Disclaimer: I do not own the canon, I merely enjoy it.

Starring: Garrett/Kayley

Summary: None of the returning scouts are talking. Not even Kayley.

It has been four days since he has heard her voice. It is cold and snow threatens the soldiers huddled around small campfires. Every time a harness of a horse makes it to his ears Garrett perks up and tilts his head, trying to identify her mare. Beside him, Sir Oliver prattles on to keep him distracted.

The scouts – including Kayley – should have been back three days ago.

Thankfully, at nightfall when the cold is deeper and the wind has more bite the horses return. Trying not to hover, he offers to look after her mare while she makes her report to the King. Kayley squeezes his hand and vanishes. None of the returning scouts are talking and Garrett pounces on her when she returns to their tent. Helping her out of her clothes he inspects every inch of her of a scratch or worse until she pushes his hands away, pulls on cleaner clothes and then buries herself into his arms. Her forehead is pushed deep into his neck, as if she is trying to climb inside him.

"Kayley," he whispers. "What happened?"

She shudders and clings tighter.

Distantly he notes the smell of charred flesh in her hair.