Authors Note:

Halloooo again, Whovians! Long time no see!
Sooo, this is mainly an update of apology. As many of you might know, I've been gone for quite some time from this community. Mostly, I got sick and was overcrowded with the end-of-year exams, and I'm just one of those girls, who sucks under a load of stress. My nerves were literally like a jitterbugs! I was going crazy and all that shiz. So, nothing was getting updated.

Then, I forgot my password/username, because I was gone for so long. Hence, the year long hiatus - or probably longer, I'm not really sure. But again, I'm so so insanely sorry about that! My memory sucks eggs.

Recently, I found my old Ipod, and when I logged into it, it was still logged into this fanfiction account. So, I got all my details back again! And, now, after reading some of my work, I'm editing and re-uploading and finally getting this account sorted out. Some of the typo's are shameful!

Thank you all so much for the support, and everything over the past few months and the reviews really lifted my spirits. You've all been amazing and I just love you to pieces!

What's going to happen now, is that, I'm going to spend a whole week, reading through my work and uploading it again to a better standard.

Thank you so much for your patience and awesomeness!
Lots of Love, Chiba's!
PrettyPinkOrchard. xx