Hawkeye opens the door to an office and he sees Trapper sitting behind a desk and working on some papers. Trapper looks up at him and cocks his eyebrow in wonder but before he can say anything, Hawkeye comes and sits down in the black, overstuffed chairs sitting in front of the desk and he sits with his right leg crossed on top of his left leg and he bounces it, mostly out of nerves. Trapper then clears his throat then say. "Come in and sit down". Hawkeye gives him a smirk then says. "I thought this was better than staying out in the hall and lurching around". Trapper puts down his pencil then asks his friend. "You were lurching? Any particular reason?"

Hawkeye gets up and he walks around the office then says. "Nice office". Trapper looks around then says. "It'll do, this belongs to some surgeon in the hospital, he's just letting me use it to put my suitcase down" Hawkeye looks at him then says. "Like how the airline puts your luggage in holding areas?" Trapper gets up and walks around to front of the desk then leans back on the desk and sits down then says. "Yeah, but I'll get it back" . He watches Hawkeye pace around the office then he says. "Hawk, I have known you long enough to know that when you act like this..." He points to his friend and motions with his finger how Hawkeye is pacing around and around then he says. "You have something to say so, say it" Hawkeye looks at him then says. "I don't know where to start because if I start, I don't know where to end so I won' t start, I'll just stay here pacing until I do start and maybe I'll know when to stop". Trapper smiles then he says. "Hawk, I know you have something to say; you're babbling so say it!" Hawkeye looks at him with his blue eyes piercing holes in him then after a long minute, he finally says. "Okay...why? Why just the kiss from Radar and not a letter or even a phone call...or, or, or even smoke signals but instead I got zip, nada..., not even a trail of bread crumbs"

Trapper sighs then says. "I knew that was coming" . Hawkeye just says. "Yeah, it was coming been what? About four years in coming...so what was it? After all that time in Korea, you just wanted to forget...everything? I mean, I can understand trying to forget the war but...me? Our friendship? Our drinking? Granted, there was plenty of things we forgot while we were drinking but did you want to forget the drinking ? Or was it the poker because I think you only won 5 hands...". Trapper stands up and he says. "Actually, it was 7. You're forgetting about those two games I did with Radar and Klinger when you were in the O.R."

Hawkeye sighs and shifts his weight on his feet and turns around and says. "All right, maybe it was 7 but that still doesn't answer the question, why the hell didn't you write or do something?" Trapper walks back around the desk and looks at a brown briefcase on the desk then says. "I did..." He opens the briefcase and gets out a yellowed envelope that already has Hawkeye's name and address on it then says. "I always start with the envelope, I wrote it out and intended to send a full letter with it but...". He sighs then goes back up to the front of the desk, sits down and says. "Three days after I got home I wrote that, because for three days, Kathy and I, well, were "celebrating" my return...". He looks up at Hawkeye then asks. "Do you see Kathy here? Do you know where she is?" Hawkeye shakes his head then says. "No, I just assumed she was back in Boston with the girls"

Trapper scratches the side of his neck then says. "Yeah, well, she's in Boston but not at my house. After those 3 days of staying in bed and only getting out to feed the girls, she split"

Hawkeye's eyes grow huge and he asks. "What?" Trapper tells him. "Yeah, I guess she was just throwing me a pity bone because when Monday morning came around, I went into my home office to write that letter...called Kathy to ask for a stamp, didn't get an answer so I got up, went out in the house and found a 'Dear Trapper' letter. She said she found happiness else where and the kids were calling a another man 'pop'". Hawkeye falls into the chair behind him and his mouth falls open then he says. "Oh man, I'm sorry". Trapper shrugs his shoulders then says. "Well, that's the way it goes I guess so...after that happened,I didn't feel like sitting down writing a letter, didn't feel like much of anything...I felt like a 100 lb. rock fell on me, between the divorce and work...I didn't have much of a life for months but then something happened, I turned myself around; got into a new speciality and binga bang, I'm here". Hawkeye shakes his head in wonder then says. "I still wish you called me, did something but I can understand I guess...the wind was knocked out of you...worse than anything Korea did". Trapper replies. "Yeah, well, I carried that letter with me everywhere after that or what was supposed to be a letter; saying that 'Dammit, I'm going to answer this letter today. Well, I never did answer it so...here" . He throws the envelope to Hawkeye and Hawkeye looks at it then says. "I'm supposed to answer a four-year old letter?"

Trapper laughs than says. "Well, I don't know how you can answer when I never did get past the date". The two old friends laugh like old times then Hawkeye asks. "So, what has happened to Kathy?" Trapper snickers then says. "Well, last I heard is that she's pregnant for her 2nd go around and when she's not pregnant, she has put on 30 lbs."