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Casper High after school

"So Danny, do you have any plans for this evening?" Sam asked hoping that he didn't.

"Sorry Sam, but my evening is booked. However, I do have time between 3 and 5 if that is good?" Danny answered causing Sam to frown.

'Damn it! What is it that has Danny so preoccupied that he can't spend his evening with me?' Sam asked herself.

"Hey guys, want to head to the nasty burger after school?" Tucker asked.

"I am in Tuck, but I am going to have to leave at five." Danny replied.

"Dude your evenings have been taken away from us for the past 5 months. What are you doing that you won't tell us?" Tucker asked.

"Sorry but that is my business and my business alone. Now let's head to the nasty burger." Danny said getting a frown from his two best friends.

"Sam I say we stake out Danny's place and find out what he has been hiding from us. It can't be good if he won't even tell us his best friends." Tucker said finally annoyed with Danny's secret.

"I am so in Tucker. I have had it with this secret of his as well." Sam responded.

"Oh one more thing Sam. You really need to tell Danny how you feel about him. Everyone and I mean everyone around us including Danny's enemies know how you feel about Danny. You really need to make a move because I can tell you that Danny isn't going to." Tucker said.

"I don't know Tucker what if he rejects me?" Sam asked.

"Please I know for a fact that he has the same feelings for you. However, as of recent he has been acting different. I am guessing that he is crushing on someone else, and is trying to pursue them." Tucker said causing Sam to instantly lose it.

"Oh I don't think so. Tucker you are so right. I can tell you by the time we leave you are going to become a good third wheel." Sam said with determination.

"I look forward to becoming that Sam." Tucker said with a weak smile.

Nasty Burger 30 minutes later

"So dude what do you want to do for the summer? you know as well as we do that there are only two more months left before the school year is over right?" Tucker asked.

"I know, why don't we go on a cross country tour to the places we went to go? This time, we won't have to deal with Freakshow kidnapping our parents and changing reality." Sam said with hope.

"Sorry I can't this summer Mom and Dad already made plans for me to be with them this summer. I would try to overshadow them like I did your parents Sam, but for some reason they wear their Specter deflectors twenty four hour a day seven days a week if you know what I mean." Danny said frowning.

"What! but why? When I spoke with them, they agreed that you could spend the summer with us." Sam said in a sour tone.

"It is because of what happened two weeks ago with Dash. It seems that it is ok for bullies to pick on the weak, but when they get what they deserve from the ones that they bully the bully still wins." Danny said sourly.

"It didn't help that Dash has Mr. Lancer wrapped around his finger either." Tucker added.

"When Mr. Lancer called, he told my parents that if this continued I would get kicked out of school. he was also very insistent that they needed to do something about it. So they told me I would have to stay here for the summer since they knew I was looking forward to spending time with you two during the summer." Danny said sourly.

'Tell him now Sam!' Tucker said as he elbowed Sam to make his point.

However, before Sam could speak up, Danny's ghost sense went off causing him to frown.

"Oh great guys we have company. Most likely the lunch lady since this is a restaurant." Danny said only for the last ghost he expected to appear.

"Hey Danny look it is your ex girlfriend." Tucker said snickering.

"Shut it Tucker, don't even joke like that!" Sam hissed.

"What do you want Kitty? I am trying to have a conversation with my friends you know!" Danny said in an annoyed tone.

"Oh the usual getting rid of the men in the world one man at a time. Since you are the only one who can cause me trouble you are next on my list!" Kitty said as she put her hand to her lips.

"Get away from him you man hating bitch!" Sam hissed as she took out the Jacka nine tails, and aimed it at Kitty.

Kitty dodged the attack, and countered by not attacking Sam, but sucker punching Danny through the roof. Danny at the last minute went intangible so he wouldn't cause any damage to the shop.

"I am going after that bitch this instant!" Sam hissed only for Tucker to stop her.

"Sam Danny can take care of himself, or are you worried that Danny might go back out with her again?" Tucker said in a joking tone only for Sam to smack him upside the head.

"You joke like that again, and your testes will become my personal property. You understand?" Sam said with extreme annoyance.

"Man you can't take a joke these day anymore Sam. It seems like something really crawled up your ass." Tucker said.

"I don't like it when people joke like that! It bothers me so. Next thing you know Danny will come back and tell me that he is dating Paulina!" Sam said annoyed.

Meanwhile elsewhere in Amity park

"So you think they brought it?" Kitty asked.

"I think so though I think they will start spying on me soon. But did you have to hit me so hard Kitty?" Danny asked.

"Hey I had to make it look convincing didn't I? But don't worry Danny, I will kiss the boo boo right now." Kitty said as she kiss Danny right where she punched him.

"I do have some plans for us tonight since it is our five month Anniversary. I still can't believe you are my girlfriend again." Danny said while putting his arm around Kitty's waist.

"Believe it Danny, and I have no intention of going back to the way things were before." Kitty said as she placed her arms around Danny, and proceeded to French kiss him for about a minute.

Kitty wanted to go on longer, but sadly unlike with her last boyfriend Danny needed air so she had to let up.

"Not that I am grateful for you giving me that, but couldn't you have waited for five PM? In order to keep them from digging about I have to make it look like nothing unusual is going on." Danny said.

"No I couldn't wait! I don't like when I have to share you with your friends!" Kitty answered in a cute pouting tone.

"Kitty you are being selfish, and that isn't nice at all." Danny answered.

"Maybe I am selfish. I want you to myself I can't help it!" Kitty answered.

"Meet me at my room window at five and look your best ok? Now I need to get back to the nasty burger before Sam and Tucker come looking for me. So farewell of now my kitten." Danny said as he kissed her on the cheek and flew off.

'I wonder what he has planned for me this month? Each month his surprises get better and better. What surprises me is that he has been able to keep us secret from everyone.' Kitty thought to herself while trying hard to contain her smile.

Stage out

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