To Be Happy.

"Felicity, be careful!"

I let my musical laughter fly as I leap from the roof of the old boat house, reveling in the few seconds of glorious weightlessness before my body pierces the water's surface like an arrow, barely disturbing the flat sheen. All sounds disappear as I dive deeper, my ears adjusting to the depth. The water becomes cool and dark and heavy as I slide easily through the water with even measured strokes. I kick lazily toward the glittering surface, laughing with the sheer bliss of the feeling and sending a stream of fluttering bubbles racing before me.

I brake the surface moments later, gasping for breath but radiantly happy. My twin, Cedric, cheers and claps from his perch on the roof I just left, his sun-bleached blond curls just beginning to dry in the warm District 4 sun. Athalie, my fiery redhead of a friend is leaning nonchalantly against one of the old wooden supports of the boat house, looking down at me with a smirk. Her honey-brown haired boyfriend, Lowell, stands behind her in the shadows, as always poised to protect her, but I can see his eyes are dancing with mirth. The only one in the bunch that does not look amused was the one who's voice had called to me in warning in the first place, Evander. My oldest and closest friend. His bright blue eyes narrow at me under his coarse dirty blond hair as he stands at the edge of the dock, hands on his hips.

I let my my mouth and nose slip back into the water until only my pale silvery eyes peer up at him in mock repent. I then disappear again, kicking silently just below the surface until I reached the beaten wood of the dock. Ignoring the ladder completely, I pull myself, dripping wet, onto the warm, cracking wood; my slight frame of 5' 4'' does not hint at the sinewy muscles that frame it, built up from years of swimming and hauling nets.

"One of these days, you're going to get yourself killed pulling stunts like that," Evander fumes, stepping closer to me. "I'm the only sensible one in this lot, seems like."

I purse my lips and squint up at his 6' build. "Maybe that means you need to just loosen up a little."

And with that I step forward suddenly and shove him with all my might off the dock and into the clear blue water. He lands with a giant splash as my friends guffaw around me, and I grab his fluffy green towel from its hook and wrap it around my simple grey suit. I stand there, shaking out my long, white-blond curls, wet and flattened from the salt water, as I wait for him to resurface.

It doesn't take long. He bobs up, spluttering and flailing as he chokes down a full breath. As I expect, it was only a moment before he regains his bearings and heads with powerful strokes toward the dock; he's always been the strongest swimmer among us, though not the most graceful.

"I'm gonna get you for that, Lissy!" His voice rings out over the splashing water. I realize almost too late that I should be afraid of his revenge, and take off down the path toward our standard wooden beach house. The rocky sand quickly gives way to dense woods, and the path trickier to follow; luckily, I could run the thing in my sleep, while my heavier pursuer is less familiar. I pick over the pine needles and gnarled roots with swift, silent steps, and am seriously gaining ground when I run directly into my worst nightmare.

Just a taste before I really get the story going. A prologue, if you will. Review if you want more, loves.