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THE ART OF MAKING POTIONS; A chapter dedicated to the most devoted fan of the one and only Hogwarts' potions master… because you know you are!

She took another turn through the school corridors; she was walking as fast as possible. It was the end of the first day of term and she could see the sun setting as she moved from Hogwarts' Great Hall to the staircase that leads to the dungeons. The grand clock of the school signaled it was already eight. She groaned as she realized she was running late. She went on a straight sprint, practically leaping over the last five stairs, trying to make up for the lost time.

She was only five minutes late, but as a true Ravenclaw, the seventh year student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry preferred to be accurate when it came to meeting with one of the school's teachers. If she wanted to be true to herself however she always strived to be accurate when it came to the specific professor.

Serenity reached the potions' lab closed door and took a moment to catch her breath. She straightened her dark brown hair that had got tousled from her run and breathed slowly in and out making sure she wasn't going to sound out of breath; it was enough she had to remember herself humans needed trivial things such as oxygen to survive when Professor Severus Snape looked straight into her eyes. Damn those burning pools of black for all the funny things they did to her heartbeat!

Once she made certain she could almost control her sure-to-appear blush, she knocked lightly on the door;

"Come in." Spoke a husky voice from inside the room. She took in another deep breath and opened the door with a smile. She took in the form of the working professor; he was wearing black as usual and he had his back turned on her as he stirred a cauldron with a fluorescent potion she instantly identified as a halfway brewed truth serum. It was exactly her skill with potions that had enabled her to take the place of potions' professor assistant in her seventh year in Hogwarts. The said potions master chose this time to turn around and face her.

"Good evening professor Snape."

"I've been waiting for you miss Morrigan." He said with a slight smirk. "You could start with separating the mandrake leaves professor Sprout send me; the purple ones must be separated from the green ones if we don't one anyone to blow up the lab. Irene nodded affirmative after putting on a pair of protective gloves.

"After that you will have to catalogue the remaining potions in the cabinets; after that blasted fight last year most of my stock has gone astray; I'll have to brew almost all my potions from the beginning." Serenity thought back to her sixth year at Hogwarts; it had been a living hell. Not only because of the Deatheaters that roamed the school, but because even though professor Snape had taken the place of Albus Dumbledore as Headmaster of Hogwarts, everyone thought him to be a Deatheater too.

Of course she hadn't; not for a fracture of a second. She simply couldn't believe that he could have done such a thing, not without having a greater reason behind it. She had thought that, maybe, if he was younger he could have joined the dark forces, but Serenity could simply not envision him follow that path in the long run.

And later on her suspicions were affirmed as she'd been told that he used to be a Deatheater when he was in his late teens; still she firmly believed it was a mistake he made leaded by teenage hormones and rage. She was sure that killing professor Dumbledore was part of some greater plan and she had fought for those beliefs and not just verbally, mind you. She smiled slightly as she recalled slapping that foolish Gryffindor, Lavender Brown, when she had called professor Snape a traitor and a murderer that was worth of the dementors' kiss.

Of course in the end she was justified; it had almost taken Severus' death to prove her right, but it turned out her beliefs were accurate. Professor Snape had to stay at St. Mango's hospital for two months, but his name was cleared -surprisingly by Harry Potter- and it was announced he would return as a potions master in Hogwarts for this year. He had also been awarded the honorary cross of the order of Merlin first class, for his heroics and for a reason she couldn't comprehend she herself seemed to feel prouder than he was for that fact.

The moment she found out he would be teaching again -he had passed the offer to remain a Headmaster in favor of professor McGonagall- she had applied for his assistant and she had taken the place fair and square. Her thoughts were disturbed by Severus' deep voice;

"Miss Morrigan?" Serenity turned to meet his stare; his eyes were almost shimmering and she couldn't help gulping.

"Yes, professor Snape?" She offered politely. He smirked and he knees went week. 'Please don't let me faint!' she wished with all her racing heart's strength making sure her occlumensy walls were up; last thing she needed was for Severus to see what was in her mind right now.

"I just realized I never got around thanking you for last year." Her eyes widened.

"Thank me sir? Shouldn't I, shouldn't everybody for that fact, thank you?" She asked not daring to believe her ears. His smirk widened as he shook his head. Her legs almost gave up on her.

"Let me narrate something very odd that I stumbled across last year while I was patrolling the second floor." He suggested with his deep voice taking a step towards her, his eyes deeper than usual and -could it be?- with a glimpse of mischief in them. "As I was making my rounds, I came across two girls arguing in the middle of the hallway; the first one was Miss Brown from Gryffindor. Can you guess who the second girl was?" Serenity closed her eyes and whispered;

"Me?" When she opened her eyes Severus was yet closer. The blush she was fighting off all this time came forth at last.

"Exactly, you. Now imagine my surprise when I heard you screaming of my innocence at the top of your lungs and my complete bewilderment when you slapped Miss Brown after her insulting words." He took another step closer. "Now Serenity that was something I didn't expect." Had he just called her Serenity?

'Oh, I get it!' she thought. 'It's that stupid dream again. Come on girl wake up… But do I even want to wake up?' She thought to herself.

"It was nothing really…" She muttered as he moved closer. She took a step back.

"Nothing?" He asked. "I would say it meant something more than that. Let me tell you something else then; last year I was almost killed, but I guess you know that already." She nodded 'yes' feeling dizzy from the slight movement of her head. He continued. "What you probably don't know is that as I was bleeding to death, I thought back my whole life and what had brought me to this place. You see most of my life I spent mourning over something I lost; I expected to think about that a lot in my final moments, but surprisingly what stuck with me was a feisty girl slapping one of her classmates in the middle of an empty hallway. That surprised me too; and I don't like to be surprised."

She couldn't believe her ears once again. Why wasn't she waking up? Why wasn't she? And why did he have to get so close? How was she supposed to think straight when he looked at her like that?

"Professor Snape I…" She began only to be interrupted. He was close, too close now; she could feel his breath on her lips as he spoke.

"Serenity one last thing; I believe you should call me Severus." That was too much for her. Despite her logic and her better judgment she covered those final inches between them and kissed him straight on the lips. 'Merlin, what did I do?' she thought and tried to pull back only to realize he wasn't going to let her. Instead she could feel his hands wrapping around waist tightly as he deepened their kiss. Her eyes that she had closed moments before, jolted open as they both took several steps backwards, never breaking their kiss.

Her legs hit on something hard and she used her hands to find out what it was. It turned out to be Severus' desk. He pulled out his wand and surprised her once again -he seemed to do just that ever since he started speaking- as he used it to throw everything that was on his desk to the floor. With one more smirk he hid his wand and kissed her again. This time she didn't try to move away. It was frustrating; she couldn't believe what was happening all around her. She knew some cauldrons fell with a loud clank on the floor, yet in her ears it sounded more like a distant echo and her breath started coming out more and more ragged.

Then Severus whispered her name.

"Serenity…" And her world fell apart.

She kissed him back fervently all of her worries about if what she was doing was right, long forgotten. She reached for the trim of his black shirt and started unbuttoning as fast as she could. 'Stupid buttons! Unbutton now!'

But it was no use; her hands were shaking too much to do anything else but caress his face, touch his lips and pull him closer, all other functions disabled. In a flash of sanity between all that heated craziness she took a step back, breaking their kiss for the first time. Severus looked at her confused, his eyes like burning coal. She just smiled at him slyly and took out her wand; if the buttons -or her fingers- wouldn't cooperate, she would simply have to find an alternate way.

She whispered a cutting hex and all the buttons fell of his shirt immediately. She smirked, a perfect imitation of Severus's trade smirk, and moved back to him.

"And you're not in Slytherin because?" He asked huskily as Serenity tore the shirt from his upper body. She took a look at his torso and let out an audible gasp, making Severus smirk even harder; his chest was pale, just as his face. She expected that; she was actually fond of his skin color.

What she didn't expect was the shape of his upper body. She knew he was slim alright, but toned? Still, the muscles were there alright.

'A strong chest, bulking forearms and -great Merlin!- perfectly shaped abs… When did he get a body like that?' She took another appreciative look at this newfound -and very guilty- new pleasure of hers. She gently touched his waist and moved upwards tracing his lean but strong muscles all the way to his chest.

Once her hands reached his collarbone, Severus let out a groan signaling exploration time was over. He grabbed her waist and pulled her back to him as she started to get rid of her outfit for her.

"Two can play this game you know…" He whispered again, making her breath catch up in the back of her throat. She marveled as his hands expertly undid her shirt and gasped for air when he touched the skin of her bare waist for the first time.

His hands seemed to be everywhere as he laid her back on his desk, his lips slowly left hers and she tried to complain. But her complain turned to a moan as his lips skillfully moved down her chin to her collarbone. She entangled her fingers in his hair as he moved lower and lower.

Then Severus whispered her name again;

She didn't know if she was going to regret it the next morning or if he was going to. All that mattered was that moment in time and that place; she was going to carve it to her memory and never let it go.

Hours later, she moved away from his embrace and got dressed as she observed his sleeping form. She knew she had to return to her dormitory before someone started looking for her. They would have to speak about what had happened of course, but in a fleeting moment of clarity -or in a moment when her seer origins kicked in- she had a feeling everything was going to turn out all right; and she had learned to trust her feelings. It sure hadn't failed her.

She opened her door and moved back the way she came, thinking about the events of the last three hours and about how was she possibly going to break the news to her boyfriend; sure enough Draco Malfoy hadn't killed anyone during the war, but he too had his limits.