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Description: A brief distraction during the fight over the cursed Aztec coins. Jack is more delighted by the distraction then the others.


Swords clashed making the sound of ringing steel echo through the cave. Barbossa laughed at Jack and shoved him back. Swords clashed again mixed with yells as Will took on the other pirates in the cave. They could distantly hear cannons in the night. It was a good night for fighting.

Suddenly a soft laugh rang through the air. Everyone paused, surprised at the sound, and turned to look at where the voice had come from. Barbossa and Jack locked swords and looked to the side, neither giving up on the other though. The other cursed pirates paused also blinking in surprise and Will warily backed up before looking over.

A man emerged from the shadows as if he had been a part of them, pulling from them like they were a web. He was on the short side, shorter then all of them by at least a few inches, but it fit him. He had long black hair that spiked wildly at the ends giving it an unruly rugged look. Tied in it were a few silver beads and items like most pirates wore. He wore an emerald green bandana over his hair, holding most of it from his face. A black hat sat on top his head containing one large green and silver feather that didn't look like that from a natural bird. His whole body was lithe in build and draped with traditional pirate garb, but actually cleaner then any pirate, almost spotless. He had a pistol and sword at his waist along with what looked like a polished blackish stick.

His black leather boots made no sound as he stepped across the treasure strewn ground. None of the others moved, all assessing the stranger. Bright green eyes peered out from the shadow of his hat, glittering with what looked like amusement.

"Who are you?" Jack asked bluntly raising a brow and leaning back slightly, pulling his sword from Barbossa's.

"Aye, and what are you doing here?" Barbossa asked snarling slightly not bothering to leap at Jack yet.

"My name?" The man asked almost thoughtfully.

They all followed him with their eyes as he walked to a mound of gold against one large rock formation and studied a small white gold locket.

"Ye won't want to be takin' that, stranger." Barbossa growled. "It's cursed."

The man waved a gloved hand at Barbossa as if dismissing his claims absently.

"Yes, yes. Everything in here is cursed whether it be with cursed immortality or just bad luck. Seem you have had a bad time with the cursed immortality ones." He smiled peering

He tucked the locket into his coat and they could swear they saw it dull a moment. Then the man wandered to the Aztec coins. Barbossa let go of his sword with one hand and grabbed his gun with the other. He pointed it at the man, a click to say it was ready and loaded. Slowly the man picked a piece up and slid down the ridge to study the coin. Barbossa gave a grim smile.

"Now it appears we have to be getting ye blood."

The man was silent a moment as he walked idly.

"Do you know the problem with this curse?"

Now they perked up, eyes focused more, wondering what could be 'wrong' with a curse and how he would know what it was. The man held the coin up and stepped into a sliver of moonlight. They were shocked to see him looking perfectly normal, no skeleton. The cursed pirates and the uncursed ones all stared dumbly at him wondering how the hell he was unaffected.

"It won't work of you're already immortal."

Barbossa fired. A bullet slammed into the man's chest right where his heart would be. The bullet didn't even seem to faze the man as it was slowly pushed back out the wound as the wound closed up before their eyes, no drop of blood ever falling. They were shocked into silence. Barbossa stared at the man slowly lowering his smoking gun. The man looked down at his dark shirt at the bullet hole above his heart.

"Hmm. Now I must get another shirt." He sighed.

Jack drew back and looked the man over with a frown.

"What's your name?" he asked again.

"You can call me Harry." The man said looking into Jack's eyes with an odd smile.

Jack swallowed hard and took a step back. The others fidgeted. If anyone made Jack nervous enough for the man to show it, it wasn't a good thing. Jack never showed fear or such nervousness unless it was exaggerated or in a confusing manner.

"You wouldn't by chance be the Sea Sorcerer would you?" Jack said with a nervous grin.

No one else understood what Jack meant, though the name did sound familiar. The man looked up and grinned, showing off pearly white teeth, and showing far to many teeth to be just innocent and friendly.

"Aye, I be him." He chuckled.

"Oh. Well…umm…I think I'll be going." Jack laughed nervously.

Barbossa held his sword up to Jack's neck.

"We ain't finished Sparrow." He growled.

"If you were smart, you'd be running to." Jack grinned disarmingly, back to his usual self.

"Oh? And why would that be?" Barbossa snapped fed up with not knowing anything.

"You see he," Jack started pointing to the man, "Is called the Sea Sorcerer because he's a sorcerer and he's infamous for his immortality, intelligence, and skills in battle. He's been known to take down a whole fleet of Japanese boats, then a couple of pirate ships right after. He did it all by himself…without a ship or crew."

Everyone looked back to the man to find him gone. Only to hear Jack yelp in surprise. They spun back to the pirate to fine him backed against a wall, the shorter man pressed close to him.

"Why Jack." The man purred sultrily. "Do I smell some fear in you? I heard the Jack Sparrow feared nothing."

"Oh, I fear plenty Love, just not enough fear to run away from anything." Jack said grinning.

"Ah." The man, Harry he had said earlier, hummed. "But you do fear me enough to try and escape."

"Of course love." Jack grinned crookedly. "Can't anger or annoy you here. That would lead to a fight and there are to many people to interfere. Though, I wouldn't prefer some one on one."

Jack quirked his eyes brow in a 'how about it' gesture. Harry laughed softly at Jack's reply, his voice husky and light at the same time. He leaned up and gently pressed his lips to Jack's. Jack took the invitation and leaned over slightly making the kiss more passionate. The others could only gap at them. Jack ravished the smaller man's mouth with attention for the few seconds that he could. Then Harry stepped back, lips quirking into a smirk, vanishing and reappearing in the same place he had been before questioning Jack. Jack just grinned goofily from his spot.

Everyone stared at the man who was now humming idly and fingering the treasure as if looking for something as if the kiss hadn't ever happened.

"Ah ha!" He said suddenly.

They were all on guard as he dug into a pile. He'd obviously found something he was looking for. That made the questions of what and why and how arise. He pulled out a long wooden staff that would look harmless in another's hand. It seemed to be made of an old tree as it was full of knots and looked ancient. There was a small silver orb nestled at the top. The staff almost looked like a very long hand holding an orb. It radiated a power that set them all on the edge and wary. The man studied it, looking it over carefully, an odd smile on his lips.

"I thought I would find it here."

"What is it?" Will asked, impatient and frustrated.

"It's called the Given Moon. The staff is supposed to represent a hand of god, giving the Moon to the sky. It's a magical staff."

Will rolled his eyes. The others just watched cautiously unsure of what to think.

"I can believe in certain magic. But a magic staff?" He asked with a snort.

The man grinned and lifted the staff. The silver orb seemed to swirl before a blast of light lit the room filling every corner and crevice. The gold almost blinded them as the light reflected off of it making the light much brighter. When it faded everyone was left blinking spots from their eyes as they tried to get their vision back. When they could see properly they found the man grabbing the odd item and stuffing it in his coat, a bounce in his step as he appeared to hum under his breath.

"There, child, is an example of the magic of a staff. Now, feel free to take anything except the coins, as I lifted the curses from everything, save the coins. That is a very complex curse though I could break it if I wanted. But I won't because the Aztecs who sacrificed their lives for the curse would be upset if I took it off."

Then he lifted the staff and bowed.

"Continue on gentlemen. Till next time Jack." He purred.

Then he seemed to blow away like sand in the wind. When he was gone they all stood blinking stupidly.

"Well that went well." Jack laughed slightly.

Barbossa spun, curiosity pushed aside, to engage Jack, slashing his sword at the man. The fight was back on and the distraction, a man with glowing green eyes and a power that made them wary, forgotten.



I wanted to make a whole story with this with Harry popping up randomly through the next two movies and with Harry taking Jack's side after a while and causing even more chaos. Won't get done though so this is a oneshot.