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Edward p.o.v

"We're getting a package." Squeled Alice. She ran too the door and on the doorstep was a brown package. She got a vision of 5 books. She then started to sing hot 'n' cold by Katy perry in her head. I groaned and tried to bock her out. I hate that song. She ran into the living room where all my family were sitting, ready to see what was inside. "Open it!" belowed Emmett. He was such a kid. Alice opened the box and took out the five books. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun. Alice picked up twilight and opened the book. "What about the blurb?" I asked. She laughed and said " I'll tell you.. later." I frowned. A note fell out of the box.

'To the Cullens, This books are for you, I suggest you read Twilight first then new moon, Eclipse, then breaking dawn, you can read Midnight sun after breaking dawn, or after twilight you choose. It would now be wise to change the future, because it is likely to happen anyway. Stephanie Meyer.'

"I'll read twilight then." said Alice.