Git it in gear

E/O Challenge word-gear 100 words exact

Set during the season 1 pre-Shadows

Disclaimer: The supernatural characters are not mine:


"Come on Sam, get your ass in gear!"

Had Dean always been this bossy? Yeah, pretty much but he seems to have gotten worse, lately. The damn psychic stuff is horrible. I'd quit if I could. I hate it. Now it seems Dean needs to control what he can and that includes me. I still hope to escape this life one day. But Dean is right, Dad can find Jessica killer if anyone can. She's dead because of me, but I will avenge her.

"Hurry up Sammy."

Arrghhh! It is like being a teenager again.

"I'm coming, and it's Sam"

A/N Sorry late posting this but somehow didn't know the word until everyone else was posting.