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It's so quite in the town, where did everybody go? Did they take a day off? I don't think so but then where are they?

All the people stay at home with indoor activities including the woofoo too, Yin and Yang got a free time while their master do the usual thing that is take a nap…by the way he's age is over than a hundred and seventeen of course he easily get tired.

The twins were occupied with their own things like Yin, as usual she reads her favorite book and Yang, this is the rare thing he ever do is drawing in his blank book but when his drawing turn out to be an ugly one he'll throw it away by ripping the page off.

His sister got a little attention about Yang's activity

"Bro, why aren't you play video games as usually you do?" she stops from reading and start gazing on him

"My videogames were broken because of that Skelewog punk, this why am I drawing…" the blue bunny answered it with frustration, in Yin's thought she knew it if he would never change for that.

After some moment pass by there's a door knocking break their time,

"Yang, can you get that?" Yin's eyes stuck on her book without a glance

"I'm on it!" Yang mumbled and get downstairs to open the door

*door slide* "Oh Lina! It's you…what are you doing here?" Yang smiled brightly for the farm girl in front of him

"I want to see your sister, you know to find something we can do" when she said that he's face turn disappointed that he thought she came to see him

"Okay…come in, she's upstairs and if you want to see me I'll be on the living room" Yang got bored then just took off from Lina's side.

Lina went upstairs to their room and as a guess she knock first before get in for sure, when the pink one let her in Lina gets to her point for came here.

"What's up Lina?"

"Not good, I got boredom again and this time is harder but will you help me to get rid of it?" Lina takes her seat besides Yin while she still reading

"As your best friend of course I will but…what should we do?" at last Yin closes her book instantly and put it back at the shelf

"I don't know, you the one who should know because I'm the one who got bored indeed" her tone reached a little higher

"I'm blank too, how about we go for a walk on the park?" she hesitated her own suggestion

"For once…yeah I agree with you even thought walk on the park still a little boring" Lina rolled her purple eyes to another corner of the room

"You think…" Yin said shortly and had the same either.

But when they heading out there's a girl standing in front of them by her great position, she's as tall as Lina.

"Introducing myself, I'm Claire Amethyst just call me Claire…" she gave a warm greeting even she's a foreign

"What exactly are your aim here?" Yin asked immediately also waved her hand towards her

"I heard this is the place where to study woofoo as might and magic unite as one and I want to learn eagerly" the light gray fox girl (without a tail) grinned also folded both hands

"Fine, come on in then…" Yin and Lina step away from the door to introduce the stranger to her master and brother.

"Master Yo!" screamed his daughter/student right on his ear

"Pretzels! Hmm…what? Oh what is it Yin?" Master Yo tries to find his sight clearly after been awake

"There's a newbie wants to learn woofoo and here she is, come here Claire!" Claire walks in with her soft baby colored pink dress up to her mid tight, bright blue high boots and her weapon hang behind her.

"Welcome...Claire, isn't that your name?" Master Yo still in confusion

"Yes it is" she said

"Okay as a woofoo newbie here…first you need to know all about woofoo within, second you have to understand what's the meaning of WooFoogeddon-"

"Hum…what's a WooFoogeddon?" she cuts Master Yo's explanation by sudden

"WooFoogeddon is a battle between woofoo and evil force surround, well the rest of it let Yin takes you a little tour here…bring Yang too Yin!" he's gone and leave her with the stranger or not

"Wanna come along Lina?" Yin asked

"Sure" she answered briefly

They all first approach to Yang who still watching a television in the living room.

"Yang, meet our woofoo newbie Claire" Yin raised her arm to show where's she standing at

"Oh, hi…" he didn't take a glance a bit off from the screen to her

"So Yin, is he your brother or what?" the girl has finally spoke

"Yes he is but ignore his habit, he usually likes this" Yin giggled lightly, then Lina break her silent after she'd been quite lately

"Wow Claire…for a girl you have one cool haircut and…are those red highlights?"

"Yup! They are but are you sure about my short spiky shaggy haircut look? Because I'm not sure of my self" she comb her hair with her fingers in doubted

"Okay you two, we still need to take her a tour around the dojo" Yin's smile gone away because she felt been ignored by them

"Oh yeah sure" the three go upstairs to Yin and Yang's room.

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