Seika's TS: Defeat

Covered in cold sweat I wake up, breathing heavily. Someone cleans the sweat drops of my forehead.
- Are you alright?
- What…
As my vision returns I face Hitsugaya standing next to my futon, looking concerned. I immediately look at my hands to discover no cuts or blood.
- I heard you screaming and I got worried.
I cover my face in shame. It had all been a dream… Ichigo and Hitsugaya's rage. God… I just wanna hide.
- I'm sorry… It was just a nightmare.
I blush. What an idiot… He keeps staring at me with an amused face.
- What? – I ask feeling upset.
- For a brief moment, while you were asleep, you called my name.
If redness could kill I would be dead by now.
- You probably misheard it…
- Perhaps.
- Don't look so amused, it's embarrassing.
- I can't help it…
I hide my head under the blanket, while he says:
- This is still a one sided decision.
- No, it's not. You also made the decision of marrying Hinamori.
- I did, but I also told her of my feelings for you. She knows I still love you.
I peek through the top of the blanket, as Hitsugaya looks away looking ashamed.
- What did she say?
- She understood and accepted it… but I want you there. When it happens.
- At your wedding? I don't think that's a good idea…
He looks at me, drawing a hurt expression on his face. With a weak voice he asks:
- If you don't come, when will I ever see you again?
- I don't know.
Staring at his eyes I remember how much I still love him. My feelings I thought we're gone, they we're just numb. Slowly I sit on the bed, as he watches my every move. Taking a deep breath I stare at him, as our eyes tremble over the moonlight. On my knees, I turn to him, grabbing his cheeks with my hands while crawling till I reach his body. My lips tremble as I touch his, burning like fire against the freezing cold. Out of control, he grabs my head pressing it against his. Against my chest I feel his heart almost pop out of his chest… I already carry his heart in my heart. This madness of ours, this desire as he licks my neck should end. We're crossing the line, defying all morality. We're evil, but it tastes so good… The way he touches my body as we undress, as if he can't bear the waiting time.
- What about Rukia?
- In there…
He takes me into the closet, pushing me against the wall and closing the door. In the darkness, I hear his heavy breathing against my shoulder.
- This… is the last time. We can't do it anymore…
- I know… I know, Toushiro.
Pulling my skirt up, I feel him thrusting inside me, releasing a moan. The pleasure I'm feeling right now is overwhelming. While we're doing it, he repeats several times that he loves me in a painful tone. This pleasure is suffering… I won't be able to touch him, to kiss him again. I hug him with tears on my eyes, whispering I love him too. Crazy, he slams his hand against the wall, holding me with the other. Tonight… just for tonight, we become one.

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