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A new day is getting to start and a new problem will walk upon those three girls soon, not like Yin and Lina who always have breakfast every morning, Claire isn't usually have a breakfast every morning and she only drink a glass of water. Every time she tries to have a breakfast her stomach will hurl and she can throw it up like she just sick.

Yin, after she finished her breakfast she do everything like the usual, training with her brother Yang then study as long as possible but sometimes all of it could take off from their sensei's order to do chores or emergency task just like go buy some toilet papers that's a stupid task.

She completely forget about Lina for once and didn't even remember to have fun with her or talk to her, usually best friends whom fight always miss the other later but just now Yin is really forgetting all about the argument or thinking what Lina is doing right now.

By this, she really annoys her brother for several times and Yang hardly ever to burst out yelling to tell her to back off, since she's away from Lina now she spent her time more with her brother or try to replace Lina with her own brother.

"Yang, where did you hid my diary? I told you to stay away from it!" she opened her closet and throw out her clothes but nothing she'd found

"Oh somewhere you may never look up" he grinned and walks over to his bed to read one of his comic books

"Why can't you leave my privacy alone? Ah…I see, you were jealous just because I have a diary and you don't" she placed her hands on her waist and smiled mischievously at him

"So…?" Yang keeps on reading his comic carelessly to pay attention to his annoying sister

"I can't believe you want a diary so badly? Well…if you insist you can keep mine but there's another secret I have of yours" she smirk slyly behind Yang and to this, Yang closed his comic book then try to make her answer

"Seriously I never have an intention to have a diary or even yours but what secret did you have about me? Seemed you're the one who always have" now Yang took out his paddleball out of his smelly drawer and play with it

"Just…some photos of you when playing with girl's stuffs like…when you painting Lina's toenails, expressing your poetries and I even record it once *giggle* Yin can't hold her laugh when she remembers the time that Yang read one of poetry somewhere back inside the dojo while expressed it

"What the foo? Get rid of those! I warn you or-"

"Or what? Tare me into pieces? Dare if you can, I won't show any of those if you tell me where did you hid my diary" Yin finally can threat Yang once and he can't walk off just like he usually did because Yin has some proof that can humiliate him

"Unless you gave me those embarrassing pictures and that video first so I'll tell you!" he exclaimed try to make Yin the first to give him his secrets

"Tell me first or…I run out in public and displaying your pictures also that video, hihihi…" the girl keep giggling and tears rolling down because her laughter

"Fine then, I hid it on the top of my drawer where did I hid something else in there too but let me see if you dare to take it" Yang's eyebrow raised and he smirk back at Yin to see in what state Yin's courage to face dirtiness, anyway she's a neat freak. When the moment she opens it, she cover her nose to hold the stinky smell of his drawer and like it or not she has to take her diary out of those stinky clothes

"Blah! When the last time you clean this?" she still searching the book deeper inside

"I think 6 months ago but I was just too lazy to clean it up so…I let it be dirty and did you find it yet neat freak?" Yang said in a teasing tone

"Yeah I did, glad I don't have to take a long time in there but now I have to clean up then buy Master Yo some pretzels, man he's such a pretzel addict" but when she reach up the door Yang hold her steps

"Wait! You said you promised that you'll give me those embarrassing things of mine" he whined also yelled

"Did I say that? Oh I lied to you and so you have to find it on your own make sure if no one have found it first because that's a risk if you took my diary" she zipped off downstairs and headed to the bathroom for a shower

"Yin!" Yang snarled and let his growled out because this is the only time she fooled him not like contrariwise.

The time has running up and when Claire is feeding the wild birds near her garden, there's a bell rang and like what's already been said after she heard a bell rang she will do her thing, her eyes were hypnotized and the sunshine expression gone pale and emotionless, she's walking unaware like a zombie rise from its grave walking on the living land.

Meanwhile Yin was running over to the bakery to buy some pretzels while Lina was buying a posy on Mrs. Am's flower store to adorn her room by put it on a vase, both seem busy walking back home but they find a note on the things they bought, a simple note came out from Yin's shopping bag and Lina's posy but it's saying the same thing: Hey there (Yin/Lina), I was wondering if you and I can spend a little time together! Please meet me on the third traffic light nearby an optic shop.

from Claire.

After Yin also Lina read it, they immediately heading to the third traffic light just like what Claire said but they didn't know if both of them invited to their own doom, they left in the same time and almost make it to the traffic light nearby an optic shop but when they got near the spot, they didn't see where the heck Claire is? So in a meantime they look around until both Yin and Lina were clashing right at the spot. Both of them couldn't believe if they're gonna met here and they yell the same thing at the same time too.

"You! What are you doing here? I was invited by Claire, she didn't invite you!" the same gestures on the girls are exactly unpredictable but suddenly Claire just appear between them look-alike normal even her eyes didn't swirling but she's under Smoke and Mirrors contol

"Hi guys, so glad you two are here!" she tapped her hands to both of them gleefully and her face cheered so much

"You invited both of us?" Lina asked in displeasured tone

"Yes, I just want we're to have fun…and forget about the fight, think about fun only and now let's go!" Claire held them back so they follow her into an empty alley across the street; she took them deeper to it until then she stops

"Why are we stopping here?" Yin's eyes stared at the open ceiling from the alley, its dark in there and no one in there too

"I don't feel good, let's just go back okay?" Lina turned around and ready to leave but Claire blocked her way with a creepy look on her face, for the first time her fangs appearing unlike usual

"Why? I thought we're gonna have fun, so feel the joy of refreshment" Claire grinned in mischief and her eyes signing something different

"Claire, are you okay?" Lina felt worried around her circumstances but she's confused with her more

"Yeah, you seem pretty awkward recetly…is there something wrong?" before she answers them, two tall figure jump out from their hidden place and startling the two girls

"Huh?" Yin and Lina gasped knowing two enemies already in front of them, Smoke and Mirrors standstill while each holding their weapon

"Look who's here brother, it's the woofoo pink rabbit Yin and her little aqua friend Lina, thank you Claire" Smoke talked in normally without speeding up

"You work for them?" Yin glared at Claire and asked her in snarl

"Oh no…she did it for us 'cause she's under our control or should I say hypnotized! Tee hee" Smoke starts her usual accent again

"Which she'll realize it all right about…*snap* now" Mirrors snapped his finger then Claire aware to be her own self

"Where am I? Uh…Smoke and Mirrors? And what are you guys doing here?" her gazed pointing at them but she didn't know anything just happened

"You were just about to see and found out-" Smoke said then took a small purple cube off from her belt

"Prison-prism…activate!" both brother and sister cried as their prison-prisms have activated then Smoke's prison has absorb Yin and Claire while Mirror's prison just absorb Lina and so a little argument pop out

"Sister, that wasn't fair! You have tow champion but I have one" her brother yelled loudly on his sister's face

"Do not blame me brother, why didn't you took one of them in fast? Well, it's a risk and now let's battle!" they both teleported onto the tournament and appear on each balcony so after then they let their champion out on the battle arena only for an exception, Claire is Smoke's backup while her friends Yin and Lina were on the arena with wearing obedience collars, Yin and Lina can't barely believe it all

"Now Smoke and Mirrors back in the battle with their new champions…Yin and Lina!" all the audience applause at them with crowd and loud

"What? They have to fight against each other?" Claire got her eyes widen when staring at the battle arena

"Yes, that's what the arena for and if my first champion loses, you'll have to replace her but let's see if one of them can survive" Claire couldn't believe it and she's as shock as Yin and Lina but they both just stand there and not moving

"I don't actually wanna fight Lina, even I did it last time but that was when we both got really temperamental and lose awareness!" Yin shouted to Smoke and everyone so they can hear her out loud and clear

"Me too, I don't actually really want to fight against Yin!" Lina shouted back to Mirrors, but when they just standing right there by sudden they stroke by blitzing shock make their body toast a bit

"Are those obedience collars? You've got to be insane!" Claire cried in a shock gaze, she didn't dare to look her friends fried like that

"If they don't wanna fight, I and my brother have to shock them and it could turn into a higher voltage! hahaha" Smoke explained but Claire has to think fast before her friends got toast

"Oh man, obedience collar? Not the way I like it…ugh!" Lina got another blitz from her master

"I still don't want to fight!" Yin turn over and she's backing Lina but again another blitz with higher voltage shock her, want it or not they have to fight so they don't have any choice except to fight against each other, they seem try not to make it for real and there's a question in their head "How long they can keep this up?" both fake the fight meanwhile their masters didn't know if it is a fake.

Claire is really concern about this situation; they can't keep it up any longer so she thinks of a plan,

"How can I free them from the fight? They can't just stop because they wore obedience collars which made of mechanical but wait…" Claire remember something, the thing she never though it would be useful right now that she must use it

"Do I really have to do it?" she mumbled and looking into the audience also to Yin and Lina, her sweats pour out but she decides to do it as well

"Everyone won't like it…*take a deep breath* AAHHHH!" she screamed very loud, the volume of her voice is very deep and round and because her voice is so loud even to all parts of the tournament house, it sends a huge transversal surround until it breaks the windows, some mechanicals including the obedience collars

"What a-are you d-doing?" Smoke covered her pointy ears and she couldn't do a thing because her voice's wave made an earthquake shaking the ground horizontally, after her face turn blue she slowly out of her breath and stop her high note voice so since the obedience collars broken together they kick Smoke and Mirrors butt then trap them inside their prison-prism

"Glad that was over!" Lina cheered gleefully

"Wow Claire, since when did you have such a loud voice?" Yin asked with holding the prison-prism

"Since I was a little girl, I just found out that every time I scream my voice will break fragile things and electronic mechanicals…so I practice my voice then until it got better than my last screechy ones" she shyly to explained it because it was a little embarrassing

"Your voice was so amazing, I wish I have a loud voice like you" Lina step closer with a smile she unnoticed

"Well…" Claire back off from between to let them say something

"Yin, I'm sorry for making it much bigger…I was a jerk to you" she nervously admitted it but her eyes are telling the truth

"Me either, sorry for the bad things I said lately…if I think it was embarrassing" Yin replied softly and her eyes were the same as Lina

"Yeah, maybe we don't have to remember about this ever again and so…are we friends again?" she curved her lips into a shape of a letter u

"Sure, we're best friends again!" they hug shortly and turn back on Claire with Yin give a mischievously smile at her


"Oh nothing" she took something from my shoulder and it's the lens from the camera that stuck on her dress

"I guess they knew it from this" Yin threw the lens away

"No wonder they seemed to notice everything we did, now come one let's have a little break" Claire smirk once and she dashes to the exit door

"By the way, the last one will get an assault!" she exclaimed but Yina and Lina don't even know what did she mean

"Assault?" both questioned to each other but they were getting an assault, the audiences throw them a bunch of tomatoes

"I'm really getting tired of this…" with tired expression they wiped the tomatoes that covered their face away.

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