AN: As the 18th of October last year was the day I joined , I have decided to start my 'His Onyx Angel Outtakes' story today. Basically, this is where I'll post chapters that I either planned for and didn't write or started to write and gave up, like with this one, which was originally going to be chapter 4, before I got writer's block and completely re-wrote it, which is why this chapter is very short and ends on a cliffhanger. Enjoy :)

The man was watching her.

Angel looked across the street to where a man was standing in the shadows.

Yes, he was definitely watching her.

She shuddered and looked back down at her coffee, trying her best not to look at him. Maybe if she ignored him, he would go away.

Ten minutes later, she looked up.

He was still watching her.

She drained the last of her coffee and stood up from the café table, grabbed her bag and walked off down the road. Maybe she could get away from him.

Twenty minutes later she glanced over her shoulder.

He was following her.

She opened her bag and dug out a small mobile phone. She flipped it open, Mika had seen an advertisement in a shop window about an offer for mobile phones, he'd bought two, telling Angel to call him if there was an emergency. She thought this counted for an emergency. She glanced down at the phone, meaning to key in Mika's number.

There was no signal.

She groaned and peeked over her shoulder again.

The man smiled and waved.

She turned her head forwards again, only to crash straight into a tall, muscular looking man.

She opened her mouth to apologise but closed it again when she saw the colour of his skin.

It was purple.

He was a vampaneze.

She began to scream but he placed a hand over her mouth and dragged her into the shadows.

'Good work, Mauray She'll be excellent bait.' Stated the man with his hand over Angel's mouth.

'It's nothing J, let's just get out of here.'

The man with his hand over Angel's mouth nodded, lifted his hand and before Angel had time to react, exhaled his knock-out gas breath in her face.

The last thing she remembered was being tossed into the back of a van, the last glimpse of sunlight before the doors slammed shut and then she lost consciousness.

Mika awoke. He looked around and noticed that aside from himself and the snoring Vancha, he was alone. Angel wasn't there. His hawk-like eyes scanned the room for signs of intrusion, for any sign that something wasn't right. What if something had happened?

He rolled his eyes, he was getting paranoid about that girl, she'd probably just gone out for a walk or something. He swung his legs over the bed, stood, stretched and made his way over to the bathroom, deciding to take a shower.