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Chapter 3

Opening his eyes, Seryou found himself face to face with a moving, t-shirt clad chest belonging to none other than his boyfriend. Feeling safe and warm within the cocoon of Yuzuru's circle or arms, Seryou burrowed himself deeper into his source of warmth. Sleepily yawning quietly, he moved his arms to circle around the sleeping body next to his. He closed his eyes and slowly drifted off into another dreamless sleep.

When he awoke the second time that night, it was to the smell of frying chicken along with the occasional sounds of cutlery. He found himself alone on the sofa with a blanket keeping him from the evening chill that breezed through the opened balcony door along one side of the living room wall.

Slowly, still laden with sleep, Seryou lifted his body from the sofa. He started his trek towards the kitchen. Sure enough, he found the other occupant of the apartment busy standing in front of the stove. Feeling somewhat bold from all the hugging that they'd done in their sleep, he stood behind the other boy, placed his arms around that lithe waist and leaned his forehead against the back of his boyfriend's warm shoulder.

"Seryou? How was your sleep?"

"Hmm, it was nice. Thank you, Yuzuru-san," he murmured as a reply.

Then, feeling somewhat more or less recovered from his long nap, he stood up straight and moved to stand beside Yuzuru.

"Do you need any help, Yuzuru-san?"

Yuzuru shot him a bright smile before replying, "Sure. Can you please wash the vegetables for me? I'm making fried rice with chicken karage tonight."

Seryou turned to face his boyfriend in surprise. "You cook well, Yuzuru-san?"

"Yeah. I usually cook dinner when I was still at home since my parents are both working. A guy needs to learn some basic survival skills, you know?" Yuzuru replied with a smile.

"Hmmm," Seryou replied noncommittally. He filed this little titbit of information under his mental folder of 'Yuzuru-san' before starting with his vegetable washing.

Finished with his task, he turned back towards the other boy, "Yuzuru-san, what do you want me to do with them?"

"Oh, just cut them up into smaller pieces, please."


Humming a soft tune under his breath, Seryou started his rummaging around in finding the chopping board and knife that he'll need. Upon finding them, he started to cut the vegetables into small cubes carefully. He was so engrossed into his task that he didn't hear Yuzuru approaching him before there was a sudden voice talking into his ear.

"That's not the proper way to cut, Seryou."

Seryou jumped in surprise, his hand just barely missing the knife that nearly cut off his fingers. It took him a second to realise that Yuzuru had moved to stand right behind him and another second to register his words.

"Eh? Then how am I supposed to do it?" He asked while half turning towards the face next to his.

"Geez. It's so obvious that you don't do housework around your home, do you?" Yuzuru grumbled before taking the other boy's finger into position within his own. Due to Seryou's height that was taller than him by a bit, he had to stand on his tip-toe in order to see what he's doing over the other's shoulder. Cue the second mental cursing regarding his height.

"Well, the maids usually do it for us," Seryou replied honestly in an even tone. Yuzuru looked at him from the corner of his eyes disbelievingly. He acted as if having a maid was a normal occurrence that happens to everyone! Shaking his head in defeat, he started moving his hands to teach Seryou a safer way to cutting.

"You have to fold your fingers like this. Yes, that's right. This way you won't be in as much danger of cutting your fingers."

Wanting to prolong the contact for a bit longer, Yuzuru left his finger where they were while at the same time shifting his eyes to see his boyfriend's face from the corner of his eyes.

Seryou was looking completely engaged with the simple act of vegetable cutting. His eyebrows were crinkled together into an expression of full concentration. Yuzuru found it unquestionably adorable.

So cute, he couldn't help but chuckled.

Seryou turned towards his direction at the sound, only to widen his eyes in surprise at the extremely close proximity they found themselves in. Yuzuru couldn't resist placing a small peck to the lips placed so conveniently in front of his. Smiling in contentment, the pair continued to work in comfortable silence with the occasional cooking directions from Yuzuru until their dinner was ready. Seryou did everything that he could've helped with and from the corner of his eyes; Yuzuru could see him rummaging around his small kitchen to find what would most probably be eating utensils.

He refrained from telling his boyfriend where he kept them partly out of sheer habit of teasing the other male but also due to the fact that Seryou would probably feel more at home if he was able to rummage around the place. And Yuzuru wanted more than anything for his boyfriend to feel like this place to be theirs instead of his.

Not long after, everything was set up and they sit themselves in the small, square dining table.

"Itadakimasu!" Chomp. Chew. Swallow.

Seryou's eyes brightened up. "This is delicious, Yuzuru-san!"

Chuckling, Yuzuru replied, "Thanks, Seryou. Glad to know you think so. Hmmm, but I don't think it'll be as yummy as a chef's cooking at your home," Yuzuru teased.

Seryou, of all things, looked offended before denying the statement vehemently. "No! Well, the food at home is nice, but this nice too. Nicer!"

Yuzuru laughed, "Relax, Seryou. I was just joking, joking."

Seryou released a tiny frown on his handsome face, "Yuzuru-san..."

Yuzuru, without any remorse, simply shrugged, "Well, teasing you is my number one source of entertainment. If I couldn't do this, I would be really bored."

Seryou tried to muster up a glare in his boyfriend's direction, only to fall short at the harmless smile that Yuzuru shot in his way. He sighed in defeat. Sometimes it just simply isn't fair how Yuzuru was able to wrap him around his little finger. He knew he was easily manipulated, but if it was Yuzuru-san, he found himself not minding it.

Soon, every single plate on the table was wiped clean by the pair. Surprisingly, it was Seryou who ate the most; something that could be considered to be a feat considering Yuzuru's humongous appetite. Seryou was piling up all of the dirty dishes into the sink when Yuzuru decided to drop another teasing line.

"Seryou, you ate so much food...are you sure you won't get fat that way?"

Seryou stayed silent. Thinking this as odd, Yuzuru turned his body around his boyfriend's that faced away from him; busily scrubbing away dirt from their plates. He could see Seryou's face and it seemed as if his words didn't affect the raven-haired.


"Well, if I get fat because of Yuzuru-san then you have to take responsibility," Seryou shot back.

Yuzuru laughed, "Seryou, do you realise what you just said? What does it sound like?"

It took the other boy a few seconds to register his words, and when he did, he turned a deep shade of red.

"That- that's not what I meant, Yuzuru-san! It's impossible anyway!"

But Yuzuru simply hugged his boyfriend's lithe frame to himself and, propping his chin on Seryou's shoulder, whispered in that red ear, "Don't you worry. I'll gladly take the responsibility should it happen."

Yuzuru jumped in surprise when he found his face and neck sprayed by soapy water. He blinked, and it took him less than two seconds to react by dipping his own hand into the soapy water and laying his wet hand on his boyfriend's neck in retaliation. Seryou released an uncharacteristic shriek at the sudden touch of the water. And soon enough, it was war.

There were soap suds and water flying in every direction, shouts and screams of surprise echoing throughout the apartment along with the sound of their continuous laughter. By the end of it, the pair was looking like two drowned cats who had taken a very messy shower. The whole kitchen was also messed up with soap and water. As soon as it came, Seryou's smile was wiped off his face upon looking at the shipwrecked condition of the kitchen. Yuzuru was confused at seeing Seryou's face that was slowly turning paler; the flushed appearance that they'd gotten from their water-fight had disappeared as quickly as his smile. He was honestly getting worried.

"Seryou? What's wrong?"

Seryou turned in his direction and bowed low before exclaiming, "I am so sorry, Yuzuru-san! I – I promise I will tidy up this mess as soon as possible! Please don't be angry at me…"

As soon as he uttered those words, Seryou was quickly finding mops and rags to be used for drying up the sorry state of the kitchen. So surprised was he with his boyfriend's words, it took Yuzuru awhile before he registered what was going on. Swiftly, he took the mop from Seryou's hands and turned that scared-looking face in his direction. Seryou was trembling.

"Seryou, what –?"

Yuzuru couldn't understand what could be causing his boyfriend such distress. Surely he couldn't be that afraid over him being angry at his boyfriend? He was messing up the place along with Seryou, for kami's sake! But now is not the time to be agitated, now he better calm the other boy before this mess turns even messier, metaphorically.

"Seryou, calm down. I'm not going to be angry at you, okay? I was messing up the kitchen along with you, why would I be angry? Now, tell me what's wrong?"

Seryou shook his head minutely.

Hugging the other's form to his, it wasn't long before Seryou's trembling subsided. Yuzuru mentally breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed like his boyfriend really found his presence to be comforting and he was glad for that. He knew that they couldn't be standing up in the middle of cooling kitchen with their wet clothes so he steered them over towards the direction of the bathroom. Seryou remained pliant and wasn't resisting the movement so it wasn't long before they were standing in front of the bathroom door.

"Okay, Seryou, just take a hot shower first, alright? Put those soaked clothes into the hamper and I'll put it in the wash later. I'll bring you a change of fresh clothes and I'll leave it on the cabinet next to the sink so leave the door unlocked, okay?"

It said a lot about Seryou's trust in him when he simply nodded and smiled in his direction before softly thanking him. He would be lying if the thought of joining his boyfriend in his shower hasn't crossed his mind. Of course he thought about it, and the way that Seryou's clothes clung to his body like a second pair of skin didn't help either. But all he wanted at the moment was to make his boyfriend feel comfortable from an unknown shadow, and teasing him wouldn't be the way to go.

After taking out one of his baggier pair of pyjamas, he walked back in the bathroom's direction upon hearing the running shower. Opening the door slowly, his eyes couldn't help its journey towards the closed shower cubicle. His shower curtain was coloured blue, but it was still made of a transparent material and what he saw of Seryou didn't leave much to his imagination. It made his mind blanked out for a moment; Seryou was a vision with his dark hair and lean figure getting wet under the shower spray. He felt like a pervert right at this moment, even if the one he was looking –peeking – at was his own boyfriend.

Not wanting to scare Seryou, he simply called out, "Seryou, I'm leaving a pair of pyjamas and a towel here," Before promptly taking off.

Not wanting to wet the bed, he simply took some pyjamas for himself with him and waited in front of the bathroom door. It wasn't long after that Seryou walked out of the bathroom, looking pink and more like his old self from his shower. He smiled at seeing Yuzuru.

"Thank you for letting me use the shower first, Yuzuru-san. And um, you could've taken my clothes from my carry-bag but thank you for lending me yours," Seryou stated while holding up the sleeve of the pyjamas he was wearing.

Yuzuru looked surprised for a moment before feeling sheepish. He hadn't even considered that.

"No problem. The living room is rather cold, you can go in my bedroom if you like," he offered.

Seryou looked ecstatic over this, "Really? Can I really, Yuzuru-san?"

Laughing, Yuzuru replied, "Yes, of course. Go ahead," before stepping into the bathroom.

Seryou carefully opened the bedroom door and a soft "Excuse me" passed through his lips despite the fact that no one else was there. He smiled sheepishly to himself. What was he getting all nervous for; it was only a bedroom!

'Yeah, well, it's Yuzuru-san's bedroom,' the voice in his head replied. He chose to ignore it this time.

The last time he stepped his foot in this room two days ago had been mere moments, his mind was clouded with too much worry then for him to pay attention to his surroundings properly. He could do that now. Just like his bedroom previously in his parents' apartment, Yuzuru's bedroom remained simple but cozy – filled with the things that he loved such as the DVDs of some of his favourite TV series that are stacked neatly next to the small TV that sat on one of the bedroom corners.

After tracking everything in his sight and saving it into his memory folder (and staring at their photo that sat on the bedside table), Seryou started his slow trek in the direction of the bed and lowered himself onto Yuzuru's bed. It confused him; the way that he acted in this bedroom differed from the casual way that he'd looked at his boyfriend's bedroom in his parents' apartment. He couldn't understand why; but his gut feelings said it might've something to do with the fact that this time; this is completely Yuzuru's domain. His territory. And by stepping his foot into it; getting the easy permission from the other boy, it made him feel like he was a part of that. A part of Yuzuru's.

Shaking his head from his off-tangent thought, he laid himself down on the soft coverlet. It was warm and as soon as he laid himself fully on top of it, he was surrounded by Yuzuru's scent. It was comforting and he found himself snuggling sideways into the pillow and blanket that held the smell of his boyfriend. Smiling in contentment, he felt his worry from the earlier event drifted away to the back of his mind. He knew that his behaviour would be seen as odd and over the top; and he knew that it would be better for him to tell Yuzuru-san the truth.

Deciding to tell the other boy all about it once they've settled themselves, he allowed himself to drift off into a daydream – a time when he would be able to be surrounded by his boyfriend's scent and settled himself into a place next to Yuzuru every day. For the rest of his life.

"I love you, Yuzuru-san…" The words that he hasn't uttered before escaped his lips into the silence of the room. He wondered when he would be brave enough to utter these words to the person they were meant for.


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