Third Person POV

Small puddles formed on the empty streets of Forks, Washington. Rain hammered onto all the exposed surfaces, filling the air with a constant patter. Through the haze of the drops, you could faintly spot figures daringly fun across to their cars, all of them soaking wet within seconds.

This was a seemingly normal day for the small town, but only to the humans that lived, clueless to the supposed mythical creatures that lived just around the corner.

Around that corner was a large, glass house. And in that house, trouble was brewing.

"He's back," Edward warned to his elf-like sister.

A blond figure emerged from the trees, walking up to the front porch with bright red eyes and a smirk on his lips.

"Jasper!" Alice cried out when he reached her. She threw her arms around his neck and pressed herself to his stiffened form. "We'll go away, just us. And we'll work you back to your diet," she was muttering into his shirt. "I forgive you, the family will forgive you. It's not your fault, being weak. We can-"

Jasper cut her off there.

"No, Alice," He pulled away and glared at her confused expression. "I'm done with being forgiven for being a vampire."

Alice's eyes went out of focus for a moment before she looked back at her husband with wide eyes. "I can't see your future," she stated, worriedly.

"That would be because I didn't make any decisions yet." At that moment, the rest of the family decided to step out of their listening place at the top of the stairs and into the conversation.

"You're leaving? Your just going to up and leave!" Rose yelled and she came storming into the room.

"I refuse to eat those disgusting animals anymore, so I assume this house is no longer my home any longer." Jaspers tone was formal and the room was silent except for Edward's mumble of 'Damn straight'.

Carlisle stepped forward, a determined look on his face and in his emotions, "Stay for a little longer. Just until the end of summer, then you can decide if you want to leave." Jasper opened his mouth to object, but Carlisle cut him off by adding, "You can pick whatever diet you choose."

The rebelling vampire thought for a second, then replied, "Until the end of summer. Three months, and then I leave." He nodded to himself.

Alice was still trying to see his husband's future, without luck, while Edward was fuming.

Edward had never had a good relationship with his sister's husband, having look down upon his past has a human-eater. This was not the first time Jasper slipped, and each time it infuriated him that Jasper was just forgiven.

Rosalie, however, was mad at her almost twin for wanting to just abandon the Cullen's, but relieved that Carlisle persuaded him to stay, if only for a few months.

Emmett, a giant bear of a man, was horny. Of course, he was always horny, but he tried to push down that emotion to pay attention to the scenario his vampire family was facing.

The mother of the bunch, Esme, was only concerned for her family staying together. The good Doctor Cullen just wanted a calm life and for his mate to be happy at all times, and the way to do that was keeping the coven a family.

A moment of silence passed and Jasper strode up the stairs without a sound. He went to his previous room, and began to pack up the sparse amount of clothing he had. Jasper ran it to one of the empty bedrooms and put his clothing away. He went back to Alice's room and pulled a medium sized box from the very back of Alice's extensive closet.

It took him all of two minutes o get all of his possessions into his new room.

Downstairs, Alice was sitting next to Edward, staring of into space for a moment, then muttering, while Edward sat watching her and attempting to decipher her thoughts. Rosalie and Emmett were both staring, longingly, into each other's eyes. Carlisle and Esme had left to 'hunt', and after a few awkward moments, Rose and Emmett followed after them.

"Bella- wait. What?" Alice muttered.

Edward shot up from the couch. "What? Alice! What about Bella?" Edward frantically asked.

When he got no response, he darted out the door and to his Volvo.

Edward arrived at his loves house a few minutes later to find Bella still asleep. He stealthily climbed the tree and pushed open her window.

As he lay down next to her in her small bed, her eyes fluttered open. She spotted him and screamed.