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Once upon a time there was a sexy princess called Sasuke. He had a sexy muscle body and lovely black hair. One day he was kidnapped by evil prince Aizen and put into a very, very, very, very tall tower. Sasuke was sad because he didn't want to be kidnapped. "Stop bullying me!" he thought. But Sasuke couldn't understand why his heart beat faster when he was bullied!

Up in the tower sasuke was sitting reading a newspaper, he knew he'd be stuck in the tower for a while so he went to the puzzle section. "Oh, crosswords." Sasuke moaned lustfully, "I love those." Sasuke licked his lips as he tackled three down and seven across.

Suddenly a wild naruto appeared.

"," said Sasuke.

"I'm your fairy godninja. I can grant you any wish you want." Naruto purred.

"hmmm..." sasuke thought, he picked up his crossword and stared at it for, like, forever. "whats the answer to three across?"

"Polymorphism. So hows it hanging?" naruto replied.

Sasuke lol-ed, "Down to mah knees, brah!" with a cold, enticing, emo, icy stare.

"schweeeeet." Narouto said happily.


In a town far away a brave warrior called Ichigo resided. He received a telegram from Ishida of the woeful news about the sexy princess Sasuke being kidnapped and decided he was going to rescue him and make Sasuke his wife. Ichigo was tall and muscular and had orange hair. He was wearing a great cloak of wisdom (the wise kind of wisdom), yellow socks of power, the scarf of glory, the jumper of smexyness and the hat of loveliness. He forgot his trousers of crotchconcealiness.

"Oh dear. I forgot my trousers of crotchconcealiness." He gaped, looking down at his giant schlong.

He could think of nothing to do, but do what he loved most, and that was to dance. Ichigo danced in the moonlight that morning like he had never danced before. "AAAAAAARGGGHHHH," Ichigo moaned as he danced. He danced until he ran out of dance chakra, a special gift bestowed upon him by his Captain, Danci-san.

Exhausted, Ichigo put on his trousers, which left nothing to the imagination, and set off on his way.

27 minutes later, he was halted in his path.

"ICHIGO, SIRE!" screamed Ishida, a young farm hand who lived in the town with him.

"What is it now, Ishy-chan?" asked Ichigo. Ichigo was secretly picturing him naked lying in soft hay with a goose. His lovely Ishy-chan had lovely black hair and lovely black eyelashes.

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