Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or any trademarks of Nintendo. All stories contained within are my own work.

Ok Ladies and gentlemen, along with my multi-chapter stories I am currently writing I got myself involved in /vp/'s 'roll, match & write' threads. The idea being that you randomly pick Pokemon(s) and write a story about it/them. The stories written do not necessarily have to be erotica however most stories are. Having need of practice before I begin writing my big stories I was involved in reading and reviewing, and for the fun of it I rolled a few, but never wrote any stories. However one fateful stormy day I found that my internet would be dead for almost a month. With nothing better to do in my spare time and a lack of inspiration for small stories my mind eventually wandered onto what I never wrote in those threads. I should point out the Idea of a Romantic pokemon complilation is not my Idea alone, with YamiMarik1994's 'Neverending Pokemon Romances' and also Talon Dragonborn's 'The Trainer Accounts' taking up the same format of every chapter being a different story, I can only hope I'm not going to get myself flamed into oblivion for it.

Each following chapter (Assuming I write more than one lemon) will be contained as a separate chapter here. Appropriate warnings will follow the beginning of each chapter so you know what you can expect. Also for any RL friends or family who chance across this my only advice is to STOP READING. You have been warned.