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Henry reached the hospital just minutes after Shawn arrived. He stood beside Shawn's bed, listening as the doctor finished his exam, alternating between glaring at Detectives O'Hara and Lassiter, and watching his son with concern that he masked as irritation. The doctor left and Henry glared at his son's hand in O'Hara's tight grasp.

"Dad," Shawn sighed, "Would you stop giving them the death glare?"

Henry crossed his arms, his response interrupted when Gus ran into the room.

"Shawn! Are you okay?"

"Hey, buddy!" Shawn held his hand up for a fist bump. "Don't worry; it's just a scratch."

Gus rolled his eyes at the comment, letting a small smile cross his face when he caught sight of Juliet's hand clasping Shawn's.

"Dad…" Shawn whined, "You're still glaring!"

"I just can't help but think you wouldn't have been hurt again if they'd been able to catch Drake before this. Or if they'd actually bothered to do their job the first time."

Lassiter shifted uncomfortably at Henry's words and Juliet started to pull her hand away from Shawn. Shawn tightened his grip, refusing to lose contact with her.

"Dad, they saved my life," Shawn said firmly before letting a smirk cross his face. "This time."

"Spencer…" Lassiter growled.

"What?" Shawn replied innocently.

"What happened?" Henry asked his son.

"Drake came back. Apparently he wanted to spend some more quality time with me." He wasn't able to say those words in his usual light, joking manner, and his expression darkened even more with his next words. "Jules got caught in the middle this time. For some stupid reason, she tried to keep Drake's attention," Shawn said, his voice deep with emotion as he shot her a look.

Henry's gaze shot to Juliet's, studying her in surprise.

"Are you okay?" Gus asked quickly.

"I'm fine," She reassured him, barely able to meet Gus' eyes before returning her gaze to Shawn's.

"Then what happened?" Henry asked, looking down at his son.

"Then Lassie saved the day. It was like Underdog all over again." Shawn smiled at Lassiter's groan. "He burst in the door and shot Drake."

"Is he dead?" Henry asked, directing his question to Lassiter.


Henry nodded at the detective. His face was so similar to Shawn's when he had nodded to Lassiter earlier that it surprised him, and he almost missed Henry's next words.

"Not bad, Detectives."

Shawn grinned at Lassiter's surprise, and felt his eyelids begin to droop as the rest of his adrenaline wore off and the painkillers swept through his body.

"You didn't do too bad yourself, kid," Henry said softly. Shawn felt Henry grasp his other hand lightly and smiled. He squeezed his father's hand in response and drifted off to sleep.

Two weeks later…

Lassiter knelt beside the dead body, his attention suddenly shifting as he heard the familiar sound of bickering growing louder. He pushed up from the ground with a groan, turning to his partner as he asked, "Who called them in on this?"

Juliet threw her hands up in defense, "I have no idea. It wasn't me."

"Hey guys! I had a vision about a dead guy and just thought Gus and I should check it out!"

Lassiter cast a critical gaze on the faux-psychic. He was healing well. The bruises were faint; the slowest things to heal were his knife wounds and broken ribs. Lassiter snorted at Gus' mumbled response to Shawn's comment.

"Yeah, if by 'vision' you mean hearing about the dead body over the police scanner."

"Which the spirits told me to turn on."

"If by 'spirits' you mean extreme boredom."

"I can't do this with you right now," Shawn hissed, elbowing the man as he turned back to the detectives. "You'll have to forgive Gus; he gets cranky if he hasn't eaten in the last…oh, thirty minutes?" Shawn looked back at Gus, raising his eyebrows in question.

"Thirty? Try twenty, Shawn. You said we were going to stop for jerked chicken!"

Their bickering continued and Lassiter groaned again, turning to see his partner smiling widely at their antics. He shook his head as he knelt back besides the body, hiding a smile at the familiar routine occurring behind him.

Shawn moved closer to the detectives, his argument with Gus morphing into a few teasing jabs at Gus' inability to get any closer to the body. Shawn winked at Juliet, quickly tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. When he did so, his sleeve rode up and she saw the red band of scars on his wrist. His whole body was crisscrossed with scars, but Juliet didn't care. Each scar was a physical reminder of his bravery. The scars on his wrists, though…those showed just how deeply Shawn cared for her. They both began discussing the case as they slowly knelt besides Lassiter, Juliet subtly supporting Shawn.

Danger had come, friendships had been tested, and lives changed. But the danger was gone now, leaving those friendships even stronger, and Shawn couldn't help the smile that crossed his face as he realized how normal this scene was. He watched the vein on Lassiter's head start to throb at one of his comments and stifled a laugh.

Yes, everything was back to normal.

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