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Chapter 16: God of War Or God of Trickery?


"What do you want?" Fang asked, his voice like steel knives.

Ares looked at him and smirked. "Look, Bone Boy, I was talking to the lady here. If you would be so kind as to shut up now, it would be greatly appreciated."

I instantly thought of the phrase: If looks could kill. Because if they could, the God of War would've been a pile of ash.

He turned back to me. "So, I'll ask you one more time: Do you need a ride?"

I looked him over. I felt that I couldn't trust this guy, even if he was my half-brother. "Why should we trust you?" I asked.

Ares leaned close. "Look, Maxie—" I growled at the nickname "—you and I both know that I'm not just in the business of helping demigods 'cause they're so darn special."

I felt a chill go down my back. Anne Walker, the Director of the School, had said that to me when she first met me.

"Here's the deal," he said. "You and your flock are of interest to immortals." He glanced around like he was afraid of being overheard. "All immortals. You guys are powerful. You alone have enough power stored in you to take out the entire Northern hemisphere with one swipe of your hand. This has got all us gods worried, especially Athena, that one day you really will. But Zeus, being his usually over-protective self, said that you're the key to a lot of things. I'm pretty sure you've been told that before?" I nodded. Jeb, Anne, and countless others had told me that on several occasions. "He seems to think that you'll be the one to save the world—for good—this time. So, he hired all of us trackers to find you went you went missing almost fifteen years ago. He said that if you were to get into the wrong hands, then everything would go kablooey. Now that would mean that there would be no one to worship me, and I don't want to see that happen. So I'm gonna offer this to you one more time: Do you need a ride?"

I thought about all that he had just said. Was this guy serious? Did I really have that kind of power within me?

"Say I accepted," I said coolly. "What's this ride you're dangling in front of me?"

Ares grinned and gestured to the mall parking lot across the street. A black Ferrari was sitting in an open space.

"How do you expect for all of us to fit in that?" Gazzy asked, stunned.

Ares grinned at the kid and took off his shades. There really were flames in his eye sockets. "Don't underestimate the powers of the gods, kid. You might not live to regret it."

Then, suddenly, Ares was gone.

"That was intriguing," Dylan said.

I rolled my eyes. "It was anything but," I muttered.

We walked across the street to the lot, where the car was.

"Remember the last time we stole a car," Fang murmured in my ear, referring to the time we made a Jigsaw of a car in Florida.

I rolled my eyes. "Contrary to what you believe, I do in fact remember."

The last couple of times we'd stolen a car it had turned out badly. The first time we got in a car accident with some Erasers. The next time we got pulled over by a state trooper, but only because the speedometer wasn't working. See? We have a good excuse!

We piled into the car, which was surprisingly roomy. There was room for three in the front seat, and four in the back.

Because I lost in rock-paper-scissors, Fang got to drive. Iggy had offered, but Fang and I made sure that he lost. The last thing we need was for a blind pyromaniac to be driving a Ferrari 360 Spyder.

Once we were on the road, Nudge, who sitting in between me and Fang, started messing with the radio.

"Please, Nudge!" Iggy pleaded. "No Gaga!"

Nudge sang along louder to "Just Dance," totally ignoring Iggy's request.

After about ten extremely slow miles of listening to Nudge sing along to Usher, Mary J. Blige, Beyoncé, and many others, I reached over and changed the radio to a pop-rock station.

Iggy, Gazzy, Dylan, Fang and I all let out sighs of relief when we heard the strong guitar strums and drum beats. I liked this song. It was "Misery Business" by Paramore, one of my favorite bands.

By nightfall, most of us had already fallen asleep.

"Fang," I said. "You need to rest. We should find a hotel and—"

"I'm fine, Max," Fang said, keeping his eyes on the road.

Nudge shifted and laid her head on my shoulder.

I stared at Fang. "No you're not. I can just look at you and tell—"

"I'm fine, Max," he repeated, this time a little more forcefully.

I sighed and sat back, staring straight ahead. Music played softly from the speakers. I didn't bother paying attention to the song. I wasn't in the mood.

Soon it became too much to keep my eyes open. I closed them, and was asleep in a heartbeat.

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