Chapter 4 - The Fall

"Oz, are you feeling okay?" Alice asked with a worried expression.

The two of them were out in the garden, seated by the fountain and occasionally staring at their own reflection. Nobody wanted to hang out anymore. Sharon stayed in her room most of the time, or occasionally went to Pandora with her grandmother in order to settle some feuds. Gil locked himself in his room as well, but whenever Oz called for him, the servant would always follow the master.

"I'm fine Alice." Oz smiled sadly." Thanks for worrying."

"Do you still think about the clow- I mean, Break." Alice pouted at her slip-up.

After Break died, Alice had started calling him by the name everyone knew. It sounded unfair for her to call him a clown even when he's dead. So she thought that Break might be happier in the after life, knowing that she finally calls him by his name. Alice wanted to make it known that she also cared, in her own strange way.

"Yes, Alice." Oz moved his hand through the water. "I'm still thinking about him."

"Oh." She looked away, hesitantly talking. "Me too."

"Nobody can really stop thinking about him. Reim-san and Sharon has it worse than any of us."

"Four eyes and Sharon." Alice sighed. "Four eyes has been working himself to death, hasn't he?"

"I wish he wouldn't." Oz continued to play with the water. "Everyone's trying to stop Reim-san, but he just wouldn't do anything else except his work. He keeps doing missions, small inside jobs, getting information and occasionally some on field. And even Duke Barma is frightened for him. He's become more determined than ever."

"There's no helping it."

"You're right, but don't you think that if Break was alive and he saw all of us like this, he'll do something?"

"I think so."

"He will. I know it." Oz chuckled sadly.

"What if we do something to cheer up everyone?" Alice suggested. "Like a meat party."

"That's a great idea, Alice!" Oz grinned. "We should try and cheer everyone up."

"With meat? They said that a meat party doesn't exist." Alice stared at Oz, as he laughed a little.

"Not really with meat, Alice. But your idea is still great."

Alice felt all bubbly inside, the first time in a long while since Break's death and it was something. Oz was feeling it too. It wasn't easy, not to mourn for a death of a good friend, but it was slowly getting better. Sure it was missing the key ingredient and that was Break's strange personality. They miss him jumping to their rescue, or him popping up anywhere and dishing out comments.

It was suddenly, quiet.

"We should start with ourselves first." Oz thought.


Suddenly the wind picks up and Alice held her hair down, while Oz looked up at the trees swaying back and forth. The leaves began to blow up towards the sky, making the scenery so beautiful and worthwhile. Oz gazed at the leaves dropping.

"It's already fall."

"Fall? Is that good? Something to eat?"

"That's when the flowers and leaves die so they can make a new one." Oz explained to Alice rather gently. "It reminds me of something I read once. Once someone dies another lives. It's not meant to replace anyone, it's just how the cycle of life goes. There is always someone born from death."

"Does that mean the Clo- I mean Break, is helping make someone live?"

"Kinda..." Oz laughed and patted Alice.

"How did it go?"

"Life is like a tree." Oz chuckled. "Spring comes and a beautiful journey springs anew. Summer hits, the hardships we go through. Winter is the time when things are often feared, and soon fall comes, where everything breaks."

"I don't like this story."

"It's suppose to be inspiring, Alice."


"Because it's a cycle. When fall comes, and everything breaks, it still looks beautiful." Oz points at the leaves being blown by the wind. "See? After Fall, Spring happens and it's beautiful again."

"That's nice." Alice smiled, and patted Oz's head."Maybe this is for the best." Oz sadly whispered. "Now, Break won't have to feel so much pain. He won't have to keep struggling."

"But he never finished what he wanted to do, remember?"

"I'm not sure what I'm trying to say." Oz wiped the tears from his eyes.

"It's okay to cry."

"Break may be done in this life, but I saw him smile before he died. There was sadness, and I'm not sure why, but I think it's because he never had the time to tell us anything he wanted to say. I think he missed us as much as we miss him."

"Is he alone somewhere?" Alice felt her stomach growl but ignored it. "He'll feel even more sad when he sees us grieving."

"You're right, Alice."

"Hmm?" Alice blushed."We should start to make things right again. Break doesn't like us living in the past enough for it to take over our lives. We still have so many things to do, like finding out where Vincent and Reo are."

"That's right, we can't let the Clown's work go to waste!" Alice stood on the ledge of the fountain and spun. "So where do we start first?"

"I have no clue." Oz giggled. "But I'm sure things would go back to normal soon."

Suddenly a white rose fell from the sky and fell right on the water, floating there. Oz and Alice blinked and looked at each other. Alice bent down to stare at it while Oz picked it up and twirled the pretty white flower and smiled, placing it on Alice's hair right above her right ear.

"What is this?" Alice blushed, pouting.

"I think it's a sign that Break agrees with us."

"Really?" Alice played with her fingers. "Oz?"

"Yes, Alice?" Oz turned, a little distracted. "What is it?"

"Can I talk to... him?"

"Hmm?" Oz took a while to understand, and when it hit him. "Oh! Don't worry, I think he will hear you no matter where we are."

"Hey CLOWN!" Alice stood up, grinning in triumph. "I will help Oz make things right and we will finish this once and for all! You efforts won't be in vain! We can take on anything thrown at us!"

"You hear that Break?!" Oz stood up, shouting with her. "We're going to finish this!"

"What are you two doing!?" Someone shouted from a distance. "It's not safe!"

"It's Papa!" Oz laughed.

"What do you mean papa?" Gil rushed. "You might slip!"

"Seaweed-head!" Alice grinned. "Look Oz, he's out of his room!"

Gil was finally out of his room, running towards the two of them. Alice suddenly grabbed Oz and they both tumbled to the water together, and Oz couldn't help but laugh. "You're both going to catch a cold." Gil's eyes were red, but Oz was glad he was here with them. The servant began to lecture Oz and Alice and tried to dry both of them off.

Oz smiled as he and Alice stood up and walked away from the fountain. Oz laughed hard, and was glad that the water was masking his tears. No one could see him like that, and he was glad that he knew things would get better soon.

Fall was beautiful, but very has a limit and every life has to end, but that is the way we live.

"Come on Alice, Gil, let's go back inside."


Sharon was staring out the window, spinning a white rose in between her fingers. She smiled sadly, and yet at the same time, happily watching the three outside. She couldn't help but feel so lost in that happiness that it took a moment to realize she was forgetting something.

"You don't have to keep mourning." Reim entered the door silently.

"You've been mourning since, Reim-san." She turned to him, surprised.

"I found it while I was walking through Pandora earlier." Reim smiled, holding out a white flower, placing it into a book. "I should keep it somewhere safe."

"It just flew in." Sharon tried to explain. "How are you, Reim-san? We haven't seen you in a while."

"I'm tired." Reim leaned back from the window, like Break used to do. "Tired of crying, tired of shutting myself out in all the work. I hate it when people look at me and start pitying me. At work I keep hearing a few colleagues talk about him and I can't help but be mad about it."

"You're not alone in this."

"And neither are you." Reim sighed. "I can't help but feel he's about to pop up from somewhere and bother me into doing his paperwork. I just, can't help but wait even though there's nothing to wait for."

"Grandmother, told me that it's fine to cry." Sharon closed her eyes. "But too much can be hurtful too."

"I want to settle this, settle everything, Sharon." Reim breathed with determination. "I'm so sick of pity, sadness and the tears."

"Aren't we all tired, Reim-san?" She giggled gently.

"I miss him." Reim wiped the tears from his eyes, not bothering to move his glasses. "I still feel like he's somewhere in the room. I want to hear the voice of my best friend."

"Don't, Reim-san." Sharon breathed. "Xerxes-nii, wouldn't want to hear our sadness."

"You're right." He chuckled. "Xerxes used to say he isn't good with emotions."

"I know." She giggled with him. "I miss him too. It's just sad..."

"It is." Reim closed his eyes. "We never got to say goodbye to him. And he never... her wish... the will of Abyss... I wonder what it was."

"He took it to his grave as well."

"He was struggling for so long, it shouldn't have ended up like this." Reim shook his head. "Xerxes wouldn't want us to be like this."

"And I think everyone else has figured that out by now." She pointed. "Look outside."

"Really?" He said, looking out the window.

"Do you see it? On Alice-san's hair?"

The White Rose.

"I can't believe we all have one." Reim chuckled, feeling relieved. "Or at least that's what I assume. Do you think Gilbert-sama has one?"

"I'm sure." Sharon sat by the table and sipped some tea, as she smiled at Reim, who poured himself a cup. They needed to settle this once and for all. It would be too much if they let it continue to ruin their lives.

This wasn't living anymore and they had to find a solution.


Oz pulled both of them inside and the three got into a secure room. They were shocked to see Sharon and Reim sitting there, looking like they just had a really long conversation.

"Oh my, why are you two wet?" Sharon questioned innocently.

"Oh let me." Reim walked to the closet and gave them towels to dry themselves.

"Thank you." Oz grinned.

"I knew I was right about going outside." Gil sighed. "What were you two doing?"

"Oz and I were just talking to the Clown!" Alice grinned as she dried herself.


"Talking to him?" Sharon blinked.

"Yeah! It's like a sign, and Oz said that he's probably watching and listening!" Alice shook her head, earning a glare from Gil. "Besides, shouting and calling him Clown is fine!"

"Are you guys okay?" Oz said. "We're sorry for bringing it up."

"No, no..." Reim smiled. "Not at all. It is... about time we talked about this."

"Reim-san and I were just talking about it earlier." Sharon wiped her eyes gently.

"I'm sorry everyone." Reim bowed. "I shouldn't have acted the way I did. I just... We've known Xerx for many years and to not be able to say goodbye-"

"I don't think Break will like it if we keep doing this." Oz smiled, getting straight to the point. "Are you sure you guys are alright to talk about this?"

"Maybe. Maybe not. But there is no harm in trying." Sharon smiled sadly and looked at Alice. "That rose, Alice-san, where did you get it?"

"The Clown gave it to me!" Alice jumped, shocking everyone. "Or at least I think it did. It blew right on the fountain Oz and I were at and Oz gave it to me."

"Is that so?" Reim pulled out the same flower from a book. "A white rose, it rarely grows anywhere, and to find one near the Reinsworth mansion is, strange. At Fall too."

"I found it blown through the window." Sharon pointed at the flower on the table next to her tea. "I realized something when this flower flew into my room. It reminded me that Break hated crying. I know that he wants me to be brave someday, and I want to start now."

"A white flower flew into my room as well." Gilbert smiled, pulling a white flower out of his pocket.

"Break must be telling us not to grieve his death. " Oz smiled.

Everyone listened...

"He wants us to continue what were living for. He doesn't want us to live like we're dead. He wants us to live like we're alive. Break may be dead but he's still living by our side, through our memories."

"Yeah!" Alice pointed at her heart. "He's living in here."

"He lives in all of us." Reim smiled at them sadly holding the white flower in his hand.

"He's an idiot to be doing something like this but," Oz laughed. "At least it got us back to who we are."

"Now that we're done, let's not grieve anymore okay!?" Alice stood on top of the chair. "I want a meat party!"

"Get down from there Stupid rabbit!" Gil shouted, pulling her.

"Let me go Seaweed-head!"

"We still have important matters to discuss." Sharon gently said. "We- we aren't finished yet- Hold on-"

"There's something concerning the Baskerville's and Vincent Nightray-" Reim mumbled, completely ignored as the two argued.

"Grandmother told me something important as well." Sharon pouted. "It's important that you need to know-"

"Hey you two..." Oz sweat-dropped. "We just-"

"Hey CLOWN you hear me!?" Alice shouted. "We're not going to give up! This isn't the last of us! WE'RE GOING TO FIGHT TIL THE END!"

"Don't shout you stupid Rabbit!"

"I'll shout however I want."

"Please, stop, you two."

"My my... back to normal at last. I'm so glad." A voice echoed through the wind as fall continued. "Hehehe... may my last will be strength to guide you."

Reim couldn't help but feel something, so he turned to the window to stare at the leaves flying through the wind. He opened the window and a soft breeze entered, and everyone noticed this, they grew silent and Reim could only smile.

"It's a good day." He said. "Like those sunny days."

"I miss that." The voice happily echoed. "Those bright sunny days."


*Cries harder*

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