Just a bit of humour here. No slash, I'm afraid. Of any sort. I just fancied writing something canon for a change.

A bit of background.: This comes from personal experience. I have a very evil cousin.

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'Stupid damn idjit.' Bobby strode away from his own living room, leaving the sound of Sam Winchester laughing hysterically behind him.

Sam looked at his laptop screen and laughed again, sounding like a deranged movie villain. He pressed 'refresh' and loaded the video again. Now to find someone else.

Sam, seemingly with nothing better to do, had found the joys of YouTube. And a whole host of videos to scare unsuspecting victims with. He had lured Bobby in under the pretence of him having found a possible real ghost sighting on the web. Yeah right. Bobby had just left the room in a huff, having just thrown himself backwards from the screen about three feet.

Once the younger Winchester had calmed down, he scanned the house for his brother. Having checked upstairs and not having found him, he had crashed into him running back down, leaving Dean having to grab him by the waistband of his jeans to stop him falling headfirst down the stairs,

'Whoa there, Sterling. Send me a postcard next time will ya?' the elder Winchester grinned.

'Dean, Busty Asian Beauties have their own YouTube channel' Sam told him. Well, he had to get Dean to look at the screen somehow.

'Really?' Dean's eyes lit up and he bounded after his younger brother enthusiastically and stood behind him, watching the screen avidly.

Sam slouched, making no big deal over the situation. 'Why don't you sit here?' he offered Dean his seat, which Dean happily accepted.

'There's just a bit of an advert first' Sam told him. The video would be slow to start with. After about two minutes of watching a car whizz through the countryside, Sam tensed himself.

Sure enough, a split second later a grotesque figure popped up on the screen, accompanied by a blood curdling screech.

'WHOA!' Dean flung himself backwards, his chair upending itself, leaving the elder Winchester on the floor.

Sam doubled up laughing, tears streaming in his eyes. Dean glared up at him from the floor, picking himself up.

'That. Wasn't. Nice' he growled, before catching his brother in a headlock.

'Hey, Dean let go!' cried Sam, wriggling. Dean let him go and the two siblings glared at each other for a few tense minutes.

'Hello Sam'

'Whoa!' Sam toppled backwards, tripping over the fallen chair.

Castiel stood over him, having just arrived from thin air.

Now it was Dean's turn to laugh, tears streaming down his face. He pointed at Sam and bent over again, struggling to breathe.

The angel regarded him with a smile and turned to the younger Winchester.

'I'm sorry I startled you.' He said sincerely.

Sam glared at him, hoisting himself up to the sound of his brother's hysterical laughter.

He shuffled out of the door, not looking at either of them.

'Stupid idiots'


Poor Sam!

If you want the video to scare your friends with- go to YouTube and type in 'very scary car drive'. It gets me every time and I've watched it loads of times!

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