Dalton Acadamy for Boys.

Even the name makes the school sound better than McKinley. It was weird, considering moving to a completely new high school to meet completely new people, but I couldn't help but consider it. Everything about McKinley High School was getting to me. The teachers ignored every name I was called, every shove I was given and every slushie that was thrown in my face. I was alone, no matter how Rachel tried to reassure me that I wasn't, that there were 12 people who loved me for being who I was. I'm sure they mean well, but I can't expect them to understand.

It had gotten worse in school in the few weeks before I considered moving. Every day, I recieved ignorant abuse from the Neanderthals that plagued the school corridors. That all too familiar three letter word was hurled at me everyday, along with an ice cold slushie to the face. My favourite Marc Jacobs shirt was ripped when I was thrown into the dumpster one day. The worst part? No teacher mentioned it. Not one.

So here I am at Dalton Acadamy. I'm only visiting so I don't have to wear the uniform. I decided to wear my favourite pair of jeans, which just also happened to be the skinniest pair I owned. They always made me feel better about myself. Despite how tight they were, nobody seemed to even bat an eyelash. They all just accepted it. They didn't even care that I had sequins on my shirt. It was so strange to not be called a name every minute in the halls, but in a good way. Definitely strange in a good way.

And that's when I met him.

"Hey, are you new here?"

I turned around and was faced with the handsome form of Blaine Adams. Tall, dark and handsome; the best kind of man, in my opinion. His eyes were brown, but not the dull brown that most people's were. It was a mixture of different shades; light and dark. I can't believe I'm saying this, but move over, Finn Hudson. This boy has stolen my heart completely.

"Um, sort of. I'm just looking around." I replied, eyes wide at the sight of him.

"Oh, well, I hope you like it here. I'm Blaine." He smiled, offering a hand.

"Kurt." I replied, taking his offer and shaking his hand.

"Cool," he paused. "So what school are you from?"

"McKinley High School. It's full of Neanderthals."

He laughed. "Let me guess, full of homophobic gorillas?"

"Well, not full of, but there are plenty of them. How did you know I was gay?" I replied. I couldn't help but smirk.

"Call it a guess," He smiled. "Is that why you wanna leave?" He asked. Why was he so interested?

"I guess so. It's partly because the teachers don't even notice."

"I had the exact same problem, so I know how it feels."

"Wait, you're gay?"

He laughed at my shock and nodded. Then he looked at his watch. "Oh damn, I gotta go. Nice to meet you, Kurt!" He waved slightly and left me stood in shock, jaw dropped.

I spent the rest of the day wandering around the school aimlessly, partly looking at the beautiful school and partly searching for a glimpse of Blaine. Finally, towards the end of the day, I found their auditorium. There seemed to be some sort of rehearsal going on so I entered quietly. I didn't want them to think I was spying, so I lurked at the back. Suddenly, I realised that Blaine was on the stage with a large group of other boys, but they had nothing on Blaine. My eyes fixed on him instantly; he had a star quality that people couldn't learn.

"Okay guys, sectionals are coming up! I just got the names of the schools we're competing against!" Shouted the teacher over the conversations the boys were having. They silenced immediately.

"Well, who are they?" One boy asked.

"McKinley High School and Dartmouth School for girls."

"McKinley?" Blaine said.

"Yeah... why?"

"Oh, I just know someone from there."

He remembered me. My heartbeat increased dramatically and I gripped into the seat with my hands in an attempt not to gasp or, even worse, scream.

"Come on guys, we better get rehearsing! From the top!" The teacher clapped in a very Shue-like way.

Blaine grabbed a guitar and began to pick and strum at the strings. He was stood infront of the rest of the boys, who had assembled behind him. Then they began to sing. Harmonies filled my ears, but I was trying to pick out Blaine. Suddenly, he launched into a solo verse. His tenor voice spread across the empty audience, reaching my ears instantly. I'd never heard a more beautiful voice in my life, apart from Kristen Chenoweth, of course.

Once they'd finished their rehearsal, I waited around in the hope of bumping into Blaine. It was strange. I'd only just met the guy but I was already falling all over him.


I turned around to meet the gaze of Blaine. "Hi!"

"Hey, you're still here." He grinned, approaching me.

"Yeah, I watched your glee club rehearsal. You guys are great."

"Not spying on us, were you?" He smirked.

"What? No, I'd never do that!"

"Chill out, Kurt! I was joking," He patted me reassuringly on the arm, sending a bolt of excitment through my body. "I'm glad you're here, actually. I was hoping maybe you'd like to come out for coffee with me? I'd love to get to know you a bit more."

"Me? Really?" I asked. No boy had ever asked me to coffee before. Not even in a friendly let's-be-friends kind of way.

"Sure. I guess it'd be kind of like a date." Blaine grinned, probably at the look of shock on my face, like I was a deer caught in headlights.

"D-definitely. I-i'd love to." I stuttured. Was this really happening? We quickly exchanged numbers and with a promise to call me, he was gone. I couldn't believe it. My first date with a boy!

More importantly, what was I going to wear?

I went back to McKinley High the next day. I know that I get treated badly in McKinley and they don't have the facilities (or Blaine) there, but I still felt myself torn. The New Directions had become my family. Sure, they all had flaws. Puck was big headed, Finn was unintentionally homophobic, Rachel needed to have a sock shoved in her mouth... but I couldn't imagine another day without them. So I decided to stay in my home with my family at McKinley. That didn't mean I was going to stop seeing Blaine, though.

"So, tell me something interesting about yourself." Blaine asked after taking a sip of his black coffee (which just makes him that much hotter to me...).

"Interesting?" I choked on my laughter. "Look at me, I'm nothing but interesting!"

"Come on, there's gotta be something that I wouldn't guess by looking at you."

I considered the question before coming up with my answer. "I won the only game for our football team last year."

"No way," He said, shocked as I nodded. "But you're tiny!"

"I'm the best kicker in the school." I said cockily, sipping my latte in a way that I could avoid smudging my subtle lipstick. Blaine just stared at me, mouth wide open. "Blaine?" I snapped my fingers.

"Oh, shit. Sorry," He laughed in his embarrasment. "It's just... you're so hot."

"Excuse me?"

"You're really hot." He paused. "What, is that the first time you've heard that?"

Well, technically no. Brittany had said my performance of Pink Houses had been 'hot', but that was during that dreadful period of trying to be straight. I burnt a lot of those awful plaid shirts, though Finn did take some of them off my hands. I'd rather not mention that, so I nodded.

"Haha! Well, trust me. You're hot."

I felt my face go red with embarrasment, so I looked away so he wouldn't see me blush. Suddenly, out of no where, he reached over and grabbed my hand across the table, smoothing at my skin with his thumb in a a circular motion. My heart was beating at a ridiculous pace; it was almost dangerous, I'm sure. I allowed myself to look into his eyes and gosh, I got lost instantly. It felt like we could have been sat staring at eachother for hours, but it turned out to only be about a minute or so.

"Kurt, can I kiss you?" Blaine asked, softly.

"You want to kiss me?"

"Is that okay?"

"Yes, of course," I smiled. "It's just, i've never kissed a boy before."

Blaine smiled. "Well, allow me to be the boy to take your lip virginity."

He leaned over the table, pressing his rougher lips against mine gingerly. At that moment, I knew Brittany had been wrong. His lips didn't taste like dip or arm pits. It tasted of something completely unknown to me, but it was definitely the best thing I had ever tasted. Before I knew it, he's pulled away, his face still mere millimetres from mine.

"Wow." I smiled, releasing the air I had held during the kiss, causing him to laugh.

"I'm glad you liked it."

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