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Plot Summary: A story about Kyoko and Ren. (I am such an original person.) Oh, and the summary given is very vague, mainly because I wasn't sure what to put. But it is true, and relates to the climax of the story, which probably won't be for a while.

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Burning Blue: Chapter 1

Ishibashi Hikaru was having a bad day. Sure, everything went fine on the show. Yuusei, Shinichi and he, together forming Bridge Rock, had a great performance as always, pleasing the crowd and having fun with their guest star, Akiyama Takumi, a rising young actor.

In fact, this rising young actor was starring in a new weekly drama with another rising young actress. And it was this actress, who also joined Bridge Rock as a regular cast member on their show, Yappa Kimagure Rock, who was the source of young Hikaru's bad day.

The eldest Ishibashi wasn't mad at Mogami Kyoko, the young lady in question. In fact, quite the opposite. Hikaru had been harboring a crush on Kyoko, four years his junior, for quite some time now.

No, the cause of his bad day was that another man, who also harbored certain feelings for Kyoko, had come to pick her up from her work today as Bo, though of course he was unaware that Kyoko was the one who generally worked in the chicken suit. After all, his conversations with Bo were based off of a certain anonymity, through which he could express his true thoughts and feelings to this stranger in a chicken suit, and never fear that the chicken man would spill his secrets.

'Chicken man' Kyoko was, of course, far too scared to reveal her job as Bo to this man, for fear he would be wrathful and angry at her.

Of course, if you had not yet figured it out, the man being described is none other than Tsuruga Ren, and his eyes of love for his pupil were so disconcertingly obvious to Hikaru that it placed a damper on his mood for the rest of the day.

You see, Hikaru had not seen Tsuruga-san for quite a while. He knew that Kyoko was working with Japan's Number One Hottest Male, but, knowing Kyoko's immunity to feelings of love, he didn't worry.

Now, realizing that Tsuruga felt the same for Kyoko pushed Hikaru into a pit of despair. How could he hope to compete with Tsuruga Ren?
"You can't," a voice said mockingly. Glowering, Hikaru turned to face his co-star, Ishibashi Shinichi. "Of course, no one is denser with love than our Kyoko-chan, but you really don't stand a chance against Japan's Number One Hottest Male."

I did tell you he was, didn't I?
Hikaru did a face palm and spoke from underneath his hand, "Don't rub it in."

But really, why bother? Because of course Shinichi would rub it in. Like so: "Man, you never stood a chance! There's a reason she's in the LoveMe section! Yeah, Yuusei and I treat her like a little sister because she kind of is, and you need to as well, because she'll never love you back. Plus, you're too short."

Hikaru began to get flustered. Before he could stutter out a response, Ishibashi Yuusei appeared to his rescue. "It's not because of your height, Hikaru. I honestly think you two would make a great couple."

Sighing, Hikaru ran a hand through his long, brown hair. "Yuusei, did you see who came to pick Kyoko-chan up?"

"You're never going to win her, you do know that, right?" Shinichi commented dryly.

Hikaru ignored him, and Yuusei took his turn to speak. "I was helping clean up the set, Hikaru, remember? How could I have seen Kyoko-chan leave?"

Shaking his head, Hikaru said, "Tsu-the Tsuruga Ren came to pick her up."

Yuusei cocked his head and gave Hikaru a questioning look. "So? They work together. He was probably taking her to the set of Dark Moon for filming."

Hikaru gave Yuusei a baleful look. "I know. But when he looked at her, his eyes were filled with love. He's hopelessly in love with her!"

Yuusei blinked and stared blankly at Hikaru. Then, the biggest supporter of Hikaru and Kyoko getting together frowned, sighed, and walked off, but not without the departing comment of, "Tough luck."

Hikaru sank to the floor in despair as Shinichi patted him on the back. Shinichi said to his crestfallen friend, "Maybe you'll meet another girl someday."

One glare, several attempted punches and several successful dodges later, as well as a crash and slight howl from the pain of slamming one's fist into the wall later, Hikaru, nursing a wounded fist, let Shinichi lead him to their break room, where a dinner of the notoriously unhealthy okonomi-anpan and Golden Cola awaited them.

While the three co-workers were voluntarily heading off to eat, Kyoko was finding herself in a very difficult position with a co-worker of her own who seemed never to eat voluntarily. Sometimes Kyoko felt like her sole purpose in life was to make sure Tsuruga Ren ate properly to avoid fainting on the job, something Miss Mogami was seriously surprised he had yet to do.

Right now, a break had been called in the filming of Dark Moon, and so Kyoko found herself crouching down in front of a sitting Tsuruga-san and holding out a bento box she'd carefully made this morning. "Eat," she commanded.

Like a stubborn child, Ren turned his head away from the food, only to jerk back in surprise as Kyoko and her bento box magically appeared in front of his turned head. "Eat," she said again, her voice turning dark, her Grudge Kyokos peeking out from over her shoulder, eager to hold Ren down and force the food down his mouth.

Again he turned his head, uttering a short, "No."

And again Kyoko popped in front of him, shoving a forkful of noodles towards his mouth, which he quickly pushed away. "Eat," she said a third time, her aura becoming dark and powerful.

Ren glanced meaningfully at his watch. "Break's over in a minute. No."

Face turning wrathful, Kyoko thrust the fork at Tsuruga's mouth, to which he positioned both hands in front of his face to guard himself. Thus began a power struggle, Kyoko thrusting the fork towards his mouth and Tsuruga bravely shielding himself from her fury, straining to keep the morsel of food entering his mouth and staining his pure-white smile before going on camera.

Don't ask me how noodles can 'stain one's smile'. Remember, this is Tsuruga-san, Mister 'I-won't-eat-anything' here.

And of course, Yashiro Yukihito, Tsuruga's ever-faithful manager, stood off to the side, watching the scene with hearts in his eyes.

Another title of his could be, 'Kyoko-Renship Ultimate Supporting Fangirl'. I honestly wish I could say 'fanguy'. I really do. But I can't. His behavior and expressions, etc…I just can't.

At the moment, he was practically salivating over the scene before him. It only served to further assure him that Ren and Kyoko really were meant to be.

Speaking of Yashiro's favorite couple, can you guess who just won the match?

If it was based on pure strength alone, Ren would win. He really is a strong guy.

But factor in Kyoko's Grudge Kyokos? Not a chance.

And so it was that Tsuruga Ren stood up, fork stuck in his mouth, swiped the bento box from Kyoko, took out the fork, swallowed noodles from said fork, and proceeded to wolf down, albeit elegantly, for this is Tsuruga Ren, Kyoko's bento box in a record-breaking thirty seconds, finishing just as Director Ogata called for all actors to come back on set.

Satisfied, Kyoko took the empty bento box and placed it in the recycling bin. Yashiro came over to stand by her. "That was well handled."

She beamed up at him. "You think so?"

Yashiro nodded, smiling. "Yes. But I do have one question. Why a fork? I didn't take you to be the kind who prefers Western-style implements to traditional ones."

Kyoko was already shaking her head, her black hair (for she was in Mio's costume) waving back and forth. "Believe me, Yashiro-san," she said, "out of anyone, I most would use chopsticks. But Tsuruga-sempai likes to eat quickly, so I thought he would be able to eat faster if I gave him a fork instead."

Yashiro nodded. "I'm sure he appreciates it."

Kyoko smiled happily. "I hope so. Yashiro-san, you really need to make sure Tsuruga-san eats properly."

Sighing, Yashiro grimaced. "I try. Believe me, I try."

"Scene 45 coming up!" a voice yelled in the background. Giving a quick bow to Yashiro, Kyoko apologized, explaining that she was in this next scene.

"No problem!" Yashiro said, waving as she left. He grinned evilly to himself as he inconspicuously reached into Kyoko's bag and pulled out her schedule for the next week. Flipping through it, his mind began to formulate reasons for him to make Ren and Kyoko run into each other.

The slight patter of feet gave away his position. Kyoko stood stock-still as Tsuruga-san approached her. They were in an empty classroom, Kyoko staring darkly down at her desk. Tsuruga finally reached her, and bent over to ask her a question. Before he could speak, a knife whipped out of Kyoko's school uniform sleeve and she held it to Tsuruga's throat. His face turned into one distorted with fear as Kyoko stood up and backed Tsuruga into a wall, knife still held at his throat.

Normally, this would seem to be a very odd, and scary, position for the two to be in. But this was not Tsuruga and Kyoko. Well, Tsuruga was still himself, but he was currently playing the role of Katsuki. Kyoko, on the other hand, was gone. Sure, her body was still there. But it was not Kyoko inside it. Rather, a dark murderous young rich lady had taken over. Kyoko wasn't merely portraying Mio.

She was Mio.

The scar may have been fake, the schoolgirl clothes merely a costume, the knife a simple prop, but it didn't matter, because to Mio everything was real. And right now, Katsuki was bugging her.

"What do you want?" she asked, voice heavy with darkness and disdain.

Katsuki raised his hands defensively, but Mio simply gave an eerie smile to this reaction and brandished the knife once more, causing him to lower his hands to their former position. "Look, I just wanted to talk to you about Mizuki-san!"

Mio abruptly turned away and put the knife up. "Ah, Mizuki. My dear cousin." Turning to look back at Katsuki, her face took on a look of pure evil. "Why Mizuki? Shouldn't you be inquiring of Misao?"

Katsuki blinked, startled. Of course! What reason did he have to be asking Mio of Mizuki? "W-well yes, I was going to ask of Hongo-san next! But I wanted to speak to you of Mizuki-san. She hasn't been to any of my piano lessons for a few days now. Is everything alright?"

Bringing out the knife once more, Mio switched it between hands, then held it in her right hand and nicked her left, letting the blood run down her finger. Her face showed no emotion. "Strange, isn't it?"

After the silence, Katsuki was a bit startled when he found he was being addressed. He was terrified of Mio, but his love for Mizuki, though he would never admit it, kept him in place. "What's strange?" he asked hesitantly, staring nervously at the blood trickling down Mio's finger.

Still not looking at Katsuki, Mio nicked a second finger. "You refer to my dear cousin as Mizuki-san, yet you only call your fiancé Hongo-san?"

Katsuki froze. Another slip-up. "Th-that is because, you see-"

Mio waved her hand, cutting him off. Walking over to him, she placed the knife at his throat once more, then brought it down to trace his arm gently with the tip. A quick flick of her wrist opened a cut on his arm, causing the teacher to flinch. "Do not worry, Katsuki." Mio never used honorifics. After all, they were only for people you respected, right? And Mio respected no one. Bringing her face close to his, she whispered, "I won't tell."

Pulling back, she nicked a third finger with her knife, then held up her hand and stroked Katsuki's cheek, leaving three red stripes on his face. "Suiting, no?" she asked, then turned to go get her bookbag. "I do not care what you call my sister. Misao can go die."

Katsuki reeled backwards in shock from the blatant way Mio just admitted she would rather her sister be dead. Even if he was using Misao for revenge, it still came as a shock to him.

Bookbag on her shoulder, Mio walked up to Katsuki. "Misao is mad at my dear cousin. Poor Mizuki is being held in her room forcefully. Oh how sad." Laughing to herself, Mio made her way to the door. Before she left, she gave Katsuki one last message. "I take it you are going to rescue my dear cousin now. I only ask one thing of you."

Katsuki nodded, flustered that she was actually helping him. "Anything," he agreed.

Mio's face turned to one of pure evil, and she smirked, darkness surrounding her being. She reached up and brushed her hair out of the way, revealing her scar in pure view. "Misao is mine." With a deft turn of her heel, Mio left, laughing quietly but demonically, her eyes narrowed in pure hatred.

Katsuki stared after her in shock, before quickly gathering his own things to prepare for Mizuki's rescue.

"And CUT." Director Ogata's voice was loud and clear, as well as excited. "That was brilliant, you two!" he exclaimed, then looked out the classroom door. "Um, Kyoko-chan? You can come back in now?"

Tsuruga smiled. "I think she might still be Mio. Let me go get her." Leaving the room, he found that his guess was correct. Mio was leaning against the wall, fingering her scar and staring out into space, plotting the many revenges she could have on her hated sister.

Ren kneeled down slightly so that he was face to face with Mio. He brought his hand up and snapped his fingers in her face, saying, "Mogami-san, the scene's over."

With a jolt, Mio was gone and a flustered Kyoko was standing there. "Ah, Tsuruga-san! I'm so sorry, I got too into the part again!"

Ren smiled and shook his head. "Not to worry, Mogami-san. The filming is done for today now anyway."

"So the director thought I did well on the scene? I mean, of course you nailed it but I wasn't sure if I did, I hope I did as good as you and-"

Ren placed a hand on her lips to silence her.

It did the trick.

Kyoko immediately stopped talking, and blushed a deep red, pulling her head backwards, away from his hand. Ren spoke, "Mogami-san, you did a brilliant job. Your acting, to be quite frank, scared even me. Your Mio is such a powerful character, and you act her perfectly. The scene was readily okayed, and now we can go home."

Kyoko smiled nervously, then let out a sigh of relief. "That's good then! I was so scared I wouldn't get it right! It's such a hard scene! Though I'm sure it was really easy for you, Tsuruga-san."

Ren stood up straight again and said, "The scene was just as hard for me as it was for you, Mogami-san. When are you going to accept that you are as much of a pro as I am at acting?"

Kyoko tilted her head to the side, a look of confusion in her eyes. "When I am?" she answered, and Ren sighed. Humility was a good thing, but even that particular trait had an extreme side.

"Come on, I'll give you a drive." Ren beckoned for Kyoko to follow him to the make-up room, to get her scar and wig removed, before going home for the evening.

Akiyama Takumi was thrilled to have been chosen to portray Ito Haruki, a favorite character from a favorite book series, now being made into what would hopefully be a favorite drama. Even more thrilling was the opportunity to star opposite Mogami Kyoko, one of his favorite actresses, who would be playing the other lead, Nakano Tsubasa.

I know what you're thinking.

And you're wrong.

For you see, though Takumi was a young, handsome actor, aged nineteen with a nice albeit somewhat short (only 5'6") figure and lean, hardened muscles as well as sparkling blue eyes and silky black hair, he was not in love with Kyoko, nor did he ever even think of attempting to charm her, and make her fall in love with him. Takumi was, above all things, NOT a playboy. No, the reason for him being so thrilled to work with Kyoko was because he'd heard of her ability to actually 'become' her character, and held her in great respect.

To clear another thing up: the book-series-based-drama, entitled Nouseishoku Kouen (Dark Blue Flame) and nicknamed Kouen, was not a romance. No, the story centered on the characters of Tsubasa and Haruki, but though they were not related in the story, there was never any romance between the two.

Much to Tsuruga Ren's relief. After all, of course the man was afraid Kyoko would have to, perish the thought, kiss another man. Even if it was for acting, Ren felt like he should keep that right for himself (as for he was concerned, Sho's didn't count), if the time ever came.

He was working on it.

Anyways, where was I? Ah, yes, Takumi. At this moment, Takumi was getting dressed for his character, putting on a black, form-fitting suit, and then clipping on a belt with various tools of mayhem, such as a sharpened dagger, a smoke bomb, a length of rope attached to a grappling hook, and a set of lockpicks.

He was just straightening his belt when Kyoko rushed past him. She'd just arrived from filming for Box R's second season, as, after only three episodes, the show was one of the highest rated in Japan among all ages, and now, with its twenty-fourth of twenty-six episodes airing, was hitting its main climax. Their filming was taking place mid-second season, and that, combined with Dark Moon, was keeping Kyoko busy. But she liked that just fine, even if it did make her a little late to other items, though she tried her hardest to be as on time as she could.

Hence why Takumi was left laughing as his co-star sped past him and into the dressing rooms. Shaking his head, still smiling, Takumi left to go to the set, which consisted of a giant green-painted wall (green screen with support) for this particular scene.

The scene would consist of Haruki, played by Takumi, and Tsubasa, Kyoko's character, scaling a large, glass building to thieve a computer chip with precious information on it revealing the possible whereabouts of Kakon (literally 'root of evil'), the head of their enemies.

Kouen was set in a futuristic Tokyo, in an undefined day and age, in which many inventions were possible, but in which the world was in a state of almost ruin, except for the Silver City, Tokyo, the only city yet to succumb to the darkness, poverty, and utter despair and destruction the rest of the world was in.

Tsubasa and Haruki were two friends, trained by a group called Lysandier, who worked for said group as almost spies, though nothing of the sort existed anymore. Together the two gathered information and fought against a mysterious person, whose gender even remained a mystery, code-named Kakon. Kakon led a large group of followers and desired to take over Tokyo and thus take over the world.

Lysandier, and their top sutoraikas (strikers), Tsubasa and Haruki, made it their ultimate goal to stop Kakon and prevent the world from falling under his/her dominative and crushing rule.

Takumi let himself be placed in the harness needed for the scene, and watched a fully-costumed (simply picture an outfit like Takumi's, as well as Kyoko's normal hair-dyed color of orange, and you have her outfit) Kyoko come in, grinning and waving to her. When she spotted the director, a certain Koshin Masato, she let out a strange noise and fell to the floor in an ultimate dogeza bow.


Director Koshin had leapt back in fright when Kyoko had dropped to the floor and begun her apology, and everyone else in the room stared at her in shock. Takumi just shook his head and did a face-palm. He had talked with Tsuruga Ren a few days before meeting Kyoko, because he wanted to know about her, and guessed her co-star and sempai might give him some tips about her. You see, though he'd heard wonderful things of her work ethic, he'd also heard many strange stories…

So Tsuruga (once he realized that Takumi would not later become a love rival) proceeded to inform the young actor of Kyoko's…let's just say 'exaggerated' reactions to various things.

Such as now.

It was a shock for Takumi, certainly, but he had been warned…

At the moment, he was regretting not warning the rest of the crew as well. They had only been filming for a week now, so of course they hadn't placed Kyoko's personality in a detailed folder yet (not literally).

Flustered, Koshin held out his hands and tried to console the girl. "C-calm down, Kyoko-chan! I'm not mad at you! I understand you have a busy schedule, and you got here as fast as you could! It's okay, you are forgiven, please calm down!"

Kyoko looked up, giving him a tearful glance. "But I was laaaateee!"

Koshin held out his hand and smiled reassuringly. "Don't worry about it! You have a very valid excuse." Sniffling, Kyoko took the proffered hand and stood up. "Now, let's start the filming of the scene!"

Before leaving, Kyoko bowed once more (not a dogeza this time) to the director and said, "Sumimasen, Koshin-san. I promise I'll try not to do it again."

The forty-year-old director stroked his chin, shaking his head in disbelief. This girl must have some sort of multiple-personality disorder. But she was loved by all the cast and crew, and Koshin was certainly glad he chose her for the role. "Like I said, Kyoko-chan, do not worry about it."

Still, Kyoko hesitated before leaving, but she shook her head, emptied her thoughts of any worries, and left to go stand next to Takumi and get outfitted in her harness. "Ready?" Koshin's voice called out loud and clear.

Kyoko looked towards him, then blinked and was gone. And in her place was Nakano Tsubasa, a cocky, arrogant, tough, fiery-tempered, fiercely loyal, determined, tomboyish striker of Lysandier.


Tsubasa looked up at the building before her. Though it was only a green wall, she saw the glass building it was supposed to represent. Smirking, she turned to Takumi, who was now thoroughly engrossed, if not totally 'one with his role' (like Kyoko), and jerked her head upwards. "Ready to find Kakon?"

Haruki gave a grin as sly as his friends, then gestured. "Ladies first." Rolling her eyes, Tsubasa pulled out a power glove, a device that allowed her to stick to any surface at the press of a button, and release at another press. Putting on both gloves, she began to climb, Haruki behind her.

"Think we'll have any luck?" Haruki asked.

Tsubasa pondered the question. "Dunno," she answered. "I hope so. I want to kick that baka Kakon into the next century. He's wrecking our world even more than it already is." Enraged, she spat towards the ground below her.

Haruki raised an eyebrow. "'He?' Remember, Kakon could be a boy or a girl."

"Yeah, but an aho like that could only be a sleezy old man with some sort of age-slowing device," Tsubasa retorted.

"Girls can be plenty bad too," Haruki remarked dryly.

Tsubasa didn't catch his jibe at her. "Girls can be bad, but I know Kakon's a guy."

Haruki sighed in defeat. "I gotta admit, I think so too." Then he added, "But I bet Kakon thinks we're both guys. Considering you don't even know how to act like a girl, let alone look like one."

Tsubasa turned her head to look down at Haruki and stuck her tongue out. "Baka-zuki," she muttered, then glanced upwards. "Come on. We gotta keep moving."

"CUT. Great job, you two! Get ready for the next scene." Koshin waved them away so that the crew could prepare for the next scene.

Kyoko shook her head to clear Tsubasa out, then smiled and followed Takmi to the dressing rooms to prepare for the next scene.

In another part of Tokyo, Ren had also just finished a scene, and was waiting impatiently by his car for Yashiro to show up. He remembered how Yashiro had gotten a call, then told Ren to wait for him while he took it, because it was urgent.

Ren snorted. Urgent. Unlikely. He was probably collaborating with Takarada Lory in some new scheme to force him to confess to Kyoko.

Riiiiing. Riiiiiiing.

And speak of the devil.

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