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Chapter 3: Tell Her I Love Her

I decided the soon I start my bucket list, the sooner she will be my girlfriend. Number One Tell her I love her.

We are now on the way to the press conference for Hannah New Album. Her blonde wig was falling in her face hiding her amazing eyes and smile. I reached over and moved it out of her face. She look up and smiled at me. That was all the thanks I needed.

When we got to where press conference was held. Miley took my hand and held it has we got out of the limo and walked into the building. We met Hannah's Publicist in the lobby of the hotel and she lead us the ballroom. Miley was still holding my hand. She squeezed my hand before she took her seat on the mini stage next to her dad. I stood next to her Publicist watching her every move.

"Hannah tells are you dating Jake Ryan or Mike Stanley?" a reporter asked as my heart stopped beating

"Jake and I broke up before I went on tour, and has for Mike he is one of my best friends in the whole world" She told them then look at me and smiled.

"Then explain why he comes to everything?"Another reporter asked.

"Like I said he is my best friend, and I want to share everything with him." Miley told them "He like he guy version of Lola"

"So does this mean that If were a movie about him?" A different reporter asked. I knew it was about Jake but it got me thinking maybe it was about me.

"Fine you guys caught me!" Miley yelled, while she stood up and look at me. " I ,Hannah Montana, is in love with Mike Stanley the third!"

My heart started racing, my mouth dropped to the floor and the next thing I remember I grab the microphone and yelled to the crowed of reporters.

"I am in love Miss Hannah Montana." I then put the microphone and pulled Miley into a hug and whispered in her ear "I love you, Miley Rea Stewart. This is not how I want to tell you."

"I love you too, Oliver." She whispered.

The rest of the Press Conference went on. They asked about the songs on the album, the inspiration came from, where Lola was, and when the new album will be out. I stayed sat next to her and played with her hand. I watched her has her eyes lite up has she talked about the album. The press conference came to the end. We stood up, and we walked out of room hand in hand.

" Oliver, I love you! I just wish Miley could of said to Oliver. Before Hannah said it to microphone." Miley told me.

"How about I make it up to you with lunch date at Rico's." I asked her for our very first date.

"I would be Honored."She said in her southern accent.

"Well it took you kids along enough." Robby Ray said has we got into he Limo.

"What are you taking about, Daddy?" Miley asked her dad.

"I know when you two first met you would get together at some point." He explain to us.

" I will treat your daughter like the princes she truly is sir." I told Mr. Stewart.

"Oliver, don't ever call me sir again."

"Yes Robbie"

"Ollie you are so sweet" Miley said has we pulled in front of the Stewart house. I walked to her to the door. I am going to de-hannah myself and met you at Rico's in a hour."

"Deal." I said. She started to walk into her house. Then I grabbed her hand, turned her around and kissed her. "Bye Miles."

I turned around and started to run to my house. I could still feel her lips on mine. Fireworks. Fireworks went off when I kissed her. I never felt that way when I've kissed a girl. I rushed home to get ready for my date with Miley.

Tell Her I Love Her: Check.

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