Val: Hey guys! It's episode 5 of Ask North America! And we're looking forward to answering your questions! Mariana could you take the first few?

Mariana: Sure. This is from evemiliana

YAY! Nicaragua's all happy. Oh, and Canada, Nicaragua's not interested in your boyfriend. Actually *mischievous face* she had a crush on you in the 1700's.


me: I dun no.

Nicaragua:*goes in hiding*

me: eh, she'll be fine.

Panama: Hi!

me: Panama, why do you have a bruise that looks like you got hit by a hockey stick.

Panama:...I flirted with America again...

me: *angry face* YOU WHAT? *takes out hockey stick*

Panama: but, evemiliana, you're not Canadian.

me: I play hockey. That's why I have a hockey stick.

Okay, now that that's outta my system *camera turns to Panama beaten up* Here's my questions.

America- why did you pull a "become one with America" when you saw Nicaragua?

Canada-I would ask why you were so possessive, but I'm just gonna skip that. So, once again, WHAT'S WITH ALL THE PRUCAN CRAP?

Marianna- you still didn't answer my last question...

well, Now I have to go see if I might have killed Nicaragua from my earlier statement... and El Salvador and Belize say hi. They're dating, but they're also brothers. Well, half- brothers since Belize has both Spain and England as a dad. Wait, would that make you guys and him... HALF-SIBLINGS?

*dramatic organ plays*

sorry, just had to put that.

Mariana: -whispers to her self- dang it. Uh.. I'm really sorry I forgot to answer your question. Ummm...the answer is well no one right now really -blushing-

Alfred: Ohhh she's lying!


Matthew: -holding chainsaw with rape face- You'll what?

Mariana: N-o-othing.

Matthew: Good. -puts chainsaw away-

Val: Um...okay then. Alfred?

Alfred: Um...I don't know what you're talking about 'asking Luisa to become one with America' all I remember is blacking out for a sec.

Matthew: As for your question about this absurd rumor about me and Gilbert. I think it's from when he sang that song "My Song That Is Written By Me, For Me" and said that he loved pancakes with maple syrup. But I sincerely don't understand how that could insinuate a me having a relationship with him in a more than friends way.

Alfred: -hugs Matthew-That German asshole, trying to make people think he's dating my cute little boyfriend.

Matthew: -blush-

Val: -snaps picture- Hey Al you wanna do the next few questions?

Alfred: Huh? Oh yeah sure. This is from cross-over-lover232

::Carefully places speaker above ground and ducks under a bomb shelter for

protection and press play on machine::ok normally I would ask this above ground

but last chapter Mattie was way too scary for me to ask this face to face,

so I have chosen to put myself in an underground bunker with three years

worth of food and water with whiskers my kitty and my big brothers lap top:

Alfred will you be my grande fere? the one I have is in high school while I'm

in elementary school and all he does when I ask to spend time with him is throw

his hockey stuff at me! a puck knocked my tooth loose so could I be your

little sister and be able to ask you for advice?

Alfred: Sure thing!-looks at Matthew- Oh wait, um...Mattie is that okay?

Matthew: What? All she asked was to be your little sister not your wife.

Alfred: Oh okay then.

Val: Uh...okay then these questions are from alexrocksdude

lol Canada has been hanging out with Russia a lot.

Anyway, I have questions.

1. America, have you and England ever been a couple

, have you ever been with Prussia?

3. America, do want Canada to have your kids?

4. Canada, do you hate Arthur?

5. Canada, do you hang out with Russia a lot?

Thanks for answering!

Matthew: No for the last time I have never, nor will I ever, be a couple with Prussia. He's a nice guy but dear God he's annoying.

Val: -gets up- Hey! I may love you and your country Canada, but that doesn't mean you can so freely insult the Great and Majestically Awesome Prussia! I'll let it slide for now but you better watch your mouth. -sits back down-

Mari, Alfred & Matthew:

Matthew: Um... back to what I was saying. No I don't hate Arthur. We're actually still on good terms even though he forgets me every so often. And I don't hang out with Russia. Not even a little. He freaks me out.

Alfred: And no I didn't go out with England. What is wrong with you people. He's like my mom. And... I didn't know I could have ids with another nation. -look of utter shock and realization- Oh my God, Matthew, did we ever use protection?

Matthew: No I don't think so but it's okay we can't even ha-

Alfred: -pulls Matthew out the room- We need to go get a pregnancy test!

Val: He can't really know? Can he?

Mariana: Not really. I actually don't know I haven't been around long enough to. But now that I think about it he could cuz' I'm pretty sure Arthur and Francis say, having relations a couple of months before Alfred or Matthew were born.

Val: Huh, I guess Francis and Arthur really ARE Alfred and Mattie's Mom and Dad. Interesting. Actually that would explain why Matthew was so over protective of Alfred!

Mariana: Yeah. Wait don't we still have to answer some more questions?

Val: -faceplam- Oh yeah! Dang it we gunna have to cut tonight's episode short. But stay tuned next time! Help us find Alfred and Mattie in the next episode of Ask North America!

-Le gasp- What's this? An unfinished episode? Two missing co-hosts? And a presumably prego Canada? Stay tuned to find out what happens!