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Chapter 1

Max was really annoyed as she was sat in the living room. She was twisting her wedding band on her left ring finger, and glancing at the clock. She had left work early that day because Ella's daycare worker had called and said she wasn't feeling well and was running a fever. Max had made Kenny promise to be home on time that night, it was their wedding anniversary, and he was now three hours late. She sighed when she saw Ella toddling out of her bedroom, now that she had a big girl bed she wouldn't stay in there unless she was out cold.

"What's the matter baby?" Max asked as Ella walked to her and lifted her arms to be picked up.

"Bad dweam." Ella said in her baby voice. Ella made all her R's sound like W's at the moment, but she was only two.

"Mommy is sorry. Do you want a sippy cup of milk?" Max asked her with a gentle smile as she brushed some of her curls behind her ear.

"Yes pease." Ella said. That was something that both Kenny and Max were proud of, their daughter had amazing manners and always used them.

Max got up and put Ella on her hip as she walked into the kitchen. Once in there she got Ella her favorite princess sippy cup and she filled it with milk. After she handed it to her daughter she gently rocked with her in her arms.

"Dada?" Ella asked her mom, basically asking where he was.

"At work baby." Max said, keeping her voice soft and keeping the anger out of it as she heard the front door open and close. She heard the dead bolt engaging and she walked there and saw Kenny standing there with a gift, flowers and a bloody, dirty, sweaty uniform on. Max knew immediately something bad had happened.

"Dada huwt?" Ella asked, her eyes wide with fear.

"Hey princess, why aren't you in bed?" He asked as he winced, not wanting her to see him like this.

"She just woke up, she had a bad dream, which is what usually happens when she's sick." Max said quietly. Her eyes went over Kenny from head to toe, looking for any injuries.

"I will put these on the counter and jump in the shower. I know you're mad I'm late but I promise I have a very good reason for it." Kenny informed her with a soft grin.

"Okay. You go shower and change while I attempt to get her back to bed." Max said sighing.

"Dada tuck me in." Ella said pouting.

"All right. Let daddy change and shower and he can come in and give you a kiss goodnight." Max said softly.

It took another three hours to get Ella to sleep before they were able to finally go and talk with each other alone. Max could tell that Kenny was nervous that he wouldn't let him explain why he wasn't home on time earlier tonight.

"Baby, I know that I screwed up but…" Kenny stopped when he saw Max hold her hand up to stop him.

"Just tell me what happened." She said softly.

"I was getting ready to leave the office when Jimmy said we had an emergency and he needed me. We asked to the scene and saw Cara, Lana's old college roommate, lying dead in the middle of a field. When we got closer there was a warning carved into her stomach. It may be related to two years ago." Kenny said softly. "As we were wrapping up the scene someone was shooting at us, Deputy Thompson was shot. I was putting pressure on the wound to staunch the bleeding till the light flight helicopter came to pick him up."

"Oh god. Is he going to be all right? Did we get the shooter?" Max asked going pale as she realized Kenny could have been killed tonight.

"Thompson is holding his own and yeah we got him. He said he was hired by some guy he didn't see, to just fire at us, just to piss us off." Kenny said frowning. "Babe, I got a real bad feeling."

He grinned as he looked at the pictures that were on the wall of his new enemies. They had no idea who he was or why he was there. He was pretty sure he would be able to sneak up on them and he was going to make them so sorry. He had a huge plan and he was going to make sure that they paid, big time.

"Deputy Maxine Stewart-Lacos and Deputy Kenneth Lacos are married with a daughter." He mimicked sarcastically, pissed that they were living happily ever after together. "I am going to end that for you, even if it means doing something I don't normally do, go after your kid." He said with a look towards the family portrait he had paid someone to take of them when they had gone to the park.

Max walked into the office and sat at her desk, across from Kenny's. She watched him walk over and set a cup of coffee in front of her and a cup on his desk. He grinned at her as she blushed, knowing he knew she was so exhausted and worn out from their night last night. So much so that she needed coffee to stay awake.

"Thank you." Max murmured.

"No problem." Kenny stated and then he frowned as a young woman walked in.

Max turned around and saw this woman eyeing Kenny as she started towards his desk. Max turned back to her husband and saw him shaking his head.

"Problems?" Max asked her husband, arching an eyebrow because she could tell already there was something about this woman that he hadn't told her.

"Just that she seems to think she has a shot at stealing me from my wife." Kenny said with a low murmur. The woman in question was the new Deputy and she had been in love with Kenny since she had first started there, and she didn't have a clue that Kenny and Max were married.

"Do I have to hurt her for you?" Max asked him, teasingly.

"Nah, I am just planning to ignore her." Kenny said shrugging his shoulders as the woman approached their desks.

"I was wondering, ma'am, if maybe we could switch desks? I am trying to get Kenny to see I am the right woman for him, and that his cold wife is a nobody, and Deputy Stewart, I really think I could do it better sitting across from him." She told Max with a hopeful look.

"Like…"Kenny stopped before he cussed, seeing the kids that were in there. "My partner, who is also my wife, is staying at her desk. Listen to me, and listen carefully, stay away from me and my family." Kenny nearly growled out and he watched with a smug look as the woman paled and then walked away from their desks. "See, taken care of."

Max knew that Kenny thought everything would be okay, but she had a feeling that it wasn't just that woman that was going to cause them problems. She looked down at the crime scene pictures from the night before, she saw the words but it was the symbol carved into her chest that stood out to her, and she knew that it meant trouble and she was sure it was going to be trouble she and Kenny might not be able to overcome this time.