Guide to Writing an iCarly Fic

You wanna write an iCarly fic? Well, you've come to the right place! There's some basic foundations I'll lay down first.

First, one that we all have trouble with: keeping the characters IC (In- Character) and not OOC (Out of Character). This means that instead of inventing your own personalities, you keep in line with the characters on the show. This can make a fic much more enjoyable (and you'll get more good reviews)!

Sam Puckett is:

A bully



Nice, but hardly ever

Obsessed with food


Street smart

Sam Puckett is not:

A pansy

A sap


Nice, sweet

Kind, caring

Which means if you write a story like this:

"Oh my gosh!" Sam exclaimed, a hand to her lips. "I love you so much, Freddie! I love the way your hair catches the light!"

A bully came out of nowhere and hit Freddie. Sam rushed to his side. "Oh, Freddie! I love you so much! You have to fight back because I can't fight at all! You're so strong, Freddie!"

Yeah, that's an OOC Sam. A much more IC Sam would be like this:

"Yo, Freddork," Sam walked up and flicked Freddie's head.

"Ouch!" Freddie rubbed his neck. "What was that? That hurt, Sam!"

"Your point is?" Sam shrugged. "I just got annoyed with you."

Freddie glared. "What did I do to you?"

"You were born," Sam stated dryly

That's a much more IC Sam. However, it's a bit extreme, and if you're wanting an IC Seddie fic this might not work well. Try this:

"Hey, dorkosaurus," Sam greeted the boy.

Freddie rolled his eyes. "You'd think that once we started going out, you'd stop trying to create stupid nicknames for me."

"Not happening," Sam sung. "Take me for smoothies after school?"

"I'm buying, aren't I?" Freddie groaned.

"When are you not?" Sam grinned cheekily.

Freddie Benson is:

A dork

A nerd

In the A/V club

A boy that tries to be funny


Nice, caring

Freddie Benson is not:

A bad boy

A total jerk



A good liar


All right, I know about the popularity of badboy Freddie stories on this website. However, they can grow tiring after a while, so why don't we try to keep Freddie as his nerdy self? I mean, I tried it, but eventually he went back to canon Freddie. I can't keep him bad, everyone knows we can't pull it off.

Here's an OOC Freddie:

"Hey, guys," Freddie walked into school one day, flashing his new grill.

Carly's eyes lit up. "Wow, Freddie, you're so bad."

"I know, right?" Freddie put his hands on his hips.

A random guy came up and shoved Freddie. "Hey, dork, wanna fight?"

"I'm not a dork anymore," Freddie calmly announced. "I'm a bad boy. Watch." He put his fist up and punched him square in the face. He then flexed his muscle.

Carly grinned. "Wow, Freddie, you're so BAD! Can I feel your muscle?"

Flexing his muscle again, Freddie smirked. "Yeah, I am, aren't I?"

Not trying to pick fun at Creddie stories or anything, so here's an IC Creddie:

Staring at the ground, Freddie began. "Carly, I just wanted to let you know that, even though I broke up with you and everything, I kinda….I kinda still like you."

"Yeah," Carly nodded.

"Well?" Freddie raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, I like you too," Carly looked annoyed.

Freddie turned red. "You still like me?"

"Yeah, I know, I like the dorky technical producer," Carly giggled.

"Hey!" Freddie protested. "Don't be vicious!"

Sorry if it's not too good, I'm not terrific at Creddie.

Carly Shay is:

Nice/ Kind to EVERYONE


The center of attention

Friends with everyone/popular

A bit selfish at times

Funny (some of the time)

Smart, but sometimes clueless

Carly Shay is not:




Scheming/ conniving

Entirely stupid

Totally selfless


Here's an example from a typical, evil Carly Seddie/Creddie war fic:

"Hey, Sam," Carly said into her pink cellphone. "I've decided to dump you."

"What? Why?" Sam cried, tears running down her innocent face.

Carly's mouth twisted into a sadistic smirk. "I've realized you weren't good enough for me and my awesomeness. I've decided it's better to be popular."

"But I thought we were friends!" Sam wailed.

Carly rolled her perfect brown eyes. "Why would you think that? You're just a loser."

"No!" Sam sobbed.

Carly hesitated a second, then said, "Oh, I'm taking Freddie too!"
"NO! HE LOVES ME!" Sam screeched.

"Nope," Carly's plump pink lips smiled. "We're dating now. Have a nice life, Samantha Puckett."

All right, now let's try one with Carly a bit more IC.

"Guys!" Carly broke into Sam and Freddie's fight. "Guys, can't you stop fighting for just a minute?"

Sam and Freddie glanced at each other. "Nope."

Carly whined, "Sam! Freddie! Can't you guys just stop? I have a special friend coming over!"

"She started it!" They exclaimed in unison.

"Hey!" Freddie glared at Sam.

Carly shook her head. "And I'm ending it. It takes two to tango!"

Bursting into laughter at her horrible humor, Sam and Freddie grinned at each other. Carly just scowled at the two of them. "What, you don't like my lingo?"

Sam and Freddie both laughed again.

Yeah, I like a bit crazier Carly. But she's still pretty much IC

I'm too lazy to do the rest of the characters, but I'm sure you know how Spencer is and Gibby also. If you don't, look them up online or something. Or watch the episodes again, that usually works.


I don't mind if you have a few typos, they don't take away from the meaning. However, if your story is like the following example, it can get annoying.

Check it out:

One lasy day in Seatle, there is a girl name Sam who is friend with a boy named Freddy. But they're mutwal frand Carly is not happy that they be friend so she try to break them up. But in the end they stick togethor and eventully have a happy ever after! And Carly is not happy, so she will recroot Gibby to brake them up. Gibby doesnt like Carly a lot tho so he decide to be a spie!

Then Carly get mad and throw him out.

Bye bye, Gibby!

Spencer is not doing anithing interesting.

Terrific, right? Wouldn't this be a better summary if it looked like this:

One lazy day in Seattle, there was a girl named Sam who was friends with a boy named Freddie. But their mutual friend Carly was not happy that they were friends so she tried to break them up. In the end, they stuck together and eventually had their happily ever after! But Carly was not happy, so she recruited Gibby to break them up. Gibby didn't like Carly a lot though, so he decided to be a spy. When Carly found out, she got mad and threw him out.

Bye, bye, Gibby!
Spencer was not doing anything interesting.

Much better, right? Another pet peeve of mine is using text/IM lingo in a story. Save it for the chat rooms, people! Example? I'll make one up!

I watched iCarly 2day and I found out that there r 3 kids- Sam, Freddie & Carly. They r 2gether 4 filming iCarly.

I decided 2 support Seddie! So here's my fan fic.

Sam wuz in the kitchen, getting some juice. Freddie walked in. "Yo, Sam, 2day u wanna get some Coke?"

"Not with u, nub," Sam growled.

Freddie was like, "O no u didnt!"

Sam grinned. "O yes I did!"

It was like a fight! "Wht made u think I wanna go w/ u?"

"U asked me!" Sam retorted.

Fun, right? isn't this better?

Carly was in the kitchen, getting some juice. Freddie walked in. "Hey, Carls, what's up?"

"Having some fun," Carly did a little dance. "Making some cupcakes."

"Fun," Freddie nodded.

Grinning, Carly asked, "Where's Sam?"

Freddie shrugged. "How should I know?"

Third, there's the issue of capitalization.

Seriously, go back to elementary if you didn't learn the rules of capitalization! You should always capitalize proper nouns and beginnings of sentences, not to mention there are many more rules. I understand if you have a certain writing style, but otherwise, it's just annoying. For example:

One day sam and Freddie and carly lived in seattle but then it was hot. so they were all crammed in a little room.

"Turn on the heat," sam said.

"Yeah, i'm hot," Freddie complained.

Carly rolled her eyes. "you'll survive."

"i will not," sam groaned. "I'm so hot."

A random boy dashed in and smiled at her. "yes, you are."

Funny plot, but the capitalization thing is annoying, no? Here it is, fixed!

One day, Sam, Freddie and Carly lived in Seattle, but then it was hot. So they were all crammed in a little room.

"Turn on the heat," Sam said.

"Yeah, I'm hot," Freddie complained.

Carly rolled her eyes. "You'll survive."

"I will not," Sam groaned. "I'm so hot."

A random boy dashed in and smiled at her. "Yes, you are."

Better, isn't it? Easier to read too!

One thing that will almost always cause you to get flames is lack of punctuation! Whether it be from run-on sentences, lack of commas, or no periods at the end of sentences, it's stupid. I mean, I can get it if it's your style, but just leaving them out for no reason? Uncool. Here's an example:

Yo Sam said Freddie.

Dorks should not say yo said Sam

Why not asked Freddie

Sam rolled her eyes You're obviously too dorky to see why not

Carly and Gibby and YOU say it Freddie contradicted

Sam nodded But I don't butt in there because we're not dorks Well except Gibby

Chuckling Freddie replied Yeah I know

Ugh. Super hard to read, right? Well, let me fix it for you.

"Yo, Sam," said Freddie.

"Dorks should not say yo," said Sam.

"Why not?" asked Freddie.

Sam rolled her eyes. "You're obviously too dorky to see why not."

"Carly, Gibby and YOU say it," Freddie contradicted.

Sam nodded. "But I don't butt in there because we're not dorks. Well, except Gibby."

Chuckling, Freddie replied, "Yeah, I know."

All right, enough with my punctuation/grammar/spelling talk. Let's move on to something more interesting, another common flame you'll get. The dreaded cliché. I'm gonna go through my area of expertise first, Seddie.

After reading many Seddie fanfics, here are the common Seddie clichés:

Sam leaves. She may get a new job, become an actress or become mad at Freddie for some reason. Then she comes back and something has changed.

Sam and Freddie act in a romantic play, preferably something by Shakespeare.

Freddie notices Sam leaving after iSpeed Date.

Sam and Freddie are/have been secretly dating.

Someone is betting on Sam and Freddie getting together.

Sam and Freddie remember the kiss then try it again.

Sam and Freddie fake date.

Sam helps Freddie become a bad boy/ Freddie becomes a bad boy and Sam falls in love with him.

They meet over the Internet or at a masquerade then fall in love. However, they don't know it's the other person.

They must work together on an important project.

Sam's mom abuses her and Freddie rescues her.

I could go on and on. However, as you'll see, I've tackled many of these clichés, such as the one where Sam leaves, the one where Freddie notices Sam leaving, and the one where they are secretly leaving. But, if you follow the cliché exactly, you'll be getting flames. You have to add a twist to keep people interested. I'd hope that my stories managed that. If you try something new and original, you may end up getting more reviews.

I'm not much of an expert on Creddie or Cam clichés, but I'll do my best:

Freddie dates Sam/ another girl, and Carly realizes she is jealous.

Carly wakes up one day and randomly realizes she loves Freddie.

Carly has to do a play/romantic thing with Freddie and realizes she's in love with him.

Freddie expresses his love for Carly and she finally gives him a chance.

Carly and Freddie resume their iSYL romantic relationship.


Sam realizes she isn't straight.

Sam/ Carly start feeling 'sparks' when they touch.

Sam/ Carly discover 'hidden feelings' that they'd passed up as friendship.

Carly questions why she's still friends with Sam.

Sam questions why she's jealous of Carly/Freddie.

I'm sure you guys have better ones, so send them to me.

Another thing to avoid in any circumstance is total romantic sappiness. I mean, cuteness is fine. There's a line between sappiness and cuteness.

This could be the difference between these two ficlets:

"Hey, Sam, I really love you," Gibby muttered.

"Me too!" Sam kissed him on the lips for a long time. "I love you more than ham."

"I love you more than being shirtless," Gibby gasped.

Sam smiled. "I love you so much."
"All I wanna do is be with you," Gibby agreed.

"Oh, me too," Sam sighed.

Now, for me at least, that's too much of an overdose of Sibby. They're also OOC. How about we tone it down a bit?

"Sam," Gibby blushed as he looked down. "Can I tell you something?"

Sam flicked his arm. "Whaddya want, Gibson?"

"I love you…" He began. Seeing the glare in Sam's eye, he quickly finished with, "More than not wearing a shirt."

Sam raised an eyebrow. "That's a lot."

"Don't you have something to say back?" Gibby nudged her.

"All right," Sam sighed. "I love you more than ham."

See, cute but not in an overdose.

Also, while some dark fics are good, others can be totally terrible or disturbing. Let's keep in mind the central themes of the show- randomness and humor. Often times, these can be the most popular stories. Not that I'm telling you not to write angst! I love angst every once in a while. But this is not the central theme of iCarly. And definitely don't overdo it, sometimes character suicide can be really scary.

Also, watch almost all of the episodes before you begin to write! Sometimes, in the episode you watch the characters are not as developed as later on in the series. Also, you might have missed a major moment with character(s).

Like if you just watched iPilot:

"Hey, Carly," Freddie flashed his crush a huge grin. "I'm here to do some tech stuff."

"Or to spy on me?" Carly wondered.

"Yeah, that too," Freddie clapped a hand over his mouth. "Oops."

Sam, who was sitting at the counter, rolled her eyes. "What is that doing here?"

"I have to work on tech stuff," Freddie retorted, glaring furiously at her.

"I have to work on tech stuff," Sam mimicked. "Gimme a break. More like you gotta work on dork stuff."

Well, not too much has changed.

So, whaddya think?

Remember, I'm not here to say my fics are perfect or anything, they're definitely not! And I'm not here to criticize/flame any story! I just wanted to give some helpful advice to those starting out. And I hope some of the mess-ups made you laugh. Also, I'm definitely up for a sequel if anyone wants it. I'd love any ideas/suggestions you guys have.

Oh, and sorry for the lack of Cam/Cibby! I'm not entirely sure how to write Cam, considering I don't ever write femslash. I do love Cibby to death so next chap will be better! And sorry about the Seddie being the ship I used most, I do love me some Seddie. Also if you don't like romantic fanfics, I did add some friendship excerpts in there XD

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