Location:Pelikai residence

it was about just before 7 am and everyone was still asleep. Well everyone except for Crator he was sitting up wide awake on the couch. While he didn't need to sleep he usually tried to, but he had too much on his mind now. He was worried about Joey, He knew he would find him, he just didn't know how and in what condition he'd be in. but what if he didn't find him "no" he told himself, "what am I thinking, aren't I the one always saying you cant give up hope, Because hope it the last thing lost... well at least that's how the saying goes."

their was a faint buzzing noise from down the hall, followed by a thump and some other noises.

Moments later Nani emerged from the hall into the kitchen. And started, making coffee, she turned around and noticed Crator sitting up on the couch looking somewhat depressed.

She walked over to the large doorway connecting the kitchen and and with a smile on her face asked nicely "you want some breakfast?"

Crator continued looking down at his lap "i usually don't eat" there was a slight tinge of sadness in his voice.

Nani walked over and sat next to him on the couch," Lilo told me about your friend, and from what I can figure he's a pretty lucky guy"

Crator looks up at her and with interest asks "and why do you think that?"

"because he has a good friend like you, don't worry, I know you'll find him, and I bet he's fine, and if I know Lilo she wont stop until she finds your friend. Were all family here, Ohana, nobody gets left behind.

Crator remembered back to what Jumba had said about Ohana, then he muttered,"or forgotten". And smiled a little.

Nani smiled back,"that's right!".

Crator sat there for about one more minuet in silence before turning to Nani and asking,"so... whats for breakfast?"

Nani smiled.

Location: Gantu's ship.

It was morning now and 625 was in the galley making breakfast while in the large main room the small blue experiment Joey was pacing back and forth, still rattled about the dream he'd experienced last night. It had seemed so real, too real. and the golden sword, and that evil dark creature that called himself prime, they seemed so familiar, but the had never seen them before, well as far as he could remember.

He was shaken from his thoughts when he heard 625 yell "hey little guy, time for breakfast!"

He decided to stop thinking about it and headed to the galley. As he went through the door he was greeted with the delicious smell of bacon eggs and toast.

"so you ready for one of my galaxy famous breakfast sandwiches"

Joey sat down next to 625 and picked up one of the sandwiches, each having about 15 slices of bacon, 2 eggs and a piece of cheese. He hesitated then took a bite. This is good. He thought to himself, smiling as he took another bite, this is real good, and I don't even like sandwiches-, he suddenly stopped halfway through a bite and his face went blank realizing what he had just thought. Wait i've never had a sandwich before... have I?

625 watched the little experiment blankly starring at his sandwich and after a few seconds, " what, too much cheese?"

Joey looked back at him am snapped out of his trance like state and smiled at 625,"naga isa butifa!" and took another bite.

625 just shrugged and went back to his sandwich also. Meanwhile Joey still felt like something wasn't right.


it was dark, the only light came from the several monitors on the walls, dimly casting flickering blueish light around the large room. A solid black being with goggles stared at a the wall in the back impatiently, his arms crossed. Suddenly, about a foot from the wall a dark cloud swirled and begain to condense into a form staring with the feet and working upward until the evil Darkness prime , stood replacing the cloud which had now disappeared. He stood their leaning with his back against the wall, his eyes closed, grinning, with the solid black toothpick sticking most of the way out of his mouth.

"Well?" shadow asked impatient as always

prime opened his eyes and responded "Well What?"

Shadow took a step forward his fist clenched and yelled "what happened in the dream you squash brain!"

Prime closed his eyes again tilted his head away and frowned "he remembered"


Prime looked back at him and opened his eyes again, "relax... he didn't truly remember anything important, he just remembered the sword, but he woke up thinking it was all a dream"

Shadow looked down with his hand on his chin thinking, " still he did remember" he looks back at prime" and even if he doesn't believe it that can still be a problem."

Prime just smiled back at Shadow "relax.., even if he remembers everything, without Crator we should be able to take him down with ease. Plus Crator isn't to much of a problem without Joey."

Shadow smiled evil "speaking of Crator, why don't we get our new pawn to pay him a little visit, With that golden booger head out of the way we will be able to take that weak little crunch nugget, Joey, easily, and maybe ill even be able to get my revenge on him before delivering him to my father"

Shadow turned toward one of the monitors and pressed a button, the cloaked figure appeared on the screen, Shadow smiled evil and said " I have a job for you"

Location:Pelikai residence

Now about 8:30am at the Pelikai residence, everyone was awake, and Nani had left for work, Lilo and Stitch had just finished breakfast and, they, along with Crator Jumba and Pleakly where now sitting in the living room watching lilo now in a Military helmet about double the size it should be for her head and extremely large rubber army boots. She was standing in front of a lage pad of paper with one of those extendy pointer things.

Lilo stood at attention then pointed to a picture of Joey, that Crator had provided, tapped to the large pad. As she did this the helmet covered her eyes.

"OK Troops" she said in a very loud voice" this is our target!"

as lilo did this Crator leaned forward a little and looked around Pleakly who was sitting next to him to Jumba. Jumba suddenly looked back at him with an eyebrow raised and Crator quickly returned to his former position, as if nothing had happened.

Lilo turned to the giant pad of paper which was about a foot taller than her and attempted to flip the page on her own but ended up needing help from stitch, now in-front of them was a map of Kauai.

She pointed to a picture tapped to the beach, of a small read dog-like experiment with a long nose and large ears. In the same loud voice as before she announced,"Me Stitch and Crator will go to the beach to enlist help from finder. Jumba and Pleakly will remain here to work on an a new invention Jumba is building that, will also help, locate Joey"

"ah yes" Jumba said "is very evil, device will hack into military satellites in atmosphere and scan whole island for boy!"

Crator thought back to when the evil scientist mentioned he wasn't evil ANYMORE, so this is what he meant.

"ready troops" lilo yelled again as the helmet moved in front of her face "lets move out!"

Location: Gantu's Ship

"blitznak" 625 cursed as he went through the food cabinet, trowing items behind him in search something.

Joey was in the other room, entertaining himself by playing on the spiny chair, When 625 walked out of the galley "come on little guy, were going out, were out of bread AGAIN, I just cant understand where it keeps disappearing too."

so the two experiments left the ship and began walking toward the town.

Location: Finder's Lost and Found

The trio arrived at the stand to be greeted by the red creature from the picture, Crator reluctantly had agreed to again dawn his human child costume. Lilo Held up the picture to finder and he sniffed the picture, finder then began to sniff the air and quickly began running toward the forest near the beach.

"i think he's got something!" lilo said smiling, "come on" she said and ran after the red experiment followed by the other two.

Finder lead them along a path in the woods for about five minuets stopping every few seconds or so to sniff his surroundings.

Unfortunately Lilo's earlier statement was dead wrong, finder had no clue where Joey was, he was just searching for the scent. He was baffled, this had never happened before! He had always been able to find anything he wanted to, but this, he had nothing, he couldn't get the slightest wiff!

They finally came to a clearing, in front of them was a rock cliff face, finder sniffed for about fife more seconds, near the rock wall and turned to them, shrugged his shoulders, and said"MEIP?"

Lilo frowned then smiled, and patted the little experiment on the head "its OK you did your best"

"too bad it want good enough" all three turned around to come face to face with the source of the voice. It was something about three feet tall wearing a dark colored robe, most of its face was hidden by the hood of the robe all that was visible was an evil smirk.

Stitch got down and growled at the figure as Crator took a fighting stance.

Lilo looked at stitch, "what is it stitch?"


the dark figure suddenly gritted its teeth "dont you dare call me a "COUSIN" of yours you mangy scum!"

Lilo stood firm " Who are you?" she demanded

Crator stepped forward "Lilo be careful, I can scene a powerful dark aura around him."

The dark figure smiled again and laughed "this is perfect, the little blue fir-bag and my target, both here at the same time, at least your making it easy"

Lilo stayed strong any yelled back at him, " what have you got against stitch!"

" ohh its not just stitch", the villainous figure hissed, " its all of them, but yes it is stitch especially. HE is the one Who ruined my life, He ruined all my plans, And He was always picked favorite. Because of HIM I was abandoned and ignored!" The figure removed his hood revealing his true identity

Stitch gasped

the creature smiled "What stitch? You weren't expecting to see me again?"

the creature was covered in green fur, and looked a lot like stitch but had a green mohawk on the top of his head, he was also thinner and taller.

"621!" stitch growled

the green experiment bared his teeth " you are not to call me by that name anymore, you shall now address me as Chopsuey!"

Stitch lunged forward only to stop when several small dark creatures rose up from the ground.

"The Darkness!" Crator yelled shocked "but how?"

" lets just say I have some new Powerful friends" Chopsuey sneered as a dark figure rose from his own shadow

"Crator" the dark creature smiled "long time no see"

"Prime!" Crator yelled shocked yet again.

Chopsuey held out his hand and pointed forward then grinned "sic 'em" and with that The Darkness jumped forward toward the trio. Crator quickly pushed Lilo out of the way and formed is arms into a shield to deflect an oncoming darkness. Stitch meanwhile was franticly clawing the creatures and sending them back a few feet only to have them return seemingly unaffected.

Suddenly foot steps were heard from the woods to the left, followed by a voice.

"the thing about grilled cheese is..." 625 and Joey stopped just inside the clearing, all eyes on them.

suddenly Crator and the smaller blue experiments eyes met and without even thinking Joey, souted "Crator?"

Crator replied, shocked "Joey?"