UNIVERSE: TURO/ Location: spaceship somewhere near Earth.

A short dark figure in a dark brown cloak stood tapping his foot impatiently in his dark spaceship, hovering only a few thousand miles from earth. He stood facing a large video screen. The screen suddenly came to life with the image of a small solid black creature With tinted goggles and what appeared to be three antenna on the top of his head.

Shadow(on the video screen): I knew you wouldn't be able to resist my offer.

Dark Figure:of course... you offered me the one thing I want more than anything in this horrid universe, (with force) the destruction of that Joke of an experiment 626 and his beloved(mocking child like voice) OHANA!

Shadow: don't be too hasty now. Remember, you send them to me ALIVE and I will dispose of the little rat munchers in a very drawn out and painful manner.

Dark figure(Angrily): Why cant I just destroy them myself?

Shadow(annoyed and angered): Because Pea Brain I need them to- (regaining composure) I what I meant to say was, I am giving YOU these powers, not the other way around, so I make the rules. Also there is one experiment in particular that I want most.

Dark Figure: And that is?

Shadow(losing his cool): The Booger Faced But Headed LITTLE STUPID DUMMY FACED little blue experiment that calls himself Joey.

Dark Figure: So just to be clear, You give me the power to exact my revenge on that stupid fur ball, and all I have to do is catch some experiments for you?

Shadow:correct(smiling evilly) do we have a deal?

The dark figure simply smiled back and nodded his head in agreement. And with that the video screen turned off. The dark figure turned his attention to the large 180 degree window at the front f the ship. Below was earth in all it beauty.

Dark Figure: Finally I can show them all who the best really is and destroy that little weakling that ruined my life in the first place.(evil laugh)

Location:Pelikai Residence

Crator: Its a pleasure to make you acquaintance Lilo (holds out hand ad to engage a hand shake) My name is Crator

Lilo(looking skeptically at the hand): You hand is gold colored.

Crator(quickly retracts hand behind back)(frantic):ahhh ya thats ummmm a ummmm ALERGIC REACTION! Ya that's it he he nothing but some allergies...

Lilo(tilts head and raises an eyebrow):OK?... Are you an alien

Crator(still a little frantic): What no …. of course not...

Lilo: OK.. if you say so..(still quite skeptic of the visitor)

Crator(calmed down): well Lilo I have come here in search of help. I seem to have lost a very close friend of mine somewhere on this island. Another college of mine said it would be a good Idea to come see you saying you could help. Now I completely understand if under the given circumstances you decli-


Crator: -ine seeing as... (realizing what the young Hawaiian girl just said) Really!

Lilo: of course, its me and Stitch's job to make sure nobody gets left behind


Crator: I Thank you greatly for your cooperation... (remembering future Jumba) uhhh can I use the bathroom quick?

Location:bush outside Pelikai residence

Crator(nudging the sleeping Jumba with his foot): Pssssst... Wake up (kicks Jumba) WAKE UP!

Jumba(waking up startled): waa? Huu ? Is to being five more minuets.

Crator:I said GET UP!

Jumba(now sitting up quickly fully awake):what is to being problem?

Crator: she agreed to help, and now I can send you back to your own time.

Jumba: I Knew little Girl would WHAT?

Crator: I have to send you back, its the rules, I will alert you to any news of the experiment when I get it but for now you have to go back.

Jumba(in protest): but I am whole reason you have found little girl in first place

Crator: Yes and I thank you for bringing me thus far, but I cant endanger this universe any more than is needed, it is fore the safety of everyone, plus I am also going to be in huge trouble for just me being here, how am I to explain YOU.

Jumba sat there and though deeply for a second, then he looked down

Jumba: I am to be agreeing with Gold one, but you must promise for to be letting me know what is happening.


Crator held out the small blue cube again

Crator: OK sparky, send him back

Suddenly a green flash of light emitted from the cube and the future not-so-evil evil genius was gone.

Lilo(from Above whispering to someone): I knew it

Crator's hear sank, he tuned around to see the little Hawaiian girl and the blue dog like thing watching him from the stairs,

Lilo(smiling):so what planet are you from

Crator:oh dear.