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Angelique flinched and pulled the covers tighter over her head. The storm outside had started raging over a half hour ago and had only seemed to get worse.

Storms were one of the few things besides the Thanatos that frightened Angelique, though she had long ago learned to hide this particular fear. As a small child in the dorms she had been tormented by her peers for fearing 'a silly bit of weather' and knew that, even though the Purifiers would never be cruel like the girls, they would worry for her.

She didn't want them to worry for her. They did too much of that without adding another of her fears. She wanted to be strong for them.

But she was alone now, and no matter how hard she tried she couldn't contain her fear.

When the thunder crashed again, Angelique began fervently praying in her mind for help distracting her from everything but the thunder and lightning outside her window, her door sliding silently open to admit a tall shadow entry before closing just as quietly.

Another crash of thunder rolled across the sky as the shadow soundlessly crossed the space between the door and the bed.

Angelique shivered when her covers were lifted afraid to turn as the figure slipped into the bed with her.

Gentle arms reached, pulling her trembling form back to rest against a hard velvety chest. Silken words slid over her senses. "I've got you, Angel."

Her trembling began to ease, the tension slipping away until she was once more at the edge of dreams.

Her saviors' arms tightened gently around her as she murmured and gave into sleeps beckoning call.

"Arigato, J.D."