He used to have one, long ago

How he lost it, I don't know

He's shorter now, but just as sweet

A brighter bloke you'll never meet

At the time warp he's number one

Kind of square but lots of fun

Oh no! Not the book

But since it's open let's take a look

Brad and Janet were a happy pair

Until their tire lost all its air

(Richard Nixon was no crook

Watergate was just a fluke)

Frankie was a sweet transvestite

In high heels and fishnet tights

Rocky had a muscular frame

Too bad he only had half a brain

Eddie was never much of a winner

And then one night he became dinner

His slaying was a mercy killing

But Franken Furter seemed all too willing

Columbia was squeaky, Magenta was sneaky

And both of them could be quite cheeky

Dr. Scott had a science degree

And a parking permit, how lucky was he

Riff Raff seemed such a simple man

Until he formed his vindictive plan

Now Frankie, Rocky, and Columbia are dead

And the world is spinning on its head

Sweet Transsexual, land of night

Don't forget to turn out the globe light

Oh no, well there goes the power bill

Will he ever remember? No, he never will