Chapter 11

Max looked up as Kenny put a test down in front of her. She had just finished doing the dinner dishes and Kenny had run out to do some errands. Max rolled her eyes, knowing he would have made sure not to buy the test in Rome, so that was probably why he had been gone as long as he had been. Max wasn't sure if she was ready to take this test, but she was well aware that Kenny wasn't going to wait any longer for an answer. She sighed and grabbed the test, glancing at Ella who was coloring in her coloring book quietly. Kenny smiled and nodded, knowing she wanted him to keep an eye on her and make sure she didn't come looking for mommy, since neither of them were ready to tell her what they were thinking was going on. They weren't going to say anything, to anyone at all, until after the first trimester.

Max was also aware she would need to go and see a doctor in another town to get a checkup, unless she went and saw Jill for it, since she knew that Jill wouldn't say anything and would find a way to make sure no one else found out what she was there for. They had run tests in the past using a Jane Doe number, so that no one would know that it was for her. Jill had also run tests like that for herself in the past, something Max was well aware of.

As Max read through the directions, she was getting more and more nervous, almost to the point of telling her husband she really didn't want to do this, but she knew that wouldn't get her very far with him tonight. Finally she took the test, and used her phone for the timer, waiting for the results in the bedroom, and she knew it was probably killing Kenny to not be in there with her, since this was something he really wanted her to do.

Jimmy looked at his wife and knew that she was waiting impatiently for his answer. Sighing he leaned back in his kitchen chair and waited for the boys to head upstairs and he watched his daughter closely. He was constantly worried about his daughter, mainly because he knew she was still very fragile and guilt ridden after all that had happened with Max and the psycho that had controlled her. Kim was having a hard time with the knowledge that she could have not only killed Max but also Ella, who wasn't born at the time. Kim was having more and more trouble sleeping. Especially with the new killer out there and Jimmy was concerned that it was going to cause something serious with his only daughter. He wasn't certain she would be able to handle it if Jill got pregnant again, and he wasn't sure why this was so important to his wife either.

After they were alone and finally sitting in the living room area, a fire going in the fireplace, Jimmy knew his wife expected to have to fight with him over this whole thing. He had watched her grab paperwork and knew it was research and statistics. Jill was going to use everything she had to convince him that this was the right thing for their family, and she knew what he would be using to argue against any pregnancy, apparently.

"This is something you really, absolutely want?" Jimmy asked her softly.

"Yes." Jill said, her eyes widening in shock that he wasn't automatically saying no.

"Do you think the kids can all handle this big of a change right now?" Jimmy asked, deciding asking questions instead of just saying no, would be a better thing at the moment.

"I think that after watching them with Ella, they would all love having a little one around again." Jill said with a gentle smile.

"Do you think Kim can handle it?" Jimmy asked, showing the true fear that he had.

"I think it might help Kim heal. Kim needs to be treated normally, and she needs to see that everything worked out, that she didn't kill anyone really and that it's time for her to move on with her life. Kim needs to see that we believe she can have her life back, instead of us trying to treat her with kid gloves all the time." Jill said.

"All right, let's go over the financial cost of this whole In Vitro thing, and then figure out when is a good time to give this a shot." Jimmy said, and he could see the surprise and happiness on his wife's face and he knew he had made the right decision.

He was not a happy camper, and he wasn't sure how to make this better at the moment. He had watched Kenny leave town, and he had followed him. He saw him buy a few pregnancy tests, with a big smile on his face as he confided in the cashier that he was excited to see if he and his wife were having their second child. He wasn't as excited as Kenny was about this whole thing, because Max had no right having another baby with this stupid creep, and in fact, he didn't want her having another baby, period. He was going to have to make sure she understood this was unacceptable, and she better hope the test comes back negative, because if it comes back that she is expecting he was going to have to kill that child inside of her, and she wasn't going to come out that attack, unscathed.

Max looked up as Kenny walked into the room. Max had already read the test results and knew what the answer was, she had just been sitting in the bedroom trying to think about what this whole thing would mean. She knew that Kenny was impatient, and the look on his face showed he wasn't thrilled she hadn't come straight out and told him what the test showed. Max had actually taken all of the tests he had bought, like they usually do, to check the results. All three tests came back with the same answer. "Positive." She said softly.

Max watched as her husband's face showed shock and then he slowly smiled and then he laughed as he yanked her up and into his arms. He was laughing and kissing her and swinging her around and holding her tightly. "We are having another baby!" Kenny said laughing. "I am so happy right now babe. I love you so much." Kenny said as he kissed her on the lips and then set her on her feet. He dropped to his knees and pushed her shirt up and kissed her stomach. "Hey there baby, I am your daddy and I love you so much. Your mama and I are going to take good care of you, and your big sister, Ella, is going to love you so much baby." Kenny said and then he kissed her stomach again.

Max slowly felt a smile creep across her face and she realized this was the best thing for their family and she felt nothing but true happiness and she knew this was it, the way it was supposed to be. But she couldn't help the feeling of fear that crept into her heart as well, the fear that the killer would know about the baby and that it would send him so over the deep end that he tried something big, that he tried to kill her baby or he killed someone else out of revenge.