Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: Up to Homecoming

Summary: Clark and Lois make their dinner reservations.

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I hope you enjoy with little fic-let. Inspired by the 7'o clock dinner reservation. Clois is so much fun to write! #3 of 100 by March 24th!

"Hi honey!" Lois kisses his cheek as she sits down. "Sorry I'm late!" She huffs as she straightens out her vest and smoothes her hair as she glances at his grin.

"It's okay, I haven't been here long. I already ordered." Clark smiles at her and then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small black velvet draw string bag and pulls out two rings. Lois smiles as Clark takes her hand and puts them back on her ring finger.

"All Clean." He smiles at her.

"Good. Now what was with you today mister? It was like your brain was on krypton"

He laughs a little and then looks into her eyes. "That wasn't me Lo."

"What?" She whispers quickly at him. Taking his hands and looking around for a sign of danger.

"Lo" He pats her hands gently. "Don't worry, that was just me from the past."

She stares at him in disbelief and then small smiles forms on her face. "It makes sense now."

"Why didn't you tell before Baby Clark came to visit me?"

"Because I need you to be you." His eyes gleamed at her. "Clark, I mean me, need to see that, you were my answer, you are the reason I can do everything I do."

"Clark…" A small tear rolls down her face. Clark wiped it away with a finger and then smiles at her. "I thought Lanes don't cry?"

"It's not my fault my husband is beautifully romantic."

"Sorry to interrupt but here are your dinners." The waitress smiled as she placed their food in front of them. They smiled at her and said thank you. As she walked away she grinned at her coworker, "Our usual bet?"

"I know it! This time I swear they will make it through. You're on."

"Get ready to give me twenty bucks."

"Mmm." Lois moaned. "I love this place."

Clark looked away from her and at his food.

"Mmm. This is so good."

Clark wasn't able to eat anymore he was too busy enjoy watching Lois eat. Lois looked up to see lustfully eyes. "You know… It wasn't me that you kissed today… You may have to make up for it."

"Oh really?"

"Yes. Why don't we take this back to our place… and eat it later?"

Lois laughed, "Smallville." He looked at her straight in the eyes and massaged her hands softly. Lois let a soft moan."Well since you bagged."

Clark rolled his eyes and raised his hand. "Susan? Can we get a couple of boxes?"

"Sure, I'll be right back." Susan turned to her coworker and said, "Pay up, Sheri."

Sheri turned towards the couple in the back booth to see them staring at each other with lustfully eyes ready to jump each other. "Where can I get a marriage like that?"

"Amen sista! Now pay up!"

Susan made her way back to Clark and Lois, and placed the boxes on the table, "I'll be right back with your check."

As she returned Clark gave her a forty and told her to keep the change. "Have a goodnight Mr. and Mrs. Kent." Clark smiled taking Lois' hand and she turned to look at Susan and said, "Lane-Kent." Clark rolled his eyes at his wife as she drug her away.

"Right, sorry."

Susan and Sheri watched them as they made their way out of the restaurant, the couple was fighting over something, Lois decided she had had enough and shut Clark up with a passionate kiss and wrapped her arms around Clark's neck. After they finished Clark swept Lois up in his arms and started to walk away with a laughing Lois in his arms.

Sheri sighed as they watched them. "They are so lucky"

"And that's why I never bet against the Kent's." Susan smiled.

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