Disclaimer: I do not own the canon, I merely enjoy it.

Starring: Garrett/Kayley

Summary: All she wanted was a bag of apples.

"Look, a blind knight." the stranger jeers, drawing a crowd around him.

"The must be desperate," another muses, bumping him. "To have someone so limited in their ranks."

The crowd murmurs and somebody else brushes against him and he drops the bag of apples he had purchased for Kayley at a stall twenty footsteps away. It is hard to distinguish individual sounds in a crowd, or a battlefield. It is why his talents are best served in secret, why so many wars are avoided these days. It is not something that is praised or retold in songs, but it is necessary.

"Let us see if he has the coin of a knight." a rough voice says to his left and someone from behind grabs his arms. "Surely if he is a knight he'll gladly share with us." The sneer is evident but he cannot strike back without ensuring that he won't injure an innocent. Suddenly, a quiet whistle through the air. The thief bellows in pain and the crowd murmurs and shifts. All eyes turn and there stands Kayley with a second arrow notched and a snarl on her face that he cannot see but he can certainly hear.

"Let him go."