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"So let me get this straight." Tsunade rubbed her forehead tiredly. "Uchiha Madara broke a man and twisted him to think he is nothing but a pet, an animal. And when you killed Madara the 'pet' tried to follow his 'master'. So Naruto blurted out he would be his master to stop him from killing himself?"

"Yes." Sasuke nodded, smirking at Naruto's pout.

Hari glanced up at him and Naruto smiled at him reassuringly.

"Are you sure he's not a threat?" Tsunade turned to Kakashi.

"I believe he isn't but Sasuke would know better." Kakashi shrugged lazily.

"He wouldn't hurt anyone." Naruto interrupted. "He's innocent!"

"Hari-pet will listen to Naruto-master." Hari nodded.

"I don't believe he has the thought capability to be planning revenge or such." Sasuke said, ignoring Naruto. "From my experience with him he had been quite thoroughly conditioned to think as a pet, be a pet."

"That's because Hari-pet is a pet." Hari said confused.

"Hush Hari." Naruto shushed him gently.

"Oh. Hari-pet forgot. Pets are supposed to be silent and still." Hari said immediately silencing and sitting at Naruto's legs, motionless.

Tsunade winced as did Naruto.

"He is well 'trained'." Sasuke said. "He thinks as a pet, believes himself a pet. To him attacking his master is unconceivable. He obeys every and any command. When I was with Akatsuki, Madara ordered him to kill a child for amusement. Hari barely batted a lash at the deed but appeared confused when the girl pleaded for her life, like he was surprised she was scared."

"So he won't harm Konoha or Naruto?" Tsunade asked. "I pity him but I won't let him live if he's a danger."

"He's got control, fine control over whatever his ability is." Kakashi added.

"He could be an asset." Sakura nodded.

"You're absolutely sure?" Tsunade stressed one last time.

"Yes." Sasuke nodded.

Tsunade sighed and wished for her sake.

"Fine. Tell us more of what you know Sasuke."

"He was caught six years ago with Madara. Zetsu was quite open with the information that Hari attempted 209 escapes from the main base. He failed each and every one. After the first sixty he was a nervous desperate wreck. After the seventieth he was desperate enough to try and kill himself. After the hundredth and fiftieth he was trying to escape but much less determined, expecting to fail. At the 200 mark he was almost a ghost of a human being, just trying to escape because he sometimes forgot his situation. At 209 he hit the breaking point and for a month after that Zetsu said he was but an empty shell. Madara used 'punishment' to break him and 'rewards' to condition him until Hari truly believed he was a pet. He was also used as…a sex toy."

"So we have mental, physical, and sexual abuse over a period of six years." Tsunade sighed. "What a mess."

"He has scars but nothing major needing to be treated." Sakura piped in.

"Madara liked him enough to keep him healthy." Sasuke spat.

"He was a sick, sick bastard." Naruto said hugging Hari who gave him a scrunched up expression of confusion as he hugged back.

"Has Hari-pet been bad?" Hari asked.

"No. You're a good boy." Naruto said.

"Okay." Hari smiled. "May Hari-pet say something?"

"Yes, speak when ever you wish." Naruto said quickly.

"Okay. Hari-pet thinks Naruto-master should change his collar. It says Madara-masters name on it. It needs Naruto-master name on it so no one else takes Hari-pet."

Naruto flinched. Hari dug in his kimono and pulled out a matching leash to the collar everyone could see now.

"Here's Hari-pet's leash."

Naruto flinched again, shying away form the leash as if it was a viper. Hari appeared confused.

"Naruto doesn't like leashes." Kakashi said simply taking the leash and subtly tossing it in the trash behind him.

"Oh. Does Naruto-master prefer chains?"

Naruto flinched again and Hari didn't help by trying to comfort him with a kiss.

"This is going to take some work. Are you up to it Naruto?" Tsunade asked. "I can also keep him in the hospital. He'll probably never get better and you don't have to look after him."

"No. I want to." Naruto said determined.


"So…he's your pet." Iruka asked, deeply disturbed by the idea.

"Yes." Naruto nodded sadly. "The sick bastard thought it was fun to mess with people's mind."

Iruka looked at the beautiful little creature following on Naruto's heels. He was slender and appeared no older then twenty with pale skin, long wild dark hair, and a pouty mouth. Sooty lashes hid the greenest eyes Iruka had ever seen. The poor boy was sex on legs. Iruka winced as he saw a purple collar around the boy's neck.

"A collar?" he asked.

Naruto winced as Iruka had done.

"He doesn't understand when I take it off. He just finds it and puts it back on. It's made of flame resistant material and he somehow tracked it down when I threw it away it once."

Iruka sighed and then gave the boy a smile.

"Hello there. I'm Iruka." Iruka said slowly.

"This is my former sensei." Naruto added. "Say Hi Hari."

"Hi." Hari said. "Are you Naruto-master's friend?"

"Yes." Iruka nodded.

"Okay." Hari said tilting his head in an adorable way.

"We're going to meet the rest of the gang." Naruto interrupted. "Want to come Iruka-sensei?"

"Going to explain the situation?"


"Sure. I'll join you."


"Sit still." Shikamaru sighed.

The boy beside him stilled immediately and Shikamaru almost regretted the words. Naruto had told them the boy took every thing as an order.

"What do you want to eat?" Naruto asked form Hari's other side.

Hari looked at the annoying blonde with wide eyes.

"Hari-pet is allowed to eat at the table?"

Everyone in hearing range winced and Naruto quickly assured the boy he would eat at the table from now one. Shikamaru had to admit out over everyone they could have left the boy with, or the hospital, Naruto would be the best. He wouldn't pity the boy so much as be angry and sad and his behalf. And Naruto, for all his impatience was a kind strong person who could be surprisingly understanding.

Naruto started to dish food onto the boy's plate explaining each thing.

Shikamaru twitched as he felt sand brush across his leg. Hari looked down at the sand that was spreading across the room. The Kazekage, whom was on a mission here with a treaty, had joined them and took the defence of a place very seriously. The sand would be everywhere for any moment's notice.

"He is broken." The red head said solemnly sitting across from Hari.

Hari blinked at him and gazed at Gaara curiously.

"Yeah." Naruto said. "But I'm going to try my damndest to fix him."

Hari looked at him again as Shikamaru nudged a glass of water to him.

"Thank you." Hari said smiling.

Shikamaru nodded and pet his back gently. Hari leaned into the move and gave a soft purr like noise. Shikamaru winced but did not flinch away and instead nudged Hari to his food. Naruto certainly had his work cut out for him.




Kenpachi sighed and scratched his stomach idly as he gazed out the window, bored. He hated the captain meetings. They always dragged on and were filled with useless politics and arguments. The only fun ones were the one organizing battle plans, and even those got dull after his plans got continuously rejected. He saw nothing wrong with just rushing in and beating everything in sight but apparently it was a 'brutish, unintelligent move' in Byakuya's words. Hmpf. Pansy.


Kenpachi repressed a twitch.

'That is fucking annoying.' He growled too lowly for anyone to hear.

'It's the only fun I get outside of battle.' Hari hummed cheerfully draping over his broad shoulders as Yachiru did.

The only difference was Harry was about five times as large as Yachiru and as such, slid over his shoulder and flopped onto his lap, sitting nestled in his crossed legs.

'They really do like to talk don't they.' Hari said, eyeing the other captains.

Kenpachi gave a shrug that said yes.

'I hate politics.' Hari admitted. 'Am absolute rubbish at them.'

Another thing they had in common Kenpachi noted. He gazed back out the window and wondered if Ikkaku was healed enough to fight with yet.

'You're ignoring me.' Hari half pouted, clasping his hands behind Kenpachi's neck.

'I didn't know Zanpakuto were so talkative and annoying.'

'Careful who you insult love,' Hari smirked, 'I am a representation of you after all. They're talking to you by the way.'

'You…' Kenpachi started to growl, then processed the last sentence.

He looked up to find all eyes on him. Yamato raised an eyebrow at him.

"A problem Kenpachi."

Kenpachi snorted a no.

"We have been trying to call you for the last little while." Yamato explained.

"Sheesh. Just thinkin'." Kenpachi sneered.

"With your intelligence, hard to believe." Kurotsuchi sneered. "Probably fried whatever was left of your brain."

"Wanna fight?" Kenpachi snarled, half grinning.

"Yes actually." Kurotsuchi sneered. "I want to test the capabilities of your pathetic Zanpakuto."

Kenpachi snarled and stood, drawing the blade resting at his waist. The once rusted hunk of metal was now a long sleek sword, the edge red in color, as if dripping in blood.

"Insult me all you want, but don't talk 'bout Hari like that." He growled.

Kurotsuchi sneered going for his own blade.

'Defending my honour now?" Hari said standing from where he'd fallen as Kenpachi stood. 'How sweet. But technically I'm a sword. Is there some kind of law on being in a relationship with your sword? Probably be pretty weird.'

Kenpachi growled at his sword and Harry smirked cheekily at him.

"Blades away gentlemen." Yamato snapped.

Kenpachi snorted but sat down.

"The question we asked of you Kenpachi, is what have you discovered about your Zanpakuto. Hitsugaya said all he saw, when he arrived at the scene, was what appeared to be a whirlwind surround the area, and then the Hollows were dead."

"He controls wind." Kenpachi grunted. "And blood."

"Two …elements?" Ukitake asked surprised.

"Yeah." Kenpachi sneered.

"Fascinating." Kurotsuchi said leaning forwards. "Permission to do some experiments?"

'Let him touch me and I'll never let you fight with me again.' Hari hissed. 'He's not bad looking under all that makeup so I wouldn't usually mind, but holy hell, he's really fucking crazy.'

"Not a fucking chance in hell." Kenpachi grinned.

"So, what does he look like?" Shunsui asked. "Is he an animal like lieutenant-captain Renji's, or a dragon like Hitsugaya's, or what?"

"He's a guy." Kenpachi grunted sitting back in his seat. "And annoying."

'Heeeey!' Harry pouted once again draping himself over Kenpachi. 'You'll love me anyways cause I'm just loveable like that. Well, at least if you keep me happy. Which means lots of battles or lots of time in really high windy places or lots of adrenaline sports.'

"And he's an adrenaline junkie." Kenpachi snorted.

"Seems to be a dead ringer of you, a perfect representation." Byakuya noted.

Kenpachi growled at the noble as Hari chuckled from his lap.




Harry yawned lazily and rolled over, scraping the sheet into a more comfortable position as he turned his face into a sun beam. He had almost drifted off once more when a loud knock echoed on the door. He started and then frowned, giving a sleepy growl. He rolled over, away from the door and curled up, burying his face in the pillow. Another knock made him growl. A third had him twitching and a fifth had him snarling.

"No one's home!" He finally yelled at the door.

There was silence but before he could even finish smiling and roll over a chuckle started and then a voice replied.

"Lying is unbecoming."

"So is tricking a whole village into thinking you're a mass murderer after killing your clan under the Hokage's order and then making your own brother hate you enough to try and kill you." Harry shot back, recognizing the voice of Uchiha Itachi, having heard it enough through Naruto to remember it.

There was another stretch of silence, interrupted by the soft snickering outside the door, behind the speaker.

"May we come in?"

Harry grumbled to himself.

"Naruto's at the training grounds."

"…We're here to talk with you."

"Hmpf, fine." Harry grumbled rolling over to face the door.

The door opened and Uchiha Itachi stepped inside followed by Hoshigaki Kisame and Deidara.

"Huh, this place is smaller then I thought it would be, un. And not at all artistic." Deidara said looking around.

"Blow anything up and I'll rip your arms off…again." Harry yawned. "Now, what do you want, you're interrupting my nap."

The three glanced at one another and back at him. Harry played with the frayed edge of the blanket he had turned into a nest seeing as they didn't look about to say anything.

"Hokage-sama said we owe you our lives." Itachi finally said. "She said you let us live and vouched for us, Kyuubi-sama."

"Yeah, well, I like you guys." Harry shrugged. "If that's all, shoo."

"May we ask why you like us?" Kisame ventured slowly.

"You amuse me."

"Why, un?"

Harry sighed and propped himself up on his elbows.

"Itachi's whole story amuses me, Kisame's looks amuse me, and Deidara's bombs amuse me. But I also knew you could be an asset to Konoha, which my Naruto will one day rule. So in effect I saved you for Naruto."

There was a long moment of silence.

"So you let us live because of Itachi's sob story, my bloodline, and Deidara's art." Kisame finally said.

"Yes. Can you leave now?"

"I expected more patience out of a thousand year old demon, un." Deidara quipped.

"I'm tried." Harry hissed. "I spent all night tracking down people."

There was a stretch of silence.

"Would that have anything to do with the ANBU who burst into the Hokage's office yelling about the thirty hanging corpses found at the Konoha gate and the other twenty ripped to pieces beneath them?" Kisame asked slowly.

"Yes, yes it would. Can you go now?"

"You killed fifty people. Why?" Itachi asked.

Harry sighed seeing he would never get the nice nap he wanted and sat up fully.

"Because they hurt my Naruto." Harry said. "And anyone who hurts him faces me."

There was another pause.

"I expected a demon to be more unsympathetic and less caring then you." Kisame finally said.

"What can I say," Harry shrugged, "I'm different. Now my nap?"

"So even for demons you're different, un?"

"Yes. My nap?"

"You can still change into your giant fox form right?" Kisame asked.

Harry closed his eyes and counted to three. When he opened them he saw Itachi backing out the door, looking calm and poised even as he made his escape. Kisame and Deidara missed it.

"Why yes, yes I can." Harry growled, eyes slitting and nose elongating, claws sprouting from his hands. "Want to see?"

Deidara and Kisame flinched violently as his voice turned raspy and demonic and quickly backed up.

"Ah, no thanks!" Kisame chuckled nervously.

"Yeah, we'll just leave you to your nap, un."

"Thanks by the way, for vouching for us and stuff." Kisame squeaked, "Bye!'

"Yeah, thanks, un." Deidara yelled diving out the door after Kisame.

Harry sighed happily at the blessed silence left behind and changed back fully human and curled up in his nest made of Naruto's covers



Kakashi looked down at the dead rabbit on his door step, glassy eyes staring at him holding the last hints of fear it had felt in life. The white fur was rather bloody around the neck where it was easy to see claws had ripped it's throat out.

"Now that's not something you see everyday." Kakashi finally said toeing the dead thing.

"Do you like it?"

Kakashi tensed and glanced up, cursing himself for not having sensed the person. If they had been an enemy he would be dead. What he found was the Kyuubi gazing at him with burning green eyes, looking human. Then he destroyed the illusion of humanity by lifting blood covered nails too long and sharp to be normal, and licked the blood off with a soft pink tongue.

"I don't enjoy having dead animals on my doorstep." He said deadpanned.

The man crinkled his brow in confusion.

"But such a gift shows…" He paused. "I had thought humans liked food as gifts?"

Kakashi raised a single brow.

"I'd prefer dinner at a restaurant." He said dryly.

"Oh. I have been a fox for far too long." The man sighed.

Kakashi said nothing as he turned and slipped back into his house, slamming the door behind him.


"Naruto." Kakashi said.

Naruto looked up at his sensei and took in the bloodshot eyes and the limp hair and the twitchy fingers.

"What's got you paranoid Kakashi-sensei?"

"Kyuubi listens to you right!?" Kakashi asked desperately.

"Hari." Naruto said stubbornly.


"Unless you call him Hari I'm not talking to you." Naruto said, cheeks puffed out in a pout.

"Fine." Kakashi sighed, exasperated, "Hari listens to you right?"

"Yeah, why?" Naruto asked.

"Tell him to stop trying to gain my favour." Kakashi said desperately. "Please."

"Why?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Dead rabbits, a dead enemy-nin, something that's apparently cat nip to foxes, a pelt, he keeps leaving them for me to find. And then he accosts me at every moment, asking me if I want to spar or go hunting, or more recently invitations to the bathhouse."

"He's just trying to show you he's sorry. Why not accept them?" Naruto asked.

"Naruto." Kakashi said patiently. "He left a dead enemy nin on my doorstep and asks me if I want to go hunting."


Kakashi made a whimpering noise and tore at his hair.

"Why not just say yes?" Naruto shrugged.

Kakashi growled.

"Hey Kakashi-"

"Yes!" Kakashi spun screaming. "Fine I'll accept it!"

Kyuubi blinked at him, then his lips stretched in a grin.

"Awesome. I guess I did choose the best present this time."

Kakashi took this time to see what he was referring too. A tied up gift was slung over his shoulder, tied neatly but expertly and even gift wrapped. Hanging in Kyuubi's hand was a set of markers and a camera.

"Is that Gai?" Kakashi asked blankly.

"Yes." Kyuubi nodded solemnly. "I asked the pink one what you would like and she said Gai tussled and out cold, ready to be embarrassed. She also said to bring a camera and to ask you to go to dinner afterwards. I have tickets for steak house."

Kakashi stared at him. Then he turned to Naruto.

"Am I hallucinating? This seems fairly normal."

Naruto raised a brow at the word 'normal' but shrugged.

"He's been pestering everyone for ideas of what to do to make you happy. Anko was the one to suggest the dead nin. Kiba suggested hunting. Sai suggested the bathhouse. So in a way it was all fairly normal stuff."

Kakashi stared at him, and was suddenly oddly touched at how much effort Kyuubi had put into it. He was also extremely annoyed at it to, but whatever. He turned back and looked Kyuubi up in down. He thought hard and long and finally he sighed and held out his hands. Kyuubi grinned and placed the markers in them.

"Am I forgiven?" He asked.

"Yes." Kakashi said. "It wasn't really your fault."

And truly Kakashi had come to that conclusion after first meeting the demon. He just hadn't put much effort into talking with the fox to show that. And somewhere deep down, under the newly made paranoia (results of Kyuubi popping up everywhere with absolutely no warning that sent his senses going haywire), he'd been enjoying the attempts. They were actually quite amusing. Except for the stealth part. Perhaps he would ask the Kyuubi...no, Hari, to teach him and then get the bastard back.

Kyuubi gave a delighted purr as Kakashi snapped from his thoughts.

"If you forgive me that means we are friends now?"

"I suppose." Kakashi said slowly.

He supposed he would have to get used to the demon since he tagged along with Naruto everywhere and was unofficially a part of team seven now.

"Then can I move onto the courting stage?"

Kakashi blanked.

"What?" he asked, after working his jaw a few moments.

"Well, you're attractive and you would make a good mate." Hari grinned at him. "But Naruto and I agreed we needed you to accept our apology first. And Naruto said you wouldn't be adverse to the idea."

'Oh hell no.' Kakashi thought turning to glare at Naruto who whistled innocently looking at a tree studiously

"I think you should accept." Sakura said stepping into the training field. "At least try."

No one blinked at her abrupt appearance, having sensed her.

"You're just saying that cause you're an yaoi-obessed bitch." Sai smiled from right behind her.

She silenced him with a punch to the face while Kakashi turned to stare at the Kyuubi.

Hari gave him a dazzling smile that had a hint of pleading and dangled permanent markers in his free hand and the camera in the other while flipping Gai over with his toe. Kakashi sighed.

"You said something about dinner too?"

Kyuubi beamed at him.


Gai never caught who drew embarrassing pictures on him and posted the photos all over Konoha. Kakashi only had to endure a few knowing chuckles and smiles and Kyuubi only had to kill a few more people and break a few more bones before he was accepted as a part of Konoha. Naruto was also very well protected for most of his life by the most feared demon to walk the earth. Sakura helped Sai jump Sasuke and they all moved into the Uchiha compound while Itachi went fleeing in the other direction, borrowing Hinata's couch before eventually moving into her bedroom with her.

Deidara started a new division in the ANBU known as the explosive corps. They were a bang. Kisame was a bit upset at loosing Itachi but go over it quickly enough when Anko of all people started to stalk him, he panicked and gave in a week later and they stayed happily together for a long time

A few years after getting together Kyuubi proposed to Kakashi in half demon half human manner by presenting him a group of iwa-nin that had tried to kill him a few times, having killed them with an engagement ring.