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Cam was fairly certain she did not want to know what was really going on. It was her job, after all, as the boss, to know what was happening in her lab at all times but something didn't sit right with her about this. Sweets and Angela had only proven to cause trouble earlier, and despite her concern upon hearing about Sweets' accident, she wanted nothing more than to wring his neck for distracting Angela in the first place.

In fact, it seemed like everyone in the lab was distracted this particular day. When Cam thought about it, Angela and Sweets were not the only two who had expressed suspicious behavior. It was Wendell who had been so frantic not some moments before at her questioning. Fisher and and Angela both had vanished from the lab and it was obvious Wendell had been covering for them, but for what reasons Cam had no clue.

"Why is no-one doing any work today?" She demanded.

Part of her was furious that nobody seemed to be taking the case seriously. The other part of her was still upset about the incident earlier. Not only because she found herself outraged at what Sweets and Angela had been looking at when they could have - and should have - been doing other productive things, but partly because she was a bit upset that they had found what she had found before herself. It was no longer a secret and she knew this would not end well. This worried her to no end.

"Uh," Wendell began. "It's kind of a long story."

"Well, then. We don't have all day, Mr. Bray." The pathologist replied, crossing her arms over her chest and giving him that authoritive look that everyone despised. "So start talking."

Wendell glanced at Fisher and sighed. How the hell were they to explain something as crazy as this? It's not as he expected Cam to believe anything he was saying. He knew she was aware of everyone's strange behavior that day but he didn't quite understand anything himself. In fact, he probably knew as much as Cam knew herself, if not less.

"Well?" Cam pried.

"I'm out of here," Fisher suddenly announced, getting up from his seat. Wendell shot him a death glare and ordered him to stay, to which he reluctantly obliged. He kept by the door, though, in case he needed a fast exit.

"All right," Wendell said, taking a deep breath to calm himself. "Look, I know things have been a little crazy this morning."

"A little?" Cam scoffed.

"Okay, they've been a lot crazy. But I just want to clarify, before I even begin to figure out how I'm possibly going to tell you what's going on without sounding like a mad-man, which I might add is statistically impossible, I want you to know that I had nothing to do with any of it."

Fisher watched on with a mixture of amusement and regret. Cam just looked plain annoyed.

"Just get straight to the point, Mr. Bray."

"Okay, okay." He surrendered. "Look, Dr. Saroyon, I don't know what to tell you. Angela and Dr. Sweets have been...conspiring all day and to be honest, I have no idea what about. They kept rambling on about some elephant."

"A government elephant," Fisher clarified.

"Yeah! And they said that we," Wendell continued, pointing between Fisher and himself to get his point across," me and Fisher were...spies."

"Angela wanted to murder us," added Fisher.

"She wanted to murder us but Sweets tried to stop her, and then she accused him of being an elephant too..."

"Which I might add has nothing to do with weight," Fisher decided to say. Cam glanced at him for just a second, before returning her attention to Wendell, who looked and sounded almost as baffled as she did at the words coming out of his mouth.

"An-an-and then...uh..." Wendell stuttered, nervously. "He accused her of being an elephant, or at least he tried to, but she interrupted him before he could finish his sentence. And she told him not to blame her for anything and that she believed him, she just couldn't be sure."

Cam blinked.

"And then they ran off to find Hodgins. That's all we know."

Cam looked back and forth between Wendell and Fisher for a few seconds before slowly nodding her head with a skeptical expression. "Riiiight. Okay. So Sweets and Angela...are in cahoots," she suggested, animatedly using her hands to help her understand. "With an elephant?"

"No, because we're the elephants."

"I don't think you're an elephant," Cam stressed with concern. "I think you've officially gone nuts. Why does this always happen to me?"

"No," Wendell backtracked. "No, I mean. They wouldn't be in cahoots with an elephant if we were the elephants, because then we'd be in cahoots with them and would actually know what the heck was going on. I'm just as confused as you are!"

"I somehow doubt that," Cam sighed. She paused for a minute to pinch the bridge of her nose and shake her head. "Look, I don't know what's going on here but someone needs to just...act normal for once and get back to work. And, I need an aspirin. Or maybe I'll just check myself into a mental hospital and save myself the trouble."

"It's not you who needs to go to a mental hospital, Dr. Saroyan. It's Sweets and Angela. There's something seriously wrong with them," Wendell explained.

"I'll say!" Cam agreed. "They haven't done anything but cause trouble all day. I told Sweets to go back to the FBI but then he comes back, and he's with Angela again..." Cam was at a loss. "I shouldn't have let him stay. Even if he was in an accident, that's no reason he can't let my people do their jobs. All he ever does here is distract everyone."

"If he was really in an accident, Dr. Saroyan, I think he may have bumped his head or something," Wendell continued. He'd seen the looks Angela and Sweets had given to him, and he had taken it then that there hadn't really been an accident in the first place, but now he wasn't so sure. The real accident could be introducing those two from the very beginning. "Angela, too. They're freaking me out."

"Maybe they're on some new medication," Fisher suggested.

"I don't know. That's what I thought earlier," Wendell agreed. "But why would they both be on the same new medication at the exact same time? As far as I know, both Dr. Sweets and Angela are fairly healthy."

Fisher shrugged. "I'm on new medication all the time."

"Well, I doubt that has anything to do with this." Wendell said, "I think maybe they're just...I don't know, high or something."

"High?" Cam repeated, angrily. "In my lab?"

"I don't know!" Wendell sputtered. "I don't know, I have no idea. All I know is that they're completely mad and that they're serious. They actually believe something crazy is going on, and I don't know what to believe anymore! Is there something crazy going on or are they just crazy?"

"I think everyone here is crazy," Cam confided.

"God, the look in their eyes. " Wendell shuddered. "You should have seen it, Dr. Saroyan. It was...lifechanging. I mean, I've seen people have bad trips before, you know? There were a few parties I went to that -" Wendell stopped mid-sentence at Cam's look and picked up where he left off. "But them? They really just...ugh. I actually feared for my life for a second there."

"I didn't," Fisher replied. "I was curious to see what would happen."

Cam and Wendell rolled their eyes at Fisher's depressing reply and moved on. Cam was afraid that no work would get done that day and Wendell was both worried that his friends had officially gone mad and that they would come back and murder him.

"Just...get back to work, guys." Dr. Saroyan exasperated, right about at her wit's end. "Don't worry about Sweets and Angela right now. I will take care of that myself. You guys, please, just go and actually do some work. Someone needs to solve this case."

"Of course, Dr. Saroyan," Wendell nodded. "If you need something just let me know."

Cam waved the two out of the office and imitated someone pulling their hair out. Then, she regained her composure and with a deep breath left Angela's office in search of some answers.

Meanwhile, Hodgins and Dr. Brennan were in her car on the way back from the crime scene in Maryland. Hodgins had declared that they were needed back at the Jeffersonain pronto and had practically hopped into the car before she could even ask why. The anthropologist was torn, professionally not wanting to leave the crime scene and emotionally wanting to be by her bestfriend's side. It appeared that something significant was happening back in Washington and Angela needed Hodgins and her there with her. Hodgins explained the vague phone call and Brennan admitted it was worrying.

The two of them, still clad in their coveralls, were on the road, driving as fast as possible without dying and not getting pulled over. Regardless of how quick they went, they knew they could not make it back within 20 minutes. Still, they would get there as fast as possible. Hodgins was at the wheel, regardless of it not being his car. When he'd gotten Angela's call he'd gotten into the car and was about ready to drive off without Dr. Brennan. Nothing mattered when his wife needed his help. Brennan pulled her phone out and sighed.

"I'll call Booth. Maybe he knows what's happening."

Booth, now back in his office after finishing up his interrupted interrogation, glanced at the phone and saw the caller ID. Finding irony in the situation, being that he was about to pick up the phone and call her himself, he smiled and answered the phone. "Booth."

"Booth!" Brennan replied. "Where are you?"

Booth blinked. "I'm at my office. I was just gonna call you. I talked to the suspect. He swears he had nothing to do with it. Didn't have enough to keep him but something doesn't sit right with me about him. I'm gonna ask Sweets to take a look at his file and see what he thinks."

"Yes, good idea! Call Sweets." Brennan agreed, but for different reasons. "See if he knows what's wrong. Me and Hodgins are on the way back now."

"Already?" Booth wondered, surprised.

"Of course," Brennan replied. "Angela wanted us to be there as soon as possible."

"Angela wanted you to what?" Booth asked, suddenly remembering the mysterious phone call he'd gotten from Wendell during the middle of his interrogation. "Wait a sec. Angela sent you?"

"Yes. She said we were needed back at the Jeffersonian in 20 minutes. It sounded urgent."

"What? No, Bones. Listen, Wendell called me while I was interrogating the suspect and told me that Angela was throwing some surprise meeting at her office and wanted everyone to be there."

"Then why aren't you there now?" Brennan wondered.

"Why aren't I there?" Booth repeated. He adjusted his grip on his phone and sighed. " Because, Bones. This is Angela. She probably just wants to gossip about something nobody cares about. I'm not gonna waste my time, and you shouldn't either."

"Hold on, Cam is calling."


Booth was only answered by silence. He sighed and closed the file in front of him.

"God, where are they?" Angela wondered.

She and Sweets had been waiting in the parking lot for about 10 minutes already, but so far they had seen no sign of the one person they needed the most. Angela's bug-loving conspiracy-concerned husband. They had tried to share their shocking discoveries with Wendell and Fisher and even Cam, but the three of them had only reacted with anger, denial and concerns for their well being. It was annoying to the both of them because none of them had tried to believe them and they had been nothing but scolded and deemed insane. There seemed to be no point to try and get the message across how serious this was, especially being that they'd just found out about them playing a part with the entire scheme all along. Who else could be trusted and believe them more than Hodgins?

Sweets sighed. "I don't know."

"They should be here already," Angela fidgeted. "What if something bad happened to them?"

"Or maybe they're just stuck in traffic," Sweets suggested. He didn't feel the need to jump to conclusions anymore. He was at his breaking point and was doing his very best to stay calm and not have a complete meltdown. For now it seemed difficult to do, since Angela was ready to jump on anyone and accuse them of being government deceivers without a little proof. Sweets had to admit part of him believed her, but the rest of him knew that it was wrong to with so little they knew.

"Or maybe Wendell and Fisher ratted us out," Angela spat. "And now those...those elephants...are getting back at us by running Bren and Hodgins off the road and killing them? Hodgins is the only one we can trust now, Sweets. We need him. If he doesn't get here then we're officially screwed and on our own."

"He'll be here," Sweets assured her. "I think right now we should just take a deep breath and relax. Okay? They'll be here, I promise. You've just got to wait."

"I can't just wait, Sweets." The artist retorted, irritated. "I can't just 'take a deep breath and relax'. It's not that easy anymore. Do you even realize the significance of this? Our entire lives...everything we've ever known, possibly a lie?"

"Yeah, I know that!" Sweets snapped. "I'm the one who found it in the first place. Don't you think I know how serious this is? God, I know it, Angela. I'm just as freaked out as you are, okay? There are things that people could be writing about, things that I've tried to keep behind me. Anyone can know anything now. Everyone might know those things about me."

Angela frowned. "I'm sorry."

"No, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you. It's just...I know how scared you are, okay? I'm scared too. I don't know what to do. I want Hodgins here just as much as you do. But you're just jumping around and pointing fingers, and as much as I'm with you on that, I just want to try and stay calm and not freak out before we get ahead of ourselves. I mean, who knows? Maybe we're just crazy. Maybe this is just a dream, and Wendell and Fisher aren't really in on anything and we're making the whole thing up. Or maybe someone's playing a joke on us. I don't know. I just know I don't want to assume things before we've got proof."

"What more proof do you want, though?" Angela wondered. "I mean, aren't the stories proof enough for you?"

"No, I mean...about Wendell...and Fisher. Part of me doesn't even believe they knew what we were talking about."

"They were playing dumb. It's a cover up."

"Maybe," Sweets shrugged. "But maybe not. I'd just feel bad if we accused them of something so crazy if they weren't really in on it. You were about ready to rip them a new one."

Angela sighed. "Well, I'm sure they'd forgive us if they actually knew what we were talking about and how serious it was. "

"I hope so."


Finally, Booth thought. He was amazed he was still on the line himself. Part of him was curious about what was going on so much he almost decided to head on over to the Jeffersonian and investigate. The other side of him was just beyond irritated. It was proving to be a long day at the office and he didn't really have time for games.

"Yeah, Bones."

"That was Cam."

"What did she say?" Booth asked.

"She said that she was very angry," Brennan repeated. "That Angela and Sweets were being very distracting all morning and that they left the lab without her permission. Well, Angela left the lab without permission. Sweets doesn't work there, he doesn't need permission."

Booth rubbed his face. "Sweets and Angela were being distracting?"

"Wendell told her that they were conspiring," Brennan continued, as if he hadn't even asked her a question. "But Cam believes he and Fisher are covering for them."

"Covering for them?" Booth repeated, confused beyond belief.


Booth sighed. "Covering for what?"

"That I do not know," Brennan frowned. She turned to Hodgins, who shrugged and continued driving. "Cam was very serious, Booth. She sounded quite upset about this."

"Well, she'll cool down, Bones." Booth assured her, "It's not like this hasn't happened before. Angela isn't going to lose her job or anything. They probably just went to the diner or something. They'll be back."

"No," Brennan retorted. "Cam said that Wendell told her that they went to find me and Hodgins. That they were going on about some website and then accused Wendell and Fisher of being government spies and threatened to kill them."

Booth blinked, "What?"

"Yes," Brennan agreed. "It's very concerning."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hang on a second," Booth took a deep breath. "You mean to say that Angela and Sweets...Angela...and Sweets...accused Wendell and that other guy of being spies and threatened to murder them?" The FBI agent repeated, sure he had heard her wrong before. If he was hearing her right, then maybe he was the crazy one!


Booth laughed.

"Why are you laughing?" Brennan asked, annoyed.

"C'mon, Bones. Angela and Sweets, killing someone? Calling them spies?" Booth chuckled," I mean, it's funny but I'm sure it's just a joke or something. They wouldn't actually kill anybody."

"Why not?"

"This is Angela and Sweets we're talking about, Bones. Angela couldn't hurt a fly. And Sweets...he's twelve. Twelve year olds don't kill people."

"Of course they do," Brennan corrected. "Age does not hinder one's abilities to commit murder. Perhaps depending on the length of their arms, legs and strength were they involved in physical matters. But many children have commited murders, Booth. There are many famous cases. In 1993, a young boy in England was taken from a shopping center and tortured by two ten year olds. He was subsequently found a few days later, beaten to death."

Booth cringed, never liking it when someone brought up murders and children at the same time. Sweets had done so before, when they had been looking through a bunch of photos taken by kids on a school fieldtrip during a past murder investigation. It didn't sit right with him that children were capable of doing such terror, especially since he had a son around that age of his own. "That's not the point, Bones."

"Then what is the point, Booth? I fail to see what the point is."

"The point is," Booth stressed, tiredly. "Angela and Sweets aren't going to kill anybody. Okay? Trust me, I know these things. They wouldn't. And who cares if they decided to run off? They'll come back. They should know by now that their actions have consequences, and if they think they're not going to get in trouble for being 'distracting' then that's their problem. But you shouldn't get so worked up over this. Cam will calm down, she just needs a little time."

"Well, then I suppose you won't get worked up when I tell you that Sweets was in an accident."

"What kind of accident?"

"Cam said that she shooed Sweets out of the lab and told him to go back to work and then Angela disappeared and when she got back, Sweets was with her. And they told her that Sweets was in a car accident and called Angela to go get him and she brought him back there."

"Sweets was in a car accident?" Booth repeated, startled.

Brennan sighed. "That's what Cam said. She offered to take him to the hospital but he insisted he was fine and promised her that he would not cause a distraction. And then she heard people yelling and when she got there, she saw Sweets and Angela storming out of the office and running out of the building."

Booth had to admit he was getting a little more than annoyed at this point. He was concerned to say the least about hearing his friend and colleague had gotten himself into an accident, and now that that was thrown in there, everything just seemed more serious. If he was speaking nonsense like they all had insisted he was, then he could have a serious head injury and need medical attention as soon as possible.

Booth shook his head. "Well, maybe he decided to go to see a doctor and Angela went to take him? Look, I'm sure they're all right." He assured her, though he sounded just as worried as she did. Brennan was fairly certain that he was trying to assure himself more than he was trying to assure her. He stood from his desk and held the phone between his ear and his shoulder, using his hands to gather up his belongings. "I'm on my way over there now, okay? I'll meet you there and then we'll figure things out."

"Okay," Brennan agreed.

"How far are you?"

"We will be there in fifteen minutes. Less, judging by the way that Hodgins is driving."

"Okay, well, be careful. Don't need anyone else getting into an accident," Booth told her. He grabbed the phone and headed out the door of his office. "I'll call Sweets right now and see if he picks up. You should try Angela."

It was almost comical how high Angela and Sweets jumped when they heard the distinct ring of a cell phone go off. They had been jumping at every other little sound, whether they tried to or not. They could not help being on edge after all this. Sweets could not remember feeling this paranoid before, not even when he was young.

"That's yours," Angela announced.

It took him a second to understand what she was trying to say to him. With an exhale, he pulled his phone out and glanced at the caller ID.

"It's Booth."

Angela quickly debated what to do. "Answer it."

Sweets accepted the call and slowly held the phone up to his ear, happy to hear from his friend who he thought he could trust, but also a bit irked since he had not wanted to show up at their meeting earlier that hour. "Hello?"


"Yes, hi."

"Hi? Sweets, what the hell is going on?" Booth demanded, as he got into his car.

Sweets blinked. How could Booth have known anything was going on? He hadn't even attended their meeting! The only way he could know something was up was if he had been a part of it all. Still, he did not want to jump to conclusions just yet. He liked Booth and the agent was the last person Sweets wanted to lose because of this.

"W-what do you mean what's going on?" Sweets wondered.

"I mean why the hell is Bones calling me about you and Angela?" Booth clarified, shutting the car door and just pausing a moment to finish his thought. "Her and Hodgins are on their way over there right now, and Bones says that Cam is pissed at you."

"They are on their way?" Sweets asked, relieved. "Oh, good. Angela, they're on their way."

"Sweets, Sweets. Pay attention and answer me," Booth commanded him. "What the hell is going on? Okay, first Wendell calls me during an interrogation and says that Angela wants to hold some type of secret club meeting in her office and then I hear that you guys keep disappearing and being 'distracting' and other stuff. What's going with that?"

"Well, I can't really...tell you that right now."

Booth would have given the phone a death glare, would it actually have any positive effect on his part. "What do you mean you can't tell me what's going on, Sweets? If you and Angela are running off to the diner or something, then you guys better get back and apologize to Cam because she is seriously pissed."

"Good," Sweets replied. "Let her."

Booth blinked. "Nevermind. Where are you?"

"I'm...with Angela. We're waiting for Hodgins to get here so we can talk." There was a pause, and then, "Angela says I need to get off the phone, now."

"What? No! Sweets, listen to me. I heard about the accident. Are you okay?"

Sweets was confused. "Yes."

"Okay. If you're on the way to the hospital then don't worry. I'm sure Cam will understand. I'm on my way over there right now, anyway." Booth said, starting the ignition and buckling his seat belt. "I'll let her know what's going on and clear anything up."

"You're on your way?"

"Yeah. I'm gonna go talk to Cam right now."

"No, urgh. This isn't about that, Booth." Sweets replied, cryptically. "But I really need to get off the phone now."

"No, wait."

"I'm sorry. I'll see you later."

"Wait, Sweets!"


Booth slammed his hand down onto the steering wheel, causing it to honk in the process.

"God damn it, Sweets."

"Sorry, but we don't know if we can trust him just yet." Angela explained, at Sweets' expression. It was obvious he understood that, or he wouldn't have gone along with it, but still, he did not like where this mess was going. Booth was the one person on the entire team that Sweets could trust the most, and it was disconcerting at the very least to have to keep him in the dark for now.

"He's on his way over here," Sweets announced.

"Right now?"

"That's what he told me."

"Shit. We've got to wait for Hodgins though," Angela replied, thinking. How could they stay and wait for her husband to get there if Booth would be arriving there any minute as well? They coudn't risk it. "Okay, we need to go now."

Sweets looked panicked.

"Call Hodgins and tell him to meet us at the Applebee's," Angela instructed him, as she walked towards her car and simultaneously motioned for him to follow. "The one that we went to a few weeks ago, in Falls Church. We'll talk about it there."

Sweets followed her to the car and hopped in the passenger seat. "What about Dr. Brennan?"

Angela sighed. This was her bestfriend she was talking about, but she could not take the risk. She had to play it safe. If Sweets had to reject Booth it was only fair she do the same. "Tell him not to bring her."

"Well, what if he says no? Or she says no? They're together!"

"So, tell him to leave her somewhere else," Angela suggested. "I don't know! Just figure it out. Brennan can't know about this right now. We don't know who we can trust." She knew she could trust Hodgins, though. He was her husband after all, and the father of her first child. There was nobody she trusted more than him. She had no doubt that when she saw him everything would be okay.

Ring, ring!

Hodgins and Brennan glanced at eachother. When he realized it was his phone that was ringing, Hodgins grabbed at it and did not hesitate to answer, not even bothering to read the caller ID.




"Yeah. Hey, man."

"Dude!" Hodgins sighed. "What the hell is going on? You guys got everyone worried sick."

"Really?" Sweets asked.

"Yes, really," the entomologist answered with a touch of irritation. "What happened? We tried to call Angela but we were sent straight to voicemail."

"Oh, we were busy. Listen," Sweets began. "You need to drop Dr. Brennan off somewhere and then come to Applebee's."


"SHH, no. Don't say it out loud!" Sweets hissed. He glanced at Angela and sighed. "Look, we'll explain everything when we see you. Just get rid of Dr. Brennan and come to Falls Church. Don't tell her where you're going. She can't know where we are."

Hodgins frowned. "Why not?"

"Just, because! Just get rid of her, okay?" Sweets sighed. "And hurry."

"How am I supposed to...?" Hodgins asked, not bothering to finish that statement with Dr. Brennan sitting right beside him, watching him, listening in as best as she could. She gave him a confused look and he turned back to face the road. "Well, you know."

"I don't know," Sweets dismissed. "Push her out of the car or something."


"I gotta go. Meet us there are soon as you can and come alone."

"Sweets, wait."


Hodgins grumbled and tossed the phone to the side. Brennan, still watching him with confusion etched on her face, motioned for him to begin explaining.

"Well? What'd they say?"

"Uh, I need to get gas," Hodgins suddenly announced, ignoring her question and making a U-turn. The expression on his face was one of confusion and terror all in one. Confusion because he did not understand why he was about to do what he was about to do and terror because he was afraid of what the consequences might be. For some reason he knew he just had to do it.

The anthropologist glanced at the dash and blinked. "The tank's almost full."

"I meant that I have...gas," Hodgins corrected with a cringe. "Sorry, I have gas. I had a chimichanga for breakfast and my stomach's starting to disagree with me."

"Oh," Brennan replied, clinically. "Maybe you should not eat chimichanga's for breakfast."

"Yeah," Hodgins agreed. After a moment he pulled into a gas station parking lot and sighed. "Sorry, it'll just take a minute." She nodded and he got out of the car. Then, he peeked his head back in the window and said, "Hey, you can...go ahead and fill the tank anyway." He decided, pulling his wallet out and handing her a few bucks. "It's the least I could do after I hijacked your car."

Brennan took the money, "If you wish."

She got out of the car and shut the door. Hodgins thanked her and then, just as she was making her way towards the gas station door, he sprinted back into the driver's seat. The anthropologist turned and looked at him, confused.

"What are you doing?"

"Sorry, Dr. B!" Hodgins replied, starting the car. "But I just forgot I had an appointment with Sweets. I'll have to see you later."


"There's your cab money!" He told her, pulling out of the driveway. "Or you can take the bus, your choice!"

"HODGINS!" She screamed, running towards the car. No luck. He managed to speed away before she could even reach him. Watching her car get farther and farther away, every second feeling more angry, confused and betrayed, she growled and pulled her cell phone out, instantly hitting the speed dial.

"Booth," came the answer after a few rings.

"Booth," Brennan sighed. "You need to come pick me up. Hodgins stole my car."