Quark may keep it pretty close to the vest, but he genuinely thinks Jadzia Dax is a great person. This is a first for him. He's never before been 'just friends' with a woman, not without other benefits on the side. He makes a token complaint about that, of course, but the truth is that he doesn't spend time with Dax just because she's gorgeous (though she is) but because he honestly likes to talk to her, play Tongo with her, make her laugh when she's down.

"Confront," says Jadzia, with that grin.

Even if, sometimes, she can be infuriating.


"So what did you think?"

"The last chapter—"

"I knew you'd have a problem with that," Bashir muttered.

"—was completely unnecessary. All the clues where there and Ms Christie would have done better to trust her audience. I also thought it unlikely that no one but the doctor would check the judge after he was 'shot'…Doctor, why are you smirking like that?"

Bashir grinned outright. "You liked the book."

"Well, it was better than Shakespeare."

"Everyone was guilty, they all died and you practically complemented the author: you absolutely liked it."

Garak smiled slightly. "Believe what you wish."


Kira was very small when her mother was taken away. She remembers dimly someone singing softly as they washed her hair with gentle hands and she chooses to believe this was her mother. (She also chooses to divorce that memory from the reality that the Orb of Time showed her, the reality of the Kira Meru that was.)

It is her father she remembers closely and loved so much it still hurts sometimes. It is his death that she missed.

Sometimes she wonders what they would think of her now: their little Kira Nerys who fights and is always angry.