Forever Isn't Enough

A/N: This story is based on the yaoi manga 'Seven Days.' I fell in love with the manga after just reading through it once in one day. It has a rather romantic and sweet vibe, but it's an original one to my point of view coz it's not like other shounen-ai mangas that I've read.

From the manga, it's not clear who's gonna be the seme or the uke, though to some extent Yuzuru has the 'uke vibe' since he's shorter and is known to have 'pretty' features. But I always like stories that have semexuke position that are more unlikely (must be my rebellious nature.) Therefore, this story has YuzuruxSeryou coupling order.

The story is set after the end of the manga and Yuzuru has finished high school and is in university, while Seryou is still in high school and is now in the second year as the captain of the archery club. This is simply what I wished the mangaka would have done if he continued the story.

This story is un-beta'd and since English is my second language, I apologise for any grammatical errors.

WARNING: This fic contain boyxboy action, so please refrain from reading this if you don't like it.

Disclaimer: The characters and original story of 'Seven Days' all belong to its author Tachibana Venio and its artist Takarai Rihito. I own nothing except for this story that I'm doing for fun. (:

Summary: Days passed, time goes on, and their love strengthens. Is it a good time to take their relationship to the next level?

Chapter 1

It was one of those days that he didn't like.

The weather was scorching hot, and he was stuck in the train station with no access to air-conditioner. He could feel the sweat forming at the back of his light t-shirt. He wished to get home quickly and hide himself within his one-bedroom apartment that has an AC.

He still didn't quite understand what possessed him to go out and risk getting burnt by the sun just to rent a DVD that was three stations away from his place.

Wait, he knew why, it was all because of Seryou.

He got a call from his two-year younger boyfriend two hours ago, telling him that he was going to come over this afternoon. It was going to be the first time that Seryou will visit him in his new apartment.

Since he started university, he decided to move out of his parents' apartment and rent his own that will be closer to the university. His parents agreed, even going as far as paying for all of his expenses, as long as he promised that he will come back and visit at least twice every year. He was finally able to move to his new apartment two weeks ago. Disappointingly, Seryou wasn't able to come and visit when he was moving due to some family meetings of some sort.

He wasn't able to meet his boyfriend for a month already. He was busy with all of the things that came from being the first-year student in the middle of the university year, while Seryou was busy with all of the commitments he had since he was chosen as the new captain of the Archery club.

Even their phone calls on every morning and night for the past month were not enough for him anymore. He missed Seryou terribly and he wanted to meet him. Even a few minutes would still be better than nothing.

That was why when he received the call from Seryou saying that he could come over to his new place, he was too excited to realise that the weather was one that he didn't like.

Seeing his apartment building, he increased his walking pace, wanting to spend as little time as possible under the heat. Upon entering his haven, he released a relieved sigh and started to walk towards his bathroom. He was burning and sticky and he wanted nothing more than taking a shower as soon as possible. Well, maybe meeting Seryou beats taking the shower even at this weather.

Finished with his shower, he felt refreshed and he decided to eat his brunch. It was one of the things that Seryou is currently trying to make him grow out of. The first time that Seryou found out about his habit of skipping breakfast, he had been scolded by his younger boyfriend for a full hour. Remembering it now still hasn't fail to bring a smile to his lips, because it showed him just how much Seryou care for him, getting worried over a simple thing.

He chuckled. Sometimes his boyfriend is just too cute.

He woke up to the sound of frantic knocking on his front door. He yawned and walked to open the door. He didn't realise that he had fallen asleep on his couch. After eating, he was just planning to take a short nap that he realised seemed to have run overtime.

He yawned again and opened the door, only to come face to face with a worried-looking Seryou. All traces of sleep left his body upon seeing the person that he wanted to see the most. A bright smile came onto his face.


A smile came as a reply.

"Come in!"

"Excuse me…" seems like his boyfriend's impeccable manner stayed even if they were the only ones in the place.

After locking the door, he turned to find Seryou standing in his previous spot and looking around the room. Smiling, he playfully shoved him into the room.

"You can go in, you know. The room is not gonna bite," he teased.

"Um...yes. Yuzuru-san, were you asleep when I was knocking on the door?"

"Yeah, sorry. Didn't realise until just now. I'm a heavy sleeper, you see."

"Oh, that's okay. I was just…kinda…worried, that's all. Yes, um, the bathroom…?"

"Is the second door on the left when you walk in the corridor."

"Okay. Thank you." With that, Seryou softly walked towards the direction that was given.

Yuzuru chuckled and shook his head. Seryou was just too cute, admitting his worry, only to run away to the bathroom in embarrassment. His boyfriend is too adorable for his own good.

He walked towards the kitchen and opened the fridge, looking between the selections of cold drinks that he has. He heard footsteps and turned to find Seryou standing beside the small, round dining table.

"Seryou, what kind of drink do you like?"

"Anything is fine, Yuzuru-san."

"Then…ice tea?"

"Okay." Smiled Seryou.

"Go back and relax in the living room. I'll be with you in a sec."

"Are you sure you don't need any help?"

"It's just drinks, Seryou. I can handle it." He smiled in reassurance.

"Okay then."

Seryou walked into the living room and the pictures that are placed on the wall quickly caught his attention. All of the graduation photos that Yuzuru took on his last day was there…except for one. He frowned.

'The photo that I took with Yuzuru-san is not here…I wonder…maybe he didn't like it?' Somehow the thought brought a pain to his chest.

He quickly cleared the thoughts away. 'Don't be ridiculous, Touji. Maybe he just accidentally lost it or he put it somewhere else…or something.'

"Seryou?" He nearly jumped at the voice. He was so engrossed in looking at the pictures that he didn't realise Yuzuru was there. Yuzuru's eyes narrowed upon seeing his expression when looking at the graduation photos. 'Why was that expression there?'

"Ah, yes. I was just looking at the pictures…"Suddenly a picture caught his attention.

It was a picture of Yuzuru and his family. He couldn't have been older than 10 years old.

"Is that you, Yuzuru-san? How old were you when this was taken?"

Yuzuru, realising the picture that Seryou was looking at, quickly went to snatch it. 'He wasn't supposed to see that one!'

Seryou moved it out of his reach. This was one of the times when he cursed his height.

"Come on, Yuzuru-san, no need to be embarrassed. You looked really cute here."

Yuzuru scowled in embarrassment. "That was an old one. I was 8 years old there."

"Really? You were so young; do you have any other photos taken when you were a kid?" Seryou asked curiously.

"They are all at my parents' apartment. This photo was my mum's idea, I was against it."

Seryou smiled in amusement upon looking at Yuzuru's pouting face.

That soft smile was the breaking point for Yuzuru. Before Seryou could even register what was happening, he found himself half-laying on the couch with Yuzuru on top of him…and kissing him. He gasped in surprise, only to find a tongue entering his mouth. Yuzuru had taken the advantage of Seryou opening his mouth in surprise to enter his tongue into Seryou's warm cavern, moving it around, memorizing the texture and drawing out a moan from the mouth connected to his.

The kiss was broken due to the lack of oxygen. Seryou took a gasping breath, only to find Yuzuru connecting their mouth together again before he was able to breath properly again. His hands found purchase on the t-shirt that Yuzuru is wearing, fisting the material on Yuzuru's back within his hands. He was lucky that they were not standing, because his legs seemed to have turned into jelly.

After what seemed like hours, they finally separated; a string of saliva connecting their lips. Yuzuru kissed him softly with closed lips before getting up from his position on top of him. He could feel his cheeks burned and he felt tongue-tied.

What can he say after he had just experienced the best kiss he had ever experienced? Well, it wasn't like he could compare it to anything else, since he had never gone above kissing with closed lips when he was with his previous dates, but he was sure as hell that it will still be better than anything he'll experience with anyone else.

He could see faint blush on Yuzuru's cheeks too.

"I'm sorry if that…surprised you. I was just…I just really missed you, I guess."

Seryou smiled.

"It's fine, Yuzuru-san. No need to apologise. We are…dating…after all. This shouldn't be something you apologise for. And I…really missed you too…and so…the kiss… made me…happy…" Seryou's voice trailed off at the end of the sentence. If it wasn't for their close proximity, he wouldn't have heard it.

'He's embarrassed. How cute…'

Seryou's sad face few minuted ago suddenly came to his mind. He decided to ask, since he didn't like the expression on his important person.

"Ne, Seryou...when you were looking at my graduation pictures…is there something wrong with it?"

He could feel Seryou tensed in his arms, before he slowly answered.

"Hm? No…there wasn't…why do you ask?"

"Don't lie, it was obvious from your face that you were unhappy about something…what is it?"

"It's nothing. It's not important," replied Seryou, shaking his head.

Deciding to investigate the matter into his own hands, Yuzuru started to walk towards the photos, eyes narrowed in concentration.

'Hm…there didn't seem to be anything wrong with the pictures…then why?...!"

Realising the cause of his boyfriend's distress, he walked back towards the said boyfriend and offered his hand for Seryou to get up.

'I hope he didn't realise what I was depressed about…he's gonna laugh if he knows I was sad over such a little thing…hm? Is that hand...for me to take? What for?...'

Deciding to follow whatever it was that his boyfriend is planning, Seryou took the offered hand and they started to walk into the corridor. Yuzuru brought him towards the last door in the corridor. Even before the door was opened, Seryou knew that it was the bedroom.

Yuzuru took something from his bedside table and when he turned, Seryou felt warmth spread through him. It was the picture of him and Yuzuru during the graduation. Seems like Yuzuru found out his reason.

"How…" did you know what I was worried about? His tongue had stopped working after the first word. Luckily, his boyfriend seemed to be capable of interpreting his incomplete sentence.

"I had a feeling this was the cause of your look before. I decided to put our photo here coz I wanted to be able to see your face every night before I sleep. You are just too adorable, Seryou." Smiled Yuzuru, a teasing smile on his lips.

"I…I'm not…cute…" argued the raven-haired boy weakly, his mind too busy contemplating Yuzuru's confession and being happy about it.

"Oh? Somehow that didn't seem to be the case."

"Ask…my mum. Ask anyone. They wouldn't say I'm cute."

"Hm…then that means you are only cute around me, ne? Well, that's good. That means I'm the only one who's able to see your cute side. Yes, yes, very good indeed," teased Yuzuru.

Pink hues crept up the taller boy's pale cheeks. The compliment made him happy and embarrassed at the same time. Seriously, Yuzuru-san would be the only person capable of teasing him and getting this reaction every single time.

"Don't worry, Seryou. I won't tell anyone."

"There…there's nothing to tell!" huffed Seryou.

Yuzuru burst out laughing upon seeing the funny expression on his boyfriend's face. It was a mixture of embarrassment, horror and exasperation, but despite all that, he could still see the fondness that Seryou was unable to hide within his eyes. Well, as they all said, eyes are the window to the soul.

At the end, they ended up spending the afternoon playing the few of the hundreds of the video games that Yuzuru owned. When asked, "Did your pile of games grew taller everytime I visit you, or is it just me, Yuzuru-san?" Yuzuru had shrugged his shoulders as an answer. They didn't realise how late it had gotten until they took a break from playing and Seryou saw just how dark it had gotten. He let out a sound of surprise.

'Whenever I'm with Yuzuru-san, time seemed to always passed by so quickly…'

"Yuzuru-san, I probably have to go back now. It's already…" A glance towards the wall clock – "Nine…!…Nii-san is gonna get pissed. I told him I wasn't going to come home that late."

Yuzuru walked out of the kitchen with two glasses of water. He gave one to Seryou then he drank his in one big gulp.

"Ok. Wait for me. I'll walk you to the station."

Seryou was startled.

"What? No! I can walk to station by myself just fine, Yuzuru-san! No need to bother yourself, I'll be fine."

"What are you talking about? With that face, I can't imagine how many people are going to try and hit on you."

'Look who's talking. Shouldn't he be worried about his looks too? He probably got hit on often.' thought Seryou sulkily; thoughts turning dark upon the thoughts on those people who dared to flirt with his boyfriend. He drank the water that Yuzuru gave then started to collect his things and stuffed them into his bag. When he finished, Yuzuru was already putting on his shoes in front of the door.

"Yuzuru-san, I'm really okay. You don't need to bother yourself like this."

"What? Is it wrong for me to want to spend more time with my boyfriend that I haven't seen for a month?" grinned Yuzuru.

Seryou was speechless. It wasn't like he didn't want Yuzuru to walk him. He would love to be walked by his boyfriend. He missed him too, but he really didn't want to bother him.

"Now, before you argue anymore, how about, in return for me walking you to the station, you come here and visit me again the day after tomorrow and sleep over. It'll be Saturday and you won't have club work on Sunday when it's still this early in the year. Okay?"

Bubbling with happiness upon hearing his boyfriend's invite to sleep over, he quickly nodded in agreement.

'Now I can spend a whole two days together with Yuzuru-san! I can't wait!'

He tried to calm his thought, 'Now, now, Touji, don't get over-excited, you are acting like a schoolgirl,' he chided himself.

The walk towards the station was quiet and a comfortable silence fell upon the couple. It was dark outside, and knowing that people won't be looking, they held their hands in each other's grasp. Upon seeing his train coming, Seryou turned to tell Yuzuru this, only to find soft lips pressing against his own. It was a brief, chaste kiss with a whisper on their lips; but nonetheless, it lifted his spirits greatly. He smiled and took off running to catch the train.

"I'll see you in two days Don't forget to call."

"Yes. I will. Good night, Yuzuru-san."


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