely not! His feelings weren't real! It was a charade, a make-believe. Sve could never fall in love with him, and definitely not when he was hoaxing the male for food!

The small male felt himself step away from the towering body, away from the warmth. Tino clutched his hands fretfully as his eyes slowly glided up to Sve's face. Cerulean eyes were bathed in confusion, mixed with slight pain and disappointment. The petite blonde stared in shock, his heart lurching uneasily as if broken by the anguish in those eyes. Without another word nor glance, he swiftly turned round and ran back into the forest, tears for an unknown reason streaming down his cheeks. Sve simply stood there, watching the burning sun slowly drift away from the blood red sky.

In his right hand was the small, delicate, crushed flower.

Tino didn't leave camp for the next few days. He was seen mostly isolated in his hut or at Feliks, usually to watch his friend work and talk with other clan members. As much as Ludwig wanted the small blonde to resume his mission, Feliks had otherwise persuaded their leader to let Tino have a temporary break; obviously the flamboyant blonde knew something had happened. And as always, he was persistent to know, bulldozing Tino with his stubbornness until the blonde finally spilled.

"So? What happened?" Feliks asked for the umpteenth time. Tino sighed and massaged his temples.

"H-He…he well…" The blonde let out a frustrated groan. "Um…hetriedtokissme." Feliks blinked and arched a brow.

"Like, excuse me, Tino. I don't speak gibberish." His friend shot him a pointed look, the blush permanent on his face.

"…he tried to kiss me." The voice was soft and low like a mosquito's buzz but Feliks had heard every word. His chartreuse eyes widened and he bolted up.

"He…he….oh my god!" the blonde squealed jumping up and down while his friend covered his ears.

"Feliks!" The blonde grinned and jumped around the hut with a silent squeal a few more times before sitting back down, satisfied.

"Okay. So…he tried to…to kiss you," he started, swooning slightly. Tino fisted his hands, humiliated and feeling miserable.


"What do you mean, like, tried? Did he, like, stop?"

"W-Well…no…I backed out." Feliks blinked as if not registering to the words before he suddenly slapped Tino on the arm.

"Ow! What was that for?"

"YOU backed out?" The petite male rubbed his arm, frowning.

"Yes, yes I did, Feliks, and you would understand-"

"How could you? That was totally the perfect chance! Damn it! You were, like, soooo close!" Tino huffed, suddenly irritated.

"Feliks! You don't understand! This has gone too far!" The male blinked again.

"….You're totally right. I have, like, no clue what you're saying." Tino groaned and tugged on his hair in frustration, feeling the tears welling in his eyes.

"What I'm saying is that…that this is getting to serious."

"And? Serious is good," Feliks chirped up, wagging his eyebrows. It was his turn to rub his arm as Tino mercilessly slapped his friend on the arm. He parroted the shriek and fervently rubbed his sore arm, pouting.

"No fair! You totally hit harder than I did!"


"Okay! Okay!" The two settled down in huffs with Feliks crossing his arms and Tino groaning and pressing his temples.

"All right, so you're saying that, like, kissing is a big no-no right now." The small male sighed but simply conceded.



"Because…" his voice died away and lilac eyes softened in misery. "Because it doesn't mean anything."

Feliks sighed, serious for the first time during the conversation.

"Because you're tricking him. Is this, like, the reason why you won't meet him?" Tino nodded glumly.

"I just…I just want him to forget about me…a-and just go back to being a leader of his own clan." He felt his heart clench painfully at the thought of his memories with Sve and that they could no longer continue. He hadn't noticed the twin trails of tears staining his cheeks. Feliks blinked in surprise but made no word about it. Instead he crawled closer to his friend and rubbed his back, like all the other times Tino had been upset, while whispering soothing words.

That night, Tino slept soundly after the long hours of crying, and in his sleep he had a dream.

He was in the forest and a figure so familiar towered over him, a soft, tender look in his eyes. They were poignant yet piercing through his soul. Sudden thick fog crept through the trees, enveloping the two in plumes of dense mist. The haze slowly shrouded over Sve, from his knees and eventually up over his head so that only his shadow was seen. The dark, indistinct figure slowly paled, the shade gradually blending with the mist. Long before he knew, Sve had faded from him as the fog slowly thinned into the air.

A tear slipped through the closed eyes as Tino tossed and turned in his dream, uttering the single name that had long ago captured his heart in his calloused hands.


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