Sidney Freeman comes walking down a long porch with several chairs on it, fishing supplies; a swing at one end and he sees Hawkeye Pierce come walking up to him with ease and a little girl of 4 years old and she goes running up to Sidney and gleefully says,

"Uncle Sidney!"

Sidney has his hands in his pockets and smiles down at her and says:

"Sunny! What have you and daddy been doing?"

She looks back at Hawkeye and smiles and says,

"Daddy and I just came back from the post office!" "Oh? Have you been there before?" "In the car, this is the first time Daddy and I walked"

He smiles and sits down and says,

"It's good to walk"

Hawkeye sits down next to Sidney then says to Sunny,

"Sunny, go take this to Grandpa" "Okay, daddy. See you later Uncle Sidney!"

"Goodbye Sweetheart, I'll see you later"

She gets the mail from Hawkeye and runs off to find her grandfather then when Hawkeye is sure she is gone, he asks Sidney,

"How is she?"

Sidney just gives his Sidney smile then says,

"She'll be all right, it's just going to take time"

Hawkeye looks down at his hands and sighs then Sidney asks,

"When did she come?"

Hawkeye looks up and says,

"About 4 weeks ago, she just showed up and came in and after about 2 weeks, I figured I better call you"

Sidney looks out at the beautiful Maine scenery then says;

"She's been through a lot, four marriages and 3 miscarriages, but…she'll be all right"

Hawkeye looks around then asks,

"But why did she come here?"

Sidney looks at him then asks,

"She's come here every time, why should this be different?" Hawkeye just shrugs his shoulders and says, "Somehow it just feels different"

Sidney thinks and says,

"It's just her reaction, it's scaring you"

Hawkeye smiles and says.

"Yes, it's worse than mine isn't it?"

Sidney laughs.

Hawkeye looks at him then asks him,

"You never did tell me, how come it was so easy for me to get you and you just come down here for 2 weeks? What about your wife? son?"

Sidney gives his known half smile then says very simply to Hawkeye,

"You won't like it" "Sidney, there's a lot of things I don't like in this world….come on, just tell me"

Sidney sighs then shifts uncomfortably in the chair then says,

"About 6 months after I first showed you and Trapper that picture of Sam…he died"

Hawkeye looks at him and his eyes grow bigger and bigger then he says,


Sidney shakes his head and says,

"Susan didn't tell me, said that she was worried how I would take it in the middle of a war"

Hawkeye gives his sarcastic smile and asks,

"You're a psychiatrist, what could she be thinking about?"

Sidney just shrugs his shoulders then says,

"It was pneumonia…so shortly after Susan told me; I just drifted around….almost let my

license lapse but then I realized; Sam wouldn't want this. So I got myself together, I did let go of my practice, but then you called and I came up here"

Comfortable silence comes between the two old friends and Hawkeye then says,

"So you came up here to be with the crazies huh?"

Sidney smiles then asks,

"So, what's the uh, story about Sunny?"

Hawkeye's mouth comes into a mile wide grin then he starts off by asking Sidney,

"Do you remember my cousin Billy?" "The one who pushed you into the water?"

Hawkeye gives a little laugh then says,

"Yeah, well, he died, not long after I got home. Car accident with his wife, the baby lived and dad and I were her only living relatives so…" "It wasn't hard?"

Hawkeye shakes his head and says,

"Surprisingly, no. Sure, I almost called you but it's been relatively easy"

Sidney looks at Sunny in the kitchen with Daniel and asks,

"Is she Korean?"

Hawkeye laughs and says,

"Yes. She is. Um, her mother was one of the lucky ones. Well, not too lucky , Sunny was two years old before they got out of that nightmare, but her mother had relatives that got her out of there"

They fall again into a comfortable silence then Sunny comes running out with a envelope and says,

"Daddy, this one is for you" "Thank you Sunny"

He looks down and looks at the return address and smiles and says,

"Hey! It's from B.J.!"

Sidney says,

"What does he say?"

Hawkeye opens the letter with excitement and reads it then says,

"He wants us to come out! He went back to medical school and got his license in pediatrics and just want us to come celebrate!" "Well, I think you should, it will be good for you"

Hawkeye thinks on something then asks Sidney,

"Yeah but do you think it will be good for her?"

Sidney looks back in the house then turns back to Hawkeye and says,

"I think it will be great for her"

Hawkeye thinks on it then asks,

"Will you come?" "I wouldn't miss it"

Hawkeye stands up then says,

"Let's go tell her"

They all get up to go into the house.

A/N—I can't remember Sidney's wife's name so I picked Susan but I am almost positive Sam was the boy's name.

If anybody knows if Billy is the correct name of Hawkeye's cousin, please tell me.

Otherwise, please, enjoy the story.