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Casper High one month later

"I still can't believe that Fenturd ran away from home! I lost my favorite punching bag." Dash said to his friends.

"Who care about him the ghost boy is gone! Where did he go? Why isn't he here saving us or more importantly me?" Paulina said upset.

"This is your fault Dash! If you never pulled that stupid prank he would still be here!" Came from a voice that was known through the school!

"Go away loser, I didn't make that wimp run away! He did it on his own!" Dash countered.

"Why don't you make me? In fact I think I am going to finish what Danny did to you the first time in self defense!" Valerie said cracking her knuckles.

"Valerie stop he isn't worth it. Besides I think that butt kicking that ghost gave him was more then fair." Sam said trying to calm Valerie down.

"Sam is right Valerie. Two black eyes, and him pissing himself is more then fair." Tucker said causing Dash gasp in shock.

"I even have the video proof right on my PDA if you want to see it." Tucker said causing Dash to back off.

"Even though Dash was utterly beaten by that ghost, it still doesn't bring back Danny." Valerie said wanting to cry.

"Valerie, I think it is time we told you and everyone else the truth. There is more to it then Dash making Danny run away. No that is just the tip of the iceberg." Sam said causing Tucker to speak up.

"Sam no even though Danny is not here we promised to keep his secrets." Tucker said.

"He has all but abandon us for that stupid green haired bimbo! Why should I hold it in anymore!" Sam said causing everyone to gasp in shock.

"Sam what are you talking about? Danny would never mess around with a ghost. They are evil and Danny is good." Valerie said.

"Wait a minute she said I did something unforgivable. Holly smokes Fenton was dating that ghost! It actually makes sense!" Dash said in shock.

"I never thought that I would see the day where Dash would pick up on something." Tucker said dryly.

"Wait a minute you knew and you didn't say anything? Why didn't you tell his parents or something? They could have snuffed it out before this happened." Valerie said upset with them.

"He didn't even tell us. She had him keep it a secret from us. We didn't find out until he ran away from his sister. Oh and she didn't find out the truth too much sooner then us." Sam said causing Valerie to fume.

"So it was because of that ghost that Fenton stood up to me the first time? When I see him again I am going to make him regret listening to that ghost!" Dash said pissed off.

"Who cares about that loser Fenton? The ghost boy is gone and without him all these ghosts are running a muck! Worst of all he isn't there to rescue me." Paulina said annoying Sam.

"You know what Paulina, There is one good thing about Danny not being here and him dating Kitty. He isn't here to save you!" Sam said in a cold tone.

"I couldn't careless about Fenton he is a loser like I told you!" Paulina said.

"Paulina Danny Fenton is Danny Phantom! If you don't believe me here is the proof!" Sam said playing a clip causing everyone to laugh.

"Oh my god, I will never respect Dash again!" Mikey said while giggling.

"Sorry wrong clip. Here it is right here." Sam said causing everyone to gasp in shock.

"Danny Fenton is Danny Phantom? Oh my god, I have been wailing on my hero without even knowing it!" Dash said feeling bad.

'My god I have been hunting Danny without mercy and not even knowing it.' Valerie thought to herself.

"That is so fake! I have seen Fenton and Phantom at the same time! So stop lying. You are just trying to piss me off!" Paulina said.

"Ghosts can clone themselves and since Danny is a half ghost who can clone himself it isn't impossible for him to be in two places at once." Tucker said.

"I can vouch for that. What when we are all sick and had ghost powers, I was able to clone myself and make 7 more Kwans." Kwan said remembering that day.

"So you are telling me that Danny ran away because of this ghost and because of what we where doing to him?" Valerie asked.

"While that was the bulk of it what his parents did was the final straw. They were going to send him to live with Vlad masters because they didn't like what was happening to him." Causing Valerie to gasp.

"What does that have to do anything? We all hate the mayor, but that is no reason for him to snap and run away!" Dash said.

"It is if he is your arch enemy. You remember that Vampire ghost that Danny fights all the time? Well one day when I went to his home I saw him change into Danny's arch enemy. If my father were to have sent me to live with him and I was Danny Phantom I would have done the same thing." Valerie said.

"So let me get this straight. It was with all of the tormenting we did, plus Danny dating that ghost, and his parents sending him to his arch enemy place that he ran away?" Dash said getting a positive response.

"Oh my god what have we done? We chased away our hero without even knowing it!" Dash said upset.

"Yes and no. While we did play a hand in this, it was that ghost's fault more so. She played around with his head, and as a result helped caused all of this. I mean it was because of her influence that Danny decided to fight back instead of running away like he normally would. It was also because of her that he became more rebellious. Get rid of her, and he will come back to us." Valerie said.

"You are wrong Valerie, you get rid of her, and I swear I will become what you really thought is was." Came a voice that they all knew.

"Danny you are back. Where did you go you jerk? We were all worried sick about you!" Sam said upset.

"I am not the real Danny I am just a clone. I also see you spilled the beans as well Sam." Clone Danny said in a disappointed tone.

"Danny stop being so selfish and come back to us. I promise you that if you come back I will give you what I should have before." Paulina said only for Danny to frown.

"Sorry Paulina it is too late for that. I love Kitty, and I won't let her go for anyone. Not even if Venus herself came and confessed her feelings for me." Clone Danny said in a sincere tone.

"Danny she is clouding you mind. With the exception of you ghosts are evil! I mean even though he did deserve it she beat the piss out of Dash." Valerie said.

"All water under the bridge now. I couldn't careless about this town anymore. I was going to confess my secret then leave, but since Sam has already done it I bid you all farewell." Clone Danny said as he vanished.

'You may have been a clone, but thanks to my Technus 2.0 battle suit I can track you and bring you back.' Valerie thought to herself.

Somewhere off in space

"Danny are you sure about this? I know I gave my life up for Johnny, but are you sure that you want to give up your life for me? I mean once you do this, you can't undo it." Kitty said out of concern.

"I am sure Kitty. I love you, and I can't think of anything that will make me change my mind." Danny thought only to watch is girlfriend get zapped.

"I know the whole story now, and while I know everyone had a hand in this, If it wasn't for you influencing him he would have never run away! In fact he wouldn't even be here right now with you!" Valerie said in anger.

"Valerie stop this now! I don't want to fight you, but I will if I must!" Danny said charging up his hands.

"Danny she has clouded your mind. Snap out of it and be the hero that you have always been!" Valerie said in a pleading tone.

"So the bitch who was after my Danny's head has finally come to her senses? Well guess what you are too late! Danny is mine and mine alone!" Kitty said as she wrapped her arms around Danny and proceeded to begin making out with him.

Valerie upon seeing this got so angry that she set her laser from stun to kill and aimed it at Kitty. The end result was Kitty taking a head shot knocking her out. Needless to say Danny wasn't happy with this.

"I finally got rid of her. Danny now come with me your life is waiting for you." Valerie said only for Danny hands to start glowing bright green.

"Danny what is the matter? I set you free from her evil influence. You are free now to come back to your human life. Plus thanks to Sam and Tucker you won't have to worry about anyone messing with you!" Valerie said only for Danny to speak.

"You better prey that Kitty's recovers, because if she doesn't I swear... No I have a better idea. I was going to this anyways, but you can kiss Danny fenton goodbye." Danny said only for Valerie to stop him.

"No Danny I won't let you kill yourself! I came here to set you free, and I finally did. I won't let you end yourself now that you are free!" Valerie said only for Danny to go intangible on her.

"Valerie there is more the one way for me to end myself or at least my human half. In the darkness of space there is no oxygen. The only reason I am still here is because I am in my ghost form. Once I change back to Danny Fenton my human half will die." Danny said looking at Kitty to see her form fall apart.

Danny could feel her ectoplasmicenergy completely vanish causing him to go into dispair.

"Danny I am sorry, but this is for your own good." Valerie said as she fired a sleep beam causing Danny to be knocked out like a light.

"I am bringing you back to your family Danny. Hopefully you will get the help that you need to get your mind free of that ghost." Valerie said with a heavy heart as she flew back to earth from space with Danny in her gasp.

Fenton works three hours later

Danny found himself in his room with a special belt on him that looked like a specter deflector. Upon seeing this Danny transformed only to get shocked by the belt.

'I am back in Fenton works. Damn it Valerie must have brought me back here.' Danny thought as his parents and his sister came in.

"We are glad to see you awake, We were going to remove your ghost half from you, but Jazz convinced us that it was best to do this instead. That belt you are wearing won't shock you unless you change into you ghostly from." Jack said in a calm tone.

"We would have left you without it, but we know you can break through ghost shields with your ghostly wail so this is the only safe way to make sure you don't go back to that evil ghost!" Maddie said causing Danny to glare at them even more.

"I couldn't go back to her even if I wanted to. You got your wish Kitty is gone you both happy now?" Danny said with anger in his voice.

"Yes we are Danny! Without her you can go back to being the sweet lovable son we had. Heck if you want to do your hero thing that is ok with us as well." Maddie said only for Danny to turn away.

"She didn't deserve to meet her end like that. She didn't do anything wrong!" Danny said while punching a wall.

"She corrupted you, turned you into a rebellious teen who was fighting in school, as well as talking back to your parents." Maddie said.

"I loved her, and I was planing on asking for her hand in marriage! But now that will never happen." Danny said upset.

"You can find someone else to love. Someone that is human like you." Jack said causing Danny to glare at him even more.

"Dad I am half ghost I am not a pure human being like you, mom or Jazz!" Danny said punching the wall once again.

"But Danny, with the your secret out, you have a lot more options for girlfriends now since I know several of the female population in Amity has a thing for you." Jack tried once again.

"What about Sam? I know that even though all this happened she still has feelings for you." Maddie said trying to break her son's funk.

"Mom, Dad, you don't get it do you? There is only one female Danny wants, and Valerie ended her. No matter how many females want him or even try to sway him, he will reject them until he gets over Kitty." Jazz said in a normal tone.

"Which will be never. My heart, body and soul belongs only to Kitty. Now since I am stuck here without my love can you please just leave me alone?" Danny said annoyed.

"Danny can I at least get a hug from you before I leave?" Maddie asked.

Danny sighing complied with her request and gave his mother a hug just before everyone left. Unknown to all of them Danny had once again taken the Key to the belt he was wearing and once again set himself free. He then made a clone that contained 80 percent of his energy and placed it in the belt.

"You stay here and be me until your energy gives out. I am getting out of here." Danny said as he went through the wall and flew out of his house invisible.

Danny then flew as high as he could leaving the atmosphere and heading back to the spot were Kitty met her demise. Danny feeling his ghostly energy draining fast due to making that clone, and smiled.

'Soon my be love we will be together again. As soon as my ghostly energy runs out I will die and be with you again. But to make sure the job is done correctly I will use my ghostly wail.' Danny thought to himself only to feel a familiar energy.

Within moments Danny eyes went wide as she saw Kitty's ghostly energy come reform back into her. Kitty then opened her eyes and saw Danny there about to use his ghostly wail only for her to kiss him. Upon finishing the kiss Danny Kitty slapped Danny in the face.

"Danny what are you thinking trying to use your ghostly wail out in the middle of space? Are you trying to kill yourself?" Kitty asked pissed off.

Danny's only response was to return the kiss with full intensity. When he was finished he spoke.

"I thought I lost you Kitty. When Valerie shot you in the head and I saw your form break apart I thought that was all she wrote for you!" Danny said.

"It should have been the end for me. However I have a secret that saved me. When that happens to me, All I have to do is send one of the men I banished to the void and the afterlife force will revive me. You can guess who I used." Kitty said with a smile.

"Well I am glad you are alive. It means now that I can go in peace. I won't last much longer out here in the darkness of space without my ghost energy and most of it is already gone." Danny said feeling his ghost energy fade from his body.

"Well I guess there is only one way to save you then my Danny." Kitty said as she used her Banishing kiss on him causing him to disappear.

Kitty's realm 10 minutes later

Danny opened his eyes and found himself on a familiar bed with a very frisky Kitty on top of him.

"Danny sorry I had to send you to that horrible realm, but it was the only way I could save you from dying altogether. You are my other half, and I am not going to lose you like you thought you lost me!" Kitty said as she went to kiss Danny only for him to back off.

What Kitty watched him do next brought tears to her eyes. Danny had charged his hand with blue energy and when he opened it a ring was within it. Kitty as if she knew was it was going to ask spoke.

"Yes Danny, I will marry you nothing would make me happier then to become Kitty Phantom!" Kitty said while putting on her ring and pouncing on him.

"I think it is time for us to get back to the baby making as well Fiance" Kitty said as she made both their clothes intangible.

The End

This is the end of this Fanfic. For my second story my second favorite pairing got their happy ending. If I feel like it I might make an Alternate ending for this one but I doubt it. Until next time people.