Disclaimer: I do not own the canon, I merely enjoy it.

Starring: Garrett/Kayley

Summary: Babies are a lot of trouble.

Garrett thumps his staff of the ground again and tries to think.

Kayley was, as much as he loved her, a complete and utter disaster when she stumbled into his forest. She would run ahead, heedless of the danger of a strange environment (really, which part of "Forbidden Forest" did she not understand?) leaving him to follow after her and keep things from biting off her heels. Only after he was shot by one of Rubar's men did she appreciate the silence he needed to hear what was going on in his surroundings. Time certainly helped to weather away the roughness of her eager curiosity but...

Perhaps they should move to her mother's lands near the sea or back to Camelot. Garrett feels unprepared to protect a smaller, younger and newer version of Kayley as it looks at the Forbidden Forest like she did when she first arrived.