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Chapter 1- Tainted red

Break followed the noise echoing through the hall. He ran, and he couldn't stop. His breathing hitched and his balance was thrown off. He could feel the dampness of the walls and the cold breeze gently hitting his skin as he ran.

That's enough, Lily.

He's dead.

"Reim-san?" Break called, dreading the worst. "Please say something."

Can't you see, Hatter? That he's already dead?

And he found out that he was too late.


No he couldn't, there wasn't a way.

You've ruined all of my plans.

Break leaned heavily on the wall, trying to calm his breathing. It was too late to save Reim, and too late to undo the damage done with his plans. It was no longer necessary to continue through, because every effort was gone. Break took a deep breath, and released his sword from its holder.

Break released the Hatter and turned to them with nothing but rage, hoping to achieve vengeance. The moment he released the Hatter, was the moment he stopped caring about his health.

What was the use if there was no longer a reason to keep going?

Continuing, would mean nothing anymore. He fought and continued to fight until he felt his feet moving to chase after them towards forest. Break found it funny that they needed space to fight, what was the point? Break was going to kill them.

He fought desperately but one of them managed to land a hit from underground.

"Even you can't predict a blow like that!" Screamed one of them.

Break sneered, wanting to tear them apart even more.

Those tainted hands, the tainted mind of his. Break felt so unworthy to be the living soul he was at the moment. He had accomplishments but to what extent was that? He felt that he needed to be punished, just like the punishment of taking his eyes out. He desperately wanted to make up for all of his mistakes, to pay for his crimes.

What better way than to be a hero?

He had his wish, his body was withering like a leaf that falls in autumn. He was happy to be able to gain such kind friends, despite using them as bait. He never liked sad endings. He never did, because those unhappy ones were turned to good ones.

He's done so much for everyone but himself.

Most of us do, don't we?

Because we love those people enough to sacrifice our own happiness. So we get to see them smile, be happy for once and in turn, it will make us happy, because knowing that you made someones day, is the best gift you could ever receive.

Has he ever done things for himself? Maybe so, who knows? Not even he knows what he's done to make up for everything.

It feels as if it's not enough.

Such a tainted life, full of grief and sorrow. Those scars in his life, the memories of the past, they could never be changed. Not anymore. It has already been done and it was very shallow, and yet hard to reach.

His answer?

Was to give up, yet do something for someone.

To make it easier for them.

"I'm sorry Reim-san." Break coughed up more blood.

Break released the Hatter again, this time, to its full capacity.

"I wonder who will die first, me or them?"

He felt cold, and the world was spinning. Everything happened in a blur, and though unable to see, he felt as if he could. It happened so fast, that his body had only reacted.

This is the moment that everyone asks questions.

But now, no questions should be asked yet, because this moment, was Break's. As he fell to the ground, and heard faint noises in the background, he felt at peace. Despite hearing the echoing noise of memories flooding through him. The cold was gone, and he was embraced with warmth.

He wanted to pretend, to hear everyone call out his name.

Pretend to see them smiling, one last time.

He lost the sense of touch, but he felt so free and he didn't care that his time was up. It felt great, the warmth, the embrace was beautiful. The things he pledged to do were unfinished, yet he could imagine them continuing on his mission.

Now he would rest.

Break didn't feel tired anymore.

He felt free.

Now he could simply close his eyes, as those memories will be remembered once more. He smiled, happily. Even if he has to leave his friends, he knew it wasn't over.

They would still be together even in their departure.

Darkness and silence were now his closest friends, as his real friends were in that light that was escaping him.


You've seen the questions, you've read them, now do you know the answer?

And the question to be asked, is what if they were all too late? That none of them knew the consequences of being there for each other. That none of these characters knew the hardship someone else would take because they chose another decision.

It would lead to another story.

Another ending.

Let it be for the better, or for the worst.

We only have one question to ask, and that is the questions of What if's? Because what else is there to ask when that is the only question we need an answer to. Every beginning has to end, and every alternate ending begins from somewhere.


What if Gilbert chose to stay by his master's side to help him get Alice back?


Perhaps Vincent managed to convince Gilbert not go and to think on who the important one was. Oz and Alice? Or the Hatter, that was more than capable to handle them? Perhaps Gilbert got lost in his trail of thoughts that he didn't get to the conclusion of figuring out Break's condition. Or maybe Echo was forced not to tell Gil of the Hatter fighting the Baskerville's outside.

Gilbert wasn't told to watch out for Vincent, he remained ignorant of his brother's deeds. Listening to him, when in fact, he should only try and listen to his own thoughts.

Anything could have happened.

Oz and Alice had the help they needed, and were saved.

Isla Yura was dead, and they won.

Eliot wasn't as lucky, the contract was already there and when his own death broke his servant Leo, the darkness fell to Oz and the rest. They grieved silently, yes, but it was too late and they had to escape as quickly as they could.

But to where?

"USE RAVEN!" Oz screamed, as the place began to tremble.

Gil had no choice, he embraced everyone and brought them close. Oz, Alice, Vincent, Echo and the trembling Leo. Gil had brought them to their safety.

Now, where was Sharon, Reim and Break?


Reim woke up, didn't he?

And if he limped to where he thought Break was, then he might be able to see him off and tell him that it was okay. Faintly, he could hear Break's voice calling out to him, but he was in deep sleep, paralyzed to the world around him.

Thanks to March Hare.

Reim limped as quickly as he could, but it was too late.

Some of the trees were slashed to pieces, most of them were stabbed, probably due to the fight that occurred. Reim saw dust and blood red capes of one of the Baskerville's. It was that guy, what's his name? Fang? Break killed him.

But where was Lily? What about the other Baskerville's?

Reim saw blood, trailing away from the forest.

Break must've severely wounded the Baskerville's, leading them into a run. Knowing Mad Hatter's skills, the Baskerville's wouldn't last long. Wounded, it would be hard to fight and it will buy Pandora a great lot of time to think of a plan to stop them.

"Xerx?" He whispered.

Reim embraced himself, doing his best to balance himself as he went a little further into the forest. He turned to look back, watching the mansion burn, but he was determined to look for Break before he passed out. And yet here he was, unable to process the event that occurred.

Unable to accept the truth.

"Xerx? Oh no... No! No!"

He was better off as a blind person.

Reim didn't want to see.

He wanted to forget this.

Break lay there, blood everywhere.

"Xerxes?!" He called.


No help had came to aid his friend in the battle, and he was outnumbered. He was sick, and he had overused his power, he had no help and no one was able to tell him otherwise.

He died knowing that Reim died too.

But that was just a farce.

"NOOO!" Reim screamed. "Please, no! Xerxes? Wake up."

Break remained silent on the ground.

"Y-you moron!" He cried, dropping to his knees beside his friend. "Why did you do this?"

Break lay there bleeding from the open wound on his side, a great stab to his chest had ended him. Reim noticed bite marks on his arm and he could also see the blood dripping down of Break's mouth. Reim could feel tears form in his eyes and they fell.

He felt so hopeless now.

Reim brushed his trembling fingers to Break's hair, draping over his eyes. They seem so peaceful, despite the strain on the body. Reim felt like he was choking, to see Break like this.

His friend was gone.

He touched Break's hand, trying to move him, hoping that this was just a joke.

But it was too real and it hurt.

Now it was true, that people stumble and fall, and that it would have never happened if he had someone to help him. Reim didn't want Break to carry the burden alone, and now, everything Break worked for was gone.

What about that wish of his?

"Please wake up."

What would Sharon say?

"Xerxes, wake up, come on."

See, so many questions left unanswered.

"I'm still alive, you idiot." Reim cried, voice cracking. "You shouldn't have done this. You didn't have to."


"Is this the redemption you want?"

The depression strained Reim's body even more, and he couldn't help but feel his vision darken at the sides. Reim heard someone rushing towards them, and he could only hold Break's lifeless hand. The darkness swallowed him whole.

The Baskerville's were gone.

Break was lifeless.

And Sharon, could she have gotten lost in helping everyone else?

Too busy trying to help keep the peace and be a woman herself. So she could be the good Reinsworth, to try and be useful that she focused more and only realized later on that her efforts saved many, but not all?

When she got those that needed help, she decided to head outside to find Break and the rest.

Only to lead towards a scene that she never thought she would one day witness. Stricken by grief, falling to her knees and staring wildly at the bloody scene. Reim and Break were lying together, looking dead to the world. She didn't want to approach them, and so she screamed as hard as she could.

She could've predicted this.

She should've predicted this.

Now it was too late.

She continued to scream until her lungs felt as if it was about to give out. She could hear faint voices in the distance, but the grief was too much for her. Little did she know it was Oz and the others. Even they couldn't handle the situation.

Vincent though, just stared in disappointment, despite having a hate for Break, he somewhat enjoyed using the Hatter for purposes that would benefit the Baskerville's and him. Alice was crying with Sharon, as Oz stood there in shock. Gil felt a little guilty, he went up to the two, dreading the worst and preparing himself.

"He's alive!" Gil screamed, trying to lift Reim.

"B-break?" Oz stepped forward, voice cracking.

Gil lowered his head and shook it.

How will they cope now that he's gone? The clues they had, who would help solve them? To do things on their own, without someone bothering them, nobody to steal their cake. No one to make them smile or irritate them, to make a noise when the silence was threatening.


It was gone.

They never even got to say goodbye.


To Be Continued...

I rather enjoyed recreating this. I hope you enjoyed.