Dean pulled back from the knife, letting it clang back on the table before turning away to wipe his streaming eyes.

'God damn it...' he muttered, voice choking as he tried to keep a level head.

He knew what he had to do, he knew that no one else would do it for him...he had to learn.

'Please...' he muttered, before shaking himself and turning back to the knife.

He picked it up and raised it slightly, before slicing back down on the hard-ish white flesh, listening with satisfaction the crunch it made as he cut through.

A few seconds later though, Dean had to recoil again, this time dropping the knife on the floor with a metallic clunk.

'Oh god...stop...please!' he gasped, getting a towel and wiping his face, his eyes searing with pain and tears.

His eyes were stinging like he had just dipped them in sulphur.

'Dean?' came Sam's voice from the other room.

Dean straightened up, intent on protecting Sam from the acidic fumes.

'Sammy no...Stay back, he'll make you cry! 'He said, pointing back at the white mound that was sitting on the kitchen work surface.

Sam looked, puzzled at the table, then burst into a fit of merciless laughter.

'Oh Dean!' he said, clutching as his sides as he brother looked on, a scandalous look on his face.

'You think this is funny- my eyes hurt so bad right now!' he growled.

Sam clasped his big brother's shoulder, wiping tears of his own away.

'Dude, it's just an onion!' Sam exclaimed, before again dissolving into giggles.

'Well, I'm glad your finding this so hilarious' Dean said, wiping his face again, his eyes getting back into their normal pH balance.

'Shall I show you how to cut them properly?' Sam offered.

Dean looked at him, and nodded sheepishly.

'Yes please'

'Ok, so-'Sam started, getting an onion of his own out.

'-thanks Sammy...' Dean interrupted, looking at Sam, his face tinged pink.

'No problem!'

The end.

I hope you enjoyed the story, with Dean getting sidelined by an onion!

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