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The Midori Incident

Sneak Peek/Preview:


The morning sunrays filtered through the leaves above their heads, piercing down to the foggy rocky earth like invisible towering tombstones. Yes, tombstones ... He had been thinking of those in the past hour, omens of his impending demise. He shrugged the thought aside. They had been moving fast, using their vampire speed to the fullest. He did not like it at all, utilizing his unexplored side but he needed to keep up with the yellowish blur in front of him. It irked him that he could pursue it with ease. The landscape was gradually changing; sparser trees, rockier ground and he felt the strong gust of wind barraging mercilessly against his face. The rock cliff was up ahead.

Then he saw Aidou's lonely outline cutting against the harsh sunrays. Fierce gust of wind were ruffling his hair as he stood statue like by the edge of the precipice; studying the sudden drop into the swirling mist rising amongst the treetops below. The face was uncharacteristically solemn, contemplating before slowly turning towards him. "Here's the frontier ... What now?" Aidou dropped the filthy haversack ungracefully onto the ground.

The air around them shifted, both of them could feel the impending threat approaching like a swarm of gnats. The rustling of dried falling, leaves grew louder and louder despite of the wind howling in their ears. He cracked his knuckles and shrugged his shoulders in indifference; ignoring his long silvery bangs fluttering wildly in the wind, lashing cruelly onto his eyeballs and licked his dried, chapped lips.

"We kill them."


A/N: Zero and Aidou made two odd choices to be vamp-napped. Both are stubborn, impulsive and prideful; will they work out of it together before they end up killing one another instead? Yuki's took matter into her own hands and dragged a reluctant Kaname along in search of her two missing friends. It's actually more of a set up to the next work, The Black Iris. You'll see how Zero and Aidou's unlikely friendship builds up while getting a glimpse of their hidden past. Kaname stays on the sidelines in this story but he'll be dealing with his internal conflicts regarding his relationship with Yuuki and Zero. Kaito's shadier cunning side will also be explored. There would be no yaoi in this one. I'm sad too but I made up for it... So you have to read and find out. This story sets the base for the second story.

Chapter 1

Waking up with a 13 Richter scaled headache was not a very good experience. Well, if such magnitude had ever existed, at least to him it does. Disorientated and agitated, his whole body ached like he had been struck by a lightning bolt. The scent of his blood and some sort of chemical clogged up his nose. Actually it was the scent of his blood mixed with the stale nauseating stench of foreign bodily fluids; blood, sweat, maybe saliva and another kind of secretion bunged up his nerves and made him want to puke. The chemical just reminded him of his school lab, the smell lingering on the jars and jars of disgusting creepy crawlies and small animals submerged in murky putrid formalin, specifically that smell when the chemistry teacher once knocked out a big fat rat using a cloth doused in chloro-something. He cursed his muddled head.

He moved his arms but stopped because they were tied securely behind him to something cold and metallic tightly pressed to his back. He realized he was strapped to a metal chair, his knees spread apart as his ankles were also tied to each of the metal legs. A thick band of mouldy funny smelling cloth obscured his vision, tied too tightly and digging into the back of his damp obviously blood soaked hair. He could feel his fingers and feet numbing to the abnormally cold surroundings, his breath must be turning into puffs of condensed steam and some of it frosted at the tip of his nose. A faint whirring sound broke the silence and a gust of freezing cold air blasted through whatever room he was in, minus his thick school overcoat and jacket; leaving his plain white cotton uniform shirt frozen crisp and paper-like. Several buttons must be missing because the top half of the garment flapped loosely against his chest. Sweet, he got a nice air-conditioned potential hell-hole right in the middle of summer.

He shook his head, willing the headache to fade away as well as forcing his disorientated brain to analyze his predicament. Probably not too long ago he was on his way back to his small apartment from school with his groceries in a brown paper bag, his school books in his backpack. Definitely not too long ago somebody had waited for him in the dark corner of the hallway and whacked him viciously at the back of his head with a piece of galvanized pipe right after he fished out his keys in his pocket. He got to give him some credit for being able to stay off his radar, the son of a bitch managed to hide himself pretty good.

Almost in slow motion, he saw the bloodied pipe clattered on the ground along with his whole bag of foodstuff. However, he surprised his attacker by not immediately dropping down unconscious upon the blow but grabbed the bastard's right ankle simultaneously reaching for his gun strapped to his shoulder holster. The scum maybe human, but a gun is a gun and the Bloody Rose was one intimidating looking piece of a metal enough to scare some sense into any sensible dude to back off.

Too bad he got one insensible oaf on him because the surprisingly agile heavy-breathing mammoth of a man efficiently crushed his wrist with his other foot, kicked his gun away into the dark oblivion of the hallway and electrocuted him three times with a taser baton. Thrice because he had clawed the man's calf after the first jolt, missed the oaf's groin when he swung his legs up right after the second shock but one foot was caught and he was flipped over onto his stomach to be zapped at the nape. Then, the well-prepared bastard proved that putrid chloroform does work on vampires. Whoever the bastard was, he had determinedly wanted to capture him bad. Lo and behold, Kiriyu Zero the young Hunter Association's hotshot had been powered down into sleep mode, hauled off somewhere to be strapped down onto a freezing cold metal contraption in a room that could rival the cruellest winter in Japan.


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