Here you go! Chapter 16. Enjoy ….

Carlisle was still holding Edward when the rest of the family filed into the room. Edward ripped himself from Carlisle grasp and stormed towards the stairs.

"Dramatic bitch," Rosalie murmured when he passed her.

Edward froze in his tracks and snarled.

Rosalie just sneered at him. "What you gonna do about it, huh?"

He lunged.

But before he could get within a foot of Rosalie, Emmett grabbed the collar of his shirt and yanked it back. "If you so much as think about going near her, I will rip you body to shreds and make you watch as I burn them," Emmett spat into his face.

Edward just looked at him. "But how will you know what I'm thinking?" He raised an eyebrow.

Emmett growled and threw Edward as far as he could. As far as he could ended up being through the wall and well into the forest. Emmett stalked outside after Edwards flailing body.

Edward ran back to the house as soon as he hit the ground.

Both men lowered themselves into a crouch. Each were snarling and spitting like wild dogs.

Edward lunged first and Emmett dogged, but Edward saw it coming and made to attack from the side.

The rest of the family were too focused on the two fighting that they didn't notice Bella and Jasper standing just behind the tree line, watching and waiting for the opportune moment.

Jasper had his arm around Bella's waist, ready to pick her up and run when no one was paying attention.

Emmett was attacking now, and it resulted in both he and Edward rolling on the ground.

"Now," Jasper murmured. He lifted Bella and ran. Her car was sitting halfway up the driveway. Jasper was there in a heartbeat, opening the driver door and letting Bella slide all the way over before he slid in himself. Her keys were sitting on the dashboard and he started the car.

The Cullen's, who had began to yell at the boys to stop, except Rosalie, who cheered them on, only noticed Jasper and Bella's presence once the truck chugged to life and began to make its way away from the house.

Edward and Emmett were still too focused on trying to rip each other's throats out to notice anything.

Neither Bella nor Jasper spoke as they drove down the length of the Cullen's driveway. Granted, they were driving backwards because Jasper didn't bother to turn around before peeling out, so Bella was a bit too nervous to say anything anyways.

As soon as they reached the main road and the car was going the right direction did Bella slide over and kiss Jaspers neck.

He smiled. A small Smile, but a smile non-the less. "Where to?" His southern accent was prominent and it turned Bella on to no end.


Jasper looked at her, his eyes as dark as black could be. She was lost in his eyes. She would go anywhere with this man as long as he kept looking at her like that. They haunted her very soul.

And he looked away, breaking the connection.

"That doesn't narrow it down by much." His voice was rough, like it was hard for him to push the words up his throat, out his lips and into her ears.

"Anywhere. Everywhere. Somewhere." Bella murmured, leaning back onto the seat back, her eyes drooping closed. "I just want to go away from all this shit." The words were spoken low, almost too low for Bella herself to hear it, but Jasper did. He dragged one hand from the steering wheel to Bella's knee. "Away we go then," He murmured right back.

Jasper drove, Bella watched. She wasn't paying any attention to where they were going. She really truly and honestly didn't care. As long as they went somewhere.

She watched Jaspers face. He didn't twitch or blink or make any sign he was actually inside the cold body.

She wanted him to move. She wanted him to at least act like a human. She wouldn't let herself want him to be human, even though that thought lodged itself into the dark recesses of the back of her mind. Where all her deep and dark desires were locked away, left to mingle with each other and come up with even more disturbing wishes and wants. She would never let those thoughts go, the destruction they might cause being a terrible and wonderful reminder as to why exactly she locked those thoughts away in the first place.

Bella let herself mull over those imprisoned ideas as the silence in the car slowly drove her to insanity.

That was her biggest fear. The silence. In horror movies, the scariest things happen after a moment of silence. The silence screamed the truth. No lies could be told in silence. All you mistakes glared at you when your mind was free to think of them, noise unable to distract from the terrible feelings.

Tears began to make there way down Bella's face without her noticing.

Only once the cold drop slipped down her neck, leaving an itchy uncomfortable trail behind did Bella think to wipe her eyes.

She looked up to see the car was stopped. It was still the middle of nowhere. Jasper was looking at her, his eyes as unreadable as ever.

Jaspers eyes always seemed unreadable to her. Maybe that's why he won all those battles when he was with Maria. A smart fighter looks at their opponents' eyes to predict the next move, but Jaspers eyes were a blank canvas that refused to be painted.

Without a word, Jasper gathered her in his arms. She curled her legs beneath her and leaned into him, resting her head on his chest.

"Can I ask you a question?" Her voice sliced roughly through the thick wall of silence.

"Yes." Already the sound calmed her. No more silence.

She hesitated, not sure how to form the words. "In the forest, the first time." She hesitated. "Why?"

He looked down at her with gentle eyes. "Because you needed a release." A beat of silence passed. "And I'm a selfish bastard. I wanted you, and then I left, because I realized that I shouldn't want you. At all."

Bella was studying the dashboard, her mind on his words. They took a moment to wrap themselves inside her mind and find a place to wait till she wanted to pull them up again.

"May I ask you a question." Jasper didn't pronounce it like a question. He was telling her she was going to answer it.

"No, but you will anyways." She turned her head so her left cheek was pressed firm against his chest.

"What happened to your face?"

She flinched. "Nightmares."



He shot her a look of annoyance. "Why did you start going out with Edward?"

She shrugged. "I was lonely. But even when I was with him I felt lonely." She turned her gaze to him. "Only with you an I not lonely." She clenched her eyes and looked away. As she let them open she announced, "I hate being lonely," in a whisper.

Jasper began to stroke her hair. "I'm sorry," He mumbled into her scalp before placing a light kiss that the top.

"I know."

"I'm sorry about leaving in the clearing"

She said nothing.

"I'm sorry about the time at the lake."

Again, she said nothing.

"I'm sorry for being angry."


"I'm sorry for letting Peter join."

Still, Nothing.

"I'm sorry for stealing your virginity."

She began to sob. Her throat closed up and he body clenched as she shook in anguish. She tried to pull away but Jasper kept her pressed tight against him. She covered her face with her hands and felt them get wet with tears.

Suddenly, she didn't want to be there anymore. She wanted to be wrapped in a warm, fuzzy blanket, with her mom downstairs attempting to make tea without setting the microwave in fire. She wanted to be back in a life where things like vampires and Werewolves didn't exist. Where she was normal.

She pulled away from Jasper again and slid to the other side of the truck, curling herself into a ball. "I want to go home."

Jasper looked at her, then started the car again. "We'll be there in an hour and a half." He voice was devoid of emotion.

She sobbed harder and scooted back to Jasper, clutching his arm. "Wait."

"What?" he snarled, once again stopping the car.

"I-I didn't mean that." She stuttered, feeling foolish. She didn't want to go back to Forks. She wanted to get as far away from Forks as she could.

She felt Jasper clenched muscles. She ran her arm up and down hi, trying to soothe him.

"Will you make up your mind?" His voice was tight.

"No Forks. Can we just, I don't know, stay here?" She looked out the windows, seeing nothing but forest on either side and nothing but road in back and front of them.

"Here? Middle of nowhere?"

She nodded.

He sighed.

"We can just talk?" She suggested.

His lips curled up the tiniest amount at her pleading face.

She smiled back.

She leaned forward and gave him a chaste kiss before snuggling up next to him.

"So," He asked. "What'd you want to know?"

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