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It is now a year later, spring of 1958 and a wedding is getting ready to happen in Crabapple Cove, Maine. The wedding is being held outside so the beautiful wildflowers growing around the home of Hawkeye and Daniel Pierce only adds to the beauty of the celebration that is going on. While the wedding coordinator is ordering her workers to put chairs in order, in the house , in two separate rooms; disorder is happening.

Hawkeye, Trapper and B.J. are in one room getting ready for the day. Hawkeye is going around the room with a glazed look in his eyes, he had in his hand his tie and he stood in front of a mirror and attempts to put it on but he only succeeded in making it look like something a child would draw on paper in math class. He kept trying to make a tie again and again but it always ended up looking like something unrecognizable. Trapper looked at B.J. and points to Hawkeye and he said, "B.J. ,I think we better take pity on him and one of us go tie the knot."

Hawkeye turned around and faced his two best friends and he said, "It's a tie you knothead." B.J. walked over to Hawkeye and got the tie, put it around his friend's neck and started tying it right then Trapper told him.

"As far as I'm concerned, its a knot he's tying around you. That's what you are getting in buddy, I'm just glad I'm divorced, I'm living!"

B.J. finished tying the tie correctly and he turned Hawkeye around to look in the mirror then B.J. looks at Trapper and said, "It's nice that you are showing support to your best friend Trap."

Trapper sat down and picked up a cigar and lights it up then sat back and said, "Hey, I support him, if he wants to get married so be it but for me ; I'm through with it so today...we are not just putting together these two but I'm celebrating getting out of the knot!"

Hawkeye goes and sat down on the edge of the bed and he looked up at B.J. then said, "Mmmmmabye he's right, maybe I shouldn't get married. Hell, look, I couldn't even put on a tie! What am I doing getting married? I can't breathe so I should just call it off so I can breathe."

B.J. started laughing and Hawkeye looks at him like he just stepped in doggie do then he asked, "What is it? What's so funny?"

B.J. sat down next to him and he slaps him on the knee then said, "I did the same thing on my wedding day Hawk, I was in medical school so I tried to convince my teacher to bring along some oxygen because I was convinced that I did not know how to breathe anymore! And Trapper isn't right, he's just crazy!"

Trapper stood up and he said with the cigar in his hand, "Yeah, you should know better than to listen to me! I'm the one that married Louise, you're marrying Margaret; that's a whole different spectrum there!"

They all gave out a big hearty laugh than Hawkeye said, "Yeah, I bet she's over there with Peg and having not a care in the world! She's a rock that woman."


At that moment across the hall, Margaret is in a white silk bathrobe and she is walking and crying barrels of tears and Peg followed her step by step and Margaret finally sat down in a small chair in front of the vanity and she sobbed out, "Oh, I know I need to tell him! I have to tell him!"

Peg bends down in front of her and she hands her friend a handkerchief then says, "I tried to tell you weeks ago to tell him, why didn't you?"

Margaret wipes her tears away and blows her nose then she said, "I don't know, I just couldn't find the words and then the plans with the wedding..."

She gets up and walked a few feet away then turned around and said, "But I have to tell him now, I just can't put it off but he won't want to marry me when I tell him."

Peg stands up, she walked over to Margaret,looked her straight in the eye and said, "You are not giving Hawkeye credit."

Margaret then said, "How can I tell him this? How can I take away his dream?"

Peg said back to her, "You are his dream. Always have been since Korea."

Margaret turns around and sits down in a chair then begins to moan and cry about. She doesn't see Peg rolling her eyes then quietly going out of the room, Peg walked across the hall and knocked on the door and B.J. answered and when he saw his wife, a huge grin came across his face and he casually asked. "Lost your way ma'am?" She smiles and raises up to kiss her man while one leg comes up then she said.

"Well, I'm not here to see you, it's Hawkeye; I need to speck to him."

A puzzled look comes on B.J.'s face and Hawkeye looks at Trapper who shrugged his shoulders than Hawkeye quickly makes a beeline over to Peg then asked, "Is something wrong? It's Margaret, what is it? Did she change her mind?"

Peg looked at a puzzled B.J. then she gets Hawkeye by the arm, pulls him out then she said, "Just go see her."

He turns his head and looks at B.J. who just shrugged his shoulder then Hawkeye said to Peg, "I'm not supposed to see her! It brings bad luck! We don't need that!"

Peg sighed then she pushes on Hawkeye's back then said, "Just go see her."

He then turns around and nods his head then starts to knock but thinks better of it, and just goes in the guest room. He saw Margaret sitting in a chair beside the window, still in her robe and he asked her.

"What's going on? Did you change your mind?"

She gasps and stands up, she tightens her robe then said, "No, but you might after I tell you some news."

He goes over to her, stands just a few feet away from her and asked, "What's wrong?"

She turns to the left of him and starts pacing around the room and she thinks about her next words carefully. She finally told him, "I should have told you this weeks ago but I didn't know how." He sits down on the edge of the bed and looks up at her then she takes a deep breath then said. "About a month ago, I went in for a physical...you remember, for insurance purposes. Well, I got the results back about a week later..."

He stands up and softly asked her, "What's wrong?"

Margaret softly cried then she told him, "When I was younger a little girl, I had scarlet fever. It weaken my body but I overcame it as best I could, there wasn't anything I couldn't do; I made damn sure of that." He looks at her with all his love for her in his blue eyes and he said, "You can do anything but now you are scaring me, what's wrong?"

She took a deep breath then she tells him,"Between the fever and having all those miscarriages, the doctor said I can't have children, I have to many scar tissues."

Hawkeye just looks at her then a slow smile comes on his face. Margaret looked at him and saw the corners of his mouth going up and her anger slowly burns up from the middle of her stomach then finally to her mouth and she said, "Why are you smiling? This is no joke !"

He quickly tells her, "I'm smiling because you think THIS is why I would leave you?"

She looked up at him and her anger quickly simmers down and tears came to her eyes again and she asked him, "You won't?" He shakes his head no then said,

"Margaret, you know me better than this. Why would I leave you for something that is not your fault? And my history with children is not all that great...at least until Sunny. And she's a handful at that, did you ever stop to think that maybe..." He shrugs his shoulders and he looks around and his eyes settle on a picture of a woman, a tall woman with coal-black hair and who looks just like Hawkeye and the name 'Elisabeth' is etched on the glass at the bottom left hand corner and he takes a deep breath then he finishes his sentence, "That maybe you not be able to have children and me cowering like ...the cowardly lion at the mere thought of kids is somehow... not meant for us?" He steps back knowing Margaret's crimson anger and waits for her to speak.

She just looks at him for the longest time then she throws her arms around him and hugs him then looks at him and says, "Let's go get married."

He smiles and bends his head down to kiss her then they twirl around the room.


Father Francois Mulcahy stands proudly in place in his lavish white priest robe and Hawkeye in his tuxedo stands slightly to the left then B.J. then Trapper and directly across from them is Peg in a beautiful yellow matron of honor dress then two other women behind her in slightly different but just as beautiful sunshine yellow dresses. Then little Sunny comes down the aisle wearing a precious little yellow dress and she has in her hands a basket and she gets out a handful of red roses to scatter on the aisle every second or two and beside her is a little boy in a extremely cute white suit pant with a yellow shirt and he holds a small little pillow with little facsimiles of wedding rings.

The wedding march starts playing and there is Margaret on the arms of Col. Potter in his dressed uniform and they slowly come down the aisle then when they get up front, the good father asked them, "Who gives this woman to be wed?"

Col. Potter looks at a beaming Margaret and he said, "I do."

He gently lifts her arm and hands it over to Hawkeye, who takes her hand in his. Col. Potter gives Margaret a peck on the cheek then goes to sit beside Mildred who sat on a chair in the front row.

Hawkeye and Margret both turn to face the good father then he asked them both a question to start the ceremony. "Do you both give of yourselves freely in this union?"

Margaret answers first, "I do." Then Hawkeye says the same thing.

Then the Father then said, "Well, since Margaret and Hawkeye, or Benjamin as you all know him; have freely given of themselves to come here, just let me say a few things.

A wedding between two people is precious and it binds them together for eternity. Not just in this life but beyond. A wedding is done to show God and man that they love each other and wish to spend their lives together. So...do you Benjamin Franklin Peirce take Margaret Suzanne to be your lawfully wedded wife to hold her, honor her and cherish her all the days of your life until death do you part?"

Hawkeye looked at her with mists of tears in his eye and he said, "I do."

Francois looks at Margaret then he asked her the same question as tears roll down her cheeks, "Do you Margaret Suzanne take Benjamin Franklin Peirce to be your lawfully wedded husband to hold him, honor him and cherish all the days of your life until death do you part?"

She turns to Hawkeye and she softly said, "Yes."

Everybody in the room seemed to give a sigh of relief then Father Francois said to the entire room, "Then by the authority granted in me by God, the Father and the Holy Spirit and the state of Maine; I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride!"

Hawkeye looked at the Father and smiled then said,

"You can bet all the fish and lobster in Maine I will."

Everybody laughed then after a looong kiss, ( well, not too long ), Margaret and Hawkeye turned to the audience and the Father said, "I now proudly introduce to you Mister and Mrs. Pierce!..."

As Hawk and Margaret walk down the aisle, Francois said something only loud enough for B.J. and Trapper to hear, "May God forever help us all."

B.J. and Trapper laugh and slap each other's back then follow the couple down the aisle.


A little while later, Hawkeye and Margaret stood at another section of the wedding party and Trapper gives a loud whistle then turned to B.J. and said, "I got their attention, you give the speech."

B.J. nods his head then said, "Thank you Trapper. The best man speech is from both of us since both of us are the best man!" Everybody laughs then when the room quiets down, B.J. said with tears in his eye, "Really Hawk...you are the best man here...at least Margaret thinks so!" More laughter then B.J. wipes a tear from his left eye then said, "Trapper told me that he's known you since college when the both of you played football and I've only known you since that damned war but it feels like I've known you a lifetime. I've never been sorry that I met you from the very first day when you and Radar picked me up at that Army airport. You helped me on my first Korean drunk!"

Everybody laughed again and B.J. looked at Trapper who is in a unsual quiet Trapper mode then B.J. continues and said, "I've learned from you, shared laughs with you, shared the still with you and I only hope to be there as you and Margaret do more in this life!..." He raises his champagne glass and everybody else does the same. "To Margaret and Hawk!"

They all share in the toast then the music starts. 'All I have to do is Dream' by the Everly Brothers is the first to play and Hawkeye and Margaret have their first dance as man and wife. Then they share some more laughter as Hawkeye throws the pinkish red garter off of Margret's shapely leg and our own teddy bear, Radar O' Reilly catches it! His face turned a shade that matches the garter. Margaret gathers all the single women in the room and she throws her bouquet of pink roses with baby breath around and Nurse Kellye catches it.

There is more laughing and dancing...Trapper and B.J. quiet the crowd down again and Radar and Klinger roll in the still! Everybody roars with laughter and drinks pour from it. Then finally Margaret and Hawkeye get Sunny who has fallen asleep in the corner of the room and they go home to start their lives together in Crabapple Cove.

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